The idea of developing a musical project to record a CD in the Progressive Rock style, was motivated because of the important moment that we are living for this style, in which is happening a great valorization of this musical format (the fusion of Rock with the symphonic music), and the need, since few years ago, of new quality proposals, as well as, creatives, without loosing its bigger essence of references from the era in which this style had its highest point (1968 - 1978).

Counting on experients musicians, with production of Fernando Pacheco (guitar player of Recordando o Vale das Maçãs band), this group formed by Giuliano Tiburzio (bass), Antonio Bortoloto (drums), Leonardo Zambianco (vocal) and Fernando Pacheco (guitars), resuscitates the sonority of the Progressive Rock from the 70's with modern compositions and beauty poetries. Having as influences Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Beatles, Transatlantic, Flower Kings, Recordando o Vale das Maçãs, and others references from the worldwide rock, the G.A.L.F. creats an unique sensorial atmosphere.

The "Spirals of Time" CD is made by a musical project and bold artistic, with  detailed and well done compositions as for melody, harmony, rhythmic variation, harmonic modulations and improvisations.

This work started with its musical activities in the early 2004, in November of the same year the records in the studio began, lasting until April 2005. In behalf of not being a band created from concerts but from a projected job for recording of this CD "Spirals of Time", the group is being introduced to public in name of its integrants and respectives special guest (Eduardo Floriano - backing vocal and Nélio Porto - keyboard). To facilitate we can entitle G.A.L.F., which is an abbreviature from the musicians names, although it is not the name of the band, it is just a reference to the musicians that make part of this band.

The song that begins the CD "It's time to change", is a good exemple of the  poetic ransom from the 60's and 70's: "Here we are trying to sing good flowings / In a world where the ignorance makes happen / There's no doubt, this is a mission for us / Set our clock with the sounding of the earth! All you, can do in the name of love... / Surrender... fast enough, you and me / As the blow in your heart / Let the love comes come around! Now is time to change the world... / Not for you and me / For children... / For all the human kind".

"Spirals of Time" - joins creatives compositions from what is better and more important in the worldwide progressive scenery.

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