was founded in late 96, but all members played Progressive Rock in other bands before Inquire. Robert Köhler was keyboarder with Kampai and participated in two CD recordings. All other members were members of Trespass, a band which existed from 1984 to 1993. Trespass released one CD and a video which could be seen on German Television. Thomas and Dieter played together in two more Progressive Bands. The music of Inquire is influenced by all the Prog Bands from the 70`s like Camel, Genesis and King Crimson as well as the so called Kraut Rock Bands like Grobschnitt, Amon Düül 2, Guru Guru and Kraan amoung others. Robert studied music in Colonge Germany and is part of a lot of other projects beyond Progressive Rock. All other members got an music education on private schools and play only with Inquire at present. Thomas is a percussionist as well and played on CD recordings from other bands. Alongside the music we are avid soccer fans and use that game often as inspiration for our music. Robert Köhler/Keyboards - Thomas Kohls / Drums and Percussion - Uli Mückenheim /Bass - Dieter Cromen/Guitar & Vocals.

Michael Eckert played Bass on "Within"

Inquire sind:
Dieter Cromen: Gitarre, Gesang
Thomas Kohls: Schlagzeug, Percussion
Robert Köhler: Keyboards
Uli Mückenheim: Bass

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Dieter Cromen -Guitar and Vocals, Robert Köhler - Keyboards,

Bass Pedals and Thomas Kohls - Drums and Percussion.

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