. with Hiroshi Aoki from Japanese Progressive Rock Band, BLAZING BRONZE
.                                       by Sergio Motta, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Sergio Motta - As far as I can understand Blazing Bronze has been existing for over two 
years. Have you been playing compositions of your own from the beginning, or have you
also been sometime a cover band as a lot of others were on their very outset?

Hiroshi Aoki: Yes, Blazing Bronze is doing an equal to or more than 2 years activity. We are the time when the middle of 1998 was formed.
As for Blazing Bronze, the music is an independent creation aggregate.
As for the music, Progressive-Rock is of primary concern. There is other team, too. There is a team of the musical engineer, a team of the design, a team of the plan. The aggregate understand with Blazing Bronze. The reader of the aggregate is me.
By the way, we are playing a musical activity by the original music from the forming first. We worked completely originally from the composition to the performance. But we sometimes practice most by the music of a stranger in the practice music.
Although most of Blazing Bronze’s musical direction is progressive rock music, it’s also
possible otherwise to note your band’s musicality has an evident propensity to reach the
gothic and contemporary style. Did you have already in your mind the idea of joining 
such tendencies from the start , or was it just flowing out in the course of time?
Hiroshi Aoki: Your question is a very good question, I think. Blazing Bronze described Progressive-Rock a short while ago when doing a musical activity to mainly. As it knows, Progressive-Rock is the musical form by which the Rock music and all the fields are combined. Then, we music activity team listened to all the music. Finally, Progressive Rock is the meaning, which becomes our reaching point but as for the members, the music of the field to be good at, too, is the meaning to be playing in the introduction. I do much of the composition, but when I hand the members music and they play, we respect each other feelings’ and we start recording. To be called the practice,  Blazing Bronze practices respectively. Jointly, we don't practice too much. We are the technique to adjust member all member's playing by the recording of the last  by playing. In other words, the one which is intended from the beginning (composition step) calls the answer of the question 50% by the last recording performance at 50%.
You have issued two fine albums, ‘’Dominion of the East’’ and ‘’Death Collection’’ but
they are musically quite unlike each other. Do you attribute this unlikeness to such a
musical experience?
Hiroshi Aoki: As for this question of yours, well, we are done. The CD album creating by Blazing Bronze does the concept which is in the source. I do the person election of the CD album creating, but the best personnel in from the concept in case of the creating by me and CD album is created. "Dominion of the East" is the one by which Blazing Bronze gathered by all the members and  created it. Then, "Death Collection" examined the concept of the genius artist in Blazing Bronze and the creating member in by me. In other words, with the CD album concept, it is possible for us to change a musical form. Because this played Progressive Rock, in case of being  made, I think.
To my thinking, your 2nd album ‘’Death Collection’’ fits quite well like a soundtrack for
a movie, or something of the kind. Did you also have such a view on creating this work?
Hiroshi Aoki: As you say, "Death Collection" is doing the play which is in CD. This CD itself becomes the picture of "the sound". Permitted to think that it does a sound track as you say. This CD album is quite special. Very regrettably, the understanding seems to be difficult because we are the play which is developed by Japanese, but we incorporate contents into the weirdness, the illusion and the bizarre one abundantly and an effect (drama part) and music are alternately developed.
We were the story of some girl and the man, but we got inspiration from some anthology and we created the CD album. The author pictured the illustration of "Death Collection". We are the existence by having to do with a member of the half in Blazing Bronze.
Let's increase before hand in the putting when the person is a woman.
"Death Collection" was recorded in parallel with the mixed down of "Dominion of the East". We were to do hard work being very much.
You have told me that most of the members of Blazing Bronze are highly enthusiastic for
progressive rock music performed in the 70’s. Do you think it’s possible for you
sometime to bring forth a project based upon the sonority of that decade?
Hiroshi Aoki: Yes, we think  it’s possible. In case of being person for whom the people who listened to Progressive-Rock of 70's real-time then and the present people who listen to Progressive-Rock of 70's now even if it is young are very enthusiastic in the music and then they love music very much, I think. Then, I think that they are severe critic, too.
Blazing Bronze respects Progressive Rock of the 70's but in these times, a lot of historic masterpieces are created. We intend to advance while we (are not a takeoff) while making it a model receive the opinion and the reflection of the severe critic modestly. We aren't thinking of what is exaggerated. However, we don't permit posing a musician by the present easily made sound and the singer who doesn't sing a song actually.
We receive benefit that we, too, are digital and the performance is the one to be doing but for the human being to create with "The Music".
A lot of musical creativity is contained in Progressive Rock.
Then, I am convinced that the people who love music really don't desert genuine music. We work without thinking of money making. Because I think that there is a key which retrieves the 70's with the improving of Progressive Rock being there.
Concerning the 2nd album again, it’s surprising to hear that it has only come into the
Japanese market. Does it stand a chance of being marketed outside of your country
Hiroshi Aoki: The enthusiastic will often listen to "Death Collection" in Japan, too. Because the CD album itself has a strange atmosphere and the contents are more extraordinary. Then, the way of selling this CD, too, is amusing. It is sold at the enthusiast shop. Being an own expense publishing specialty store and placed in the doubtful secondhand bookstore. It is sold at the major CD shop. However, "Death Collection" is limited to  500cds sale. Europe is popular with the amusing thing. As for the evil of the word, will convey to do the apocryphal which is by that strange atmosphere. At present, there is no stock approximately.
However, if there is a desire, we don't find where the contents can approach but a manual is made to put it in English and able to be shipped by them. Be relieved. If there is a desire, neatly, we deliver Blazing Bronze all over the world anywhere. If stock is left….
On casting an eye over your biography, I could clearly see the 3rd album of Blazing
Bronze whose title is until then ‘’Unscientific’’ is already in progress. By the way, on what
phase of production does it stand now?
Hiroshi Aoki: "Unscientific" is the correction step of the design at present, but the mastering has ended already and the completion is imminent. This album is the contents which are different from two CD albums to the end completely. There are Progressive Rock contents but we do experimental Dark sound. This will be able to call it as CD of atmosphere which describes the dark near future with Klaus Schulze becoming Rock. We do the CD with the experimental technique of Blazing Bronze.
Still concerning the ‘’Unscientific’’, I could notice likewise an alteration on the current
line-up of your band. Besides the new members’ coming, will there be something else
to be inset in the forthcoming album?
Hiroshi Aoki: "Unscientific" is composed by the members that Blazing Bronze was chosen. The place where the digital engineer of Blazing Bronze is composing by  taking the lead is a point. Think that it does the part of the act to be trying on all  parts of Progressive Rock when for us to let it  invade. We were created at the limited member. I sometimes inform here. Blazing Bronze was stored in the creating step of the following CD album at the full member. I can’t exhibit contents too much yet but intend to make a beautiful sound and Progressive Rock fuse with the large-scale organization. I think that there are many guests. We become symphonic.
Just to close our interview. How have you seen the current progressive rock scene over
there in Japan? Have you been feeling optimistic toward it?
Hiroshi Aoki: The Progressive Rock activity in Japan is popular.
Too much, as well as Japan, we aren't known but a lot of bands exist.
The Progressive Rock scene in Japan is minute but I think there is zest in the interior with the country nowhere. Because I am, the information and a lot of CDs are imported and reach the hand of fans. At present, Prog is a revival boom. The Band and the Record, too. However, I am not seeing Prog scene too optimistically. I think that I never fall but we think there is possibility to be driven to the shadow only. Because the scene in Japan was to be so. I think that the situation is severe except for the famous band. However, as for the Fans’ zest and Band's being necessary, We’d exist. For  them, we understand and work. Japan developed a progressive musical instrument. However, the progressive music can’t be developed.
In other words, we always saw the opposite side on the sea and studied music. There is tradition music in Japan, too, and they are wonderful but it is in the present situation that there are regrettably few players.
Blazing Bronze tries to respond to the construction and expectations of friends by the music beyond the border.
Not optimistic about me but it is possible to declare always Progressive Rock will not to die out. Because here are 3 Fans who are enthusiastic at least here. You and I, We are YOU in front of PC which is reading it and this.
Sergio Motta
is a friend and partiner from the Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal Site

