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. with Odd-Roar Bakken and Terje Flessen from the Norwegian Prog Band ADVENTURE
. Do you listen other Progressive Rock bands and did they influenced Adventure?
Adventure: Yes, we have always listened to a lot of other bands. Progressive bands, hard rock bands, mostly stuff from the seventies. Bands like Jethro Tull, Camel, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Kansas. We also like a lot of the 90ís stuff like Arena, IQ, Flower Kings and Dream Theatre. With Adventure we try to maintain our own sound, though. We donít want to copy anybody else.
Are there plans for the future? What can the fans of progressive rock expect with the
releasing of Adventure fisrt CD from within?
Adventure: Our plans for the future is to start recording our second album. We hope to get a record deal soon, so that we can get the financial support. The first album was financed by ourselves, thatís why it took so long to complete it. People who buy this record can expect progressive/ symphonic rock with a lot of diversity, sometimes very heavy like Dream Theatre, sometimes very soft and melodic like the best of Camel. On top of this we try to include Norwegian folk music themes, like Jethro Tull do.
Are there Plans for some Gigs in side and out side Norway?
Adventure: At the moment thereís just the two of us (Terje and Odd-Roar), so we donít have any plans for live-gigs right now. Adventure is just a studioproject these days.
What's the meaning of the title "Adventure" for the Band and can you tell us a little bit
about the stories behind all the songs?
Adventure: It means a musical adventure,a journey through music.We want to create different moods in our music. The music should fit the lyrics and vice versa.
THE MOTHERLAND (tracks 1-6) tells a story about a guy who leaves his homeland (Norway) in search of a better life in the U.S.A., only to find out that he was better off in Norway. RIVERS OF GOLD, THE UNEASE 1&2 and DISTANT DREAM were originally one song called THE MOTHERLAND back in 90-92. LONGING FOR HOME(96) and THE WEE HOURS (90) were later included in the whole story.
INTO THE DREAM is another song from the same period (90-92) written by me (Terje Flessen). It had different lyrics in the beginning but our singer at the time (Egil Moe) came up with some amazing new fantasy-like lyrics. This was the first song recorded for this project and a lot of peopleís favourite (mine, too!!).
NEW ADVENTURES was the last song completed for this album. It is made up of an older song by Odd-Roar called LOST PARADISE (the end part) and a new piece of music written by me. The lyrics are dark and moody as always! Itís about mankind digging itís own grave (like destroying the rainforest).
SEASONS. Seasons have come and gone, mankindís just another one. The lyrics says it all, really. This was also put together by individual songs written over the past 10-15 years!
SUNRISE. A classic guitar piece by Odd-Roar. SUMMER BREEZE. An old reworked demo, written by me (Terje Flessen). LAST DAYS OF SUMMER is an instrumental piece I wrote when my mother passed away. WINDS OF FALL 1 is another old song by Odd-Roar and Nils Larsen (our old bassist), later reworked. WINDS OF FALL 2&3 and WINTERFREEZE are new pieces written for this project. WINTERSTORM was originally an old song I wrote in the 80ís called MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. It appeared on a 1992-demo, only the chorus was kept for this recording. A NEW DAY is a new piece of music. SPRING IN THE AIR is also a new song I wrote for this project, one of the few tracks with positive lyrics on this album!!!!
THE FINALE part is a theme from an old song from the early nineties. We found it very catchy, so we used it here. Thatís about it!!!
How does Adventure feel about the debut-CD?
Adventure: Our first album is just a collection of demos, really, so weíre very pleased with the way it turned out. We plan to start recording another album as soon as we have the financial support.
In your opinion how do you see the current progressive rock scene?
How do you think 21st century progressive rock will be? Still alive or dead?
Adventure: The progressive rock-scene today is rather healthy, new bands are emerging all the time. I find it hard to believe that progressive rock ever will have the same position it had in the seventies when bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes and Jethro Tull were high in the charts. Itís very difficult for smaller progressive bands to tour because they donít have the financial backing of a big label, so the fans have to settle with listening to the records!!
I think there will always be a progressive rock-scene. There will always be somebody who wants to play or listen to intellegent rock!
Why Did Adventure write in side the CD cover: "This Album is dedicated to all fans of
Progressive Rock around the world"?
Adventure: We wanted to dedicate the album to the faithful followers of progressive rock around the world. We love you all!!
Would you like to say anything to the Progressive Rock fans?
Adventure: Please support the new progressive/symphonic bands without major label deals, so that they can continue making great records for the fans of this kind of music. We would love to visit Brazil one day!!!

Odd-Roar Bakken - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Guitar and Backing 
Terje Flessen - Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars
Vebjorn Moen - Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals.

Guest Musicians
Stein Egil Bratland - Drums and Backing 
Elisabeth Nilssen - Flute
Stine Mostervik - Flute

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Odd-Roar Bakken: Started playing in bands in 1977,mostly straight hard rock. Met up with Torkel Aune: drums and Nils Larsen; bass in 1990 and started to play progressive rock Odd-Roar played guitars only at this time. Started to play keyboards in 1990 when guitarist Terje Flessen joined. Adventure wanted a more symphonic sound so keyboards was a necessity. Other keyboardists were tested but didn't work out. These days Odd-Roar plays acoustic guitars and the occasional leadbreak besides playing keyboards and singing backing vocals. Odd-Roar even plays mandolin on the track "The Wee Hours".

Terje Flessen: Started playing guitar around 1980. Played in various hobby projects From 1983-1990,mostly '70's inspired hard rock. Met up with Odd-Roar, Torkel Aune and Nils Larsen in 1990. Terje's biggest hero is German guitar GOD Uli Jon Roth. Terje started to write more progressive/ symphonic material when teaming up with Odd-Roar, Nils and Torkel. A lot of the material on "Adventure" dates from this early period (90-92).

Adventure have always had problems with finding the right vocalist. A lot of different singers were tried out and various demos were recorded (90-92).

The best vocalist in this period was Egil Moe who is featured on a demo from 1992. An early version of "Summer Breeze" appears here. Egil is also responsible for most of the lyrics to "Into The Dream". Unfortunately the band split up in 1995 due to musical differences and family-duties. After the split-up Terje and Odd-Roar decided to continue working together because they shared the same taste in music and had the same goal, to release a great symphonic/ progressive cd. They had the material but needed a great singer. Then in 1996 they finally found him.

Vebjørn Moen: Vebjørn is a very experienced vocalist .He has been in various bands for more than 20 years. These days Vebjørn is vocalist/ guitarist in a band called "Jan Borseth's". They have released several albums in the nineties and play local dancehalls most weekends. They play a very commercial dance orientated kind of music. Vebjørn had never sung prog./ sympho- rock before singing with Adventure. Vebjørn is just a part-time member of Adventure and doesn't take part in the song writing process. He has the perfect powerful voice for Adventure so he will definitely be a part of Adventure's future.

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