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. with Andrea Cavallo the keyboarder from Italian Progressive Rock Band CONTRAPPUNTO
. Are you satisfied with the response to Contrappunto's album?
Andrea Cavallo: About the response of the album we're not so satisfied because it's often difficult to find it in the shop and advertising and distribution are very important. On the other hand we're pleasured that many people who listened to it said it's very good.
Contrappunto used a lot of different influences, how would you describe your music?
Andrea Cavallo: About influences it's a mix between progressive (the large part) and other styles that we like as metal, new age, funk and jazz, classical.
Can you tell us a little bit about the stories behind all the songs?
Andrea Cavallo: About the backstage of the songs...we can tell nothing, you can think that there's too much or too less to say!! Look at the lyrics and try to image...
Tell us something about Contrappunto Band.
Andrea Cavallo: We are overall students at university and we live near each other, we like music and so we spend our free time in this way. Tomorrow we hope to be full time musicians!
Are there plans for anothers albuns and wath about alive performances out side Italy?
Andrea Cavallo: We will record the new album probably next year because we have other 50 minutes of new music, with this new album we hope we could do a tour outside Italy to promote it.
Do you have any personal favorites album's songs?
Andrea Cavallo: If we say to you our favourite songs probably we name all the album because everyone has his preferences different from others.
In the past there ware a lot of Italian Progressive Rock Bands, Le Orme, PFM, Banco and
many others. Can you tell us a name of some Bands that have inspired the group?
Andrea Cavallo: The Italian bands that we prefer are Banco and PFM.
How do you think about the Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal climate today?
Andrea Cavallo: The progressive rock scene presents very good bands and others not so good. The problem is that this music is not a trend and so less people buy CDs in comparison to punk, disco or other trends.The risk is that good bands cannot live with their music and they must split (For example Echolyn,for us the best band in this music today).
Do you think that the Progressive Rock style is dead?
Andrea Cavallo: About the dying of prog...we are alive!! :))
Tell us what Do you think about the future of Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal?
Andrea Cavallo: We hope prog will be not the revival of 70's but the idea of doing music of quality without the obsession of business. Music is art not money!!

Andrea Cavallo - Piano, Keyboards and Synthetizers
Sebastiano Di Paola - Electric and Acustic
Roberto Picardi - Bass
Christian Mont Anarella - Drums and Cymbals
Sara Arrigone - Vocals and Backing Vocals

Subsider - 1999
Lilith - 2001

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Contrappunto was born in 1995 with another guitarist and Andrea (keyboards) who was the singer too.

After a concert which was at the same time on the radio Contrappunto change the guitarist and Sebastiano becames the new one (He still do it!) ; in few months they get a female singer, Sara, that you can hear on the album.

At the end of 1995 Contrappunto release the first demo, "Soundscapes", which is now unavailable. It contains primitive versions of "In the silence","Bad choice","She Godbringer","Overflow".

In 1996 Contrappunto do many gigs and get a prize for the most original compositions between 120 bands.

In 1997 Contrappunto release the second demo, "Mini-Mood", with other 4 songs but this is also unavailable now; at the end of the year they sign the contract for the Brazilian indipendent label PRW.

In 1998 Contrappunto release "Subsidea", their first CD and do some gigs for promotional. In 1999 Contrappunto change the drummer and write new Material for the next album, they also do some gigs.

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