Hirochi Aoki - Electric Guitar, Elctric Sitar, Guitar Synth, keyboards, synth-program, effects, v-drums.
E I - Key, Synth, Program
XII - Acustic and e - b, org, keyboards
Rio - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards
Akko - Acustic piano, electric piano, Keyboard, Synth Program.

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Blazing Bronze (hereinafter, are BB) was to do the musical aggregate being which was formad in 1998. They create one which the art which is which isn´t inluencied by the times and the popularity, making that Hirochi Aoki leaves the musical work of center and the becoming ability principle a main point. There was a case of the music creating or a field which isn´t in the skein and it was a sound engineer and to do designer being but the root of recruiting BB was completed in late 1998 by the ability principle about the human being in this area, too.

At this point, BB was not merely musical band and changed into the creation aggregate. As for the musical ness of BB, Progressive Rock is main constituent. The 1st album compositions begins from first in 1999 and the composition completes eithin about one month. There are member itself, a place of to be masked. 1st was stored in the recording in the middle of 1999 but to improve a timbre, in the second half of 2000, it re-recording again to the end of March 2001. There is firm care in member all the members, the timbre. Progressive Rock is the basics of whole CD but becomes a Gothic, Symphonic, Folk music and Contemporary music and there is various muck life and it is mystic and heavy sound.

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