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Sometimes as a listenig I receive albuns from bands that at first is not many common or not very known of the Prog worlds, Blazing Bronze is one of these. The Japanese prog scene is very interesting, to many time Japanese Prog Rock was represented by groups as Mugen, Pageant, Bellaphon, Ain Soph, Outer Limits, Asturias, etc... Now Blazing Bronze becames part of this collection. 
The band draws influences from a variety of sources, we could be find Progressive Rock, Dark, Gothic, Classical, Hard Rock, Ambient Music. If you want to
hear some seriously musicians play some seriously and diferent Progressive Rock 
music then Blazing Bronze is your choice.

The Band are:
Hirochi Aoki - Electric Guitar, Elctric Sitar, Guitar Synth, effects, keyboards, synth - program,  v-drums.
E I - Key, Synth,
XII - Acustic and e - b, org, keyboards
Rio - Key, Drums, Percussion. 
Akko - Acustic piano, electric piano, Key,
Synth Program.

Blazing Bronze (hereinafter, are BB) was to do the musical aggregate being which was formad in 1998. They create one which the art which is which isn´t inluencied by the times and the popularity, making that Hirochi Aoki leaves the musical work of center and the becoming ability principle a main point. There was a case of the music creating or a field which isn´t in the skein and it was a sound engineer and to do designer being but the root of recruiting BB was completed in late 1998 by the ability principle about the human being in this area, too.

At this point, BB was not merely musical band and changed into the creation aggregate. As for the musical ness of BB, Progressive Rock is main constituent. The 1st album compositions begins from first in 1999 and the composition completes eithin about one month. There are member itself, a place of to be masked. 1st was stored in the recording in the middle of 1999 but to improve a timbre, in the second half of 2000, it re-recording again to the end of March 2001. There is firm care in member all the members, the timbre. Progressive Rock is the basics of whole CD but becomes a Gothic, Symphonic, Folk music and Contemporary music and there is various muck life and it is mystic and heavy sound.

The jacket and it built broth music into web, too, as the one to have included design in the importance of the design. They thought that is came across miss Yabitsu during 1st creating and that it would make a she work music. Yabitsu work is the weird & fantastic anthology. It made an image-album creating squad in BB in September, 1999, and it obtained connect about her and creating was embolied. Then image album didn´t have commonplace one. Then novel contents were incorporated. It became the one that the play and the music united by appointing a radio actor. Then, the releasing of this CD was only in Japan in the top secret. In the arrangement period, it was described and it reached 6 month, too. Already, BB 1st was to do being of the place to enter mastering. In August, 2001, this CD was released. It set a title by the name with the "Death Collection". The Contents became one having to do with an actual occult.

It became the situation that the completion is earlier than BB 1st but as for BB 1st, because it became a quite large scale sound, engineering, took time until releasing. Incidentaly, the title of BB 1st is a title "Dominion of the East". In BB Aoki & Akko participated in this algum and Aoki make a produce.


  Dominion of the East
..1) Loverture Chasers
..2) Black Puppetter
..3) Eastern Air
..4) Time Scamper
..5) Trap Celler
..6) Goetia

  Deth Collection


3-102 Sunstage-West 4-2-1 Ryokuen Izumi-Ku Yokohama 245-0002 - Japan.
Head Office:dark@io.ocn.ne.jp
Hirochi Aoki:

For more information and everything about the band, please visit BLAZING BRONZE HOME PAGEN
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