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. with Mike DiDonato the guitarist from FOUNTAIN OF TEARS
. Are you satisfied with the response to Fountain Of Tears's album?
Mike DiDonato: Yes. When we wrote the music and saw the response of some friends we knew that we had something that was more than just music. They say that they can close their eyes and get caught up in the imagery... kind of like a journey. That's exactly what we want to create for the listener, an epic journey.
What's the meaning of the title of the Band and can you tell us a little bit about the stories
behind all the songs?
Mike DiDonato: Well the name Fountain Of Tears is all about emotion, but even a little deeper than that. The music and lyrics we create are meant to invoke emotion through imagery and imagery through emotion. We really want to give people a new musical experience. When I listen to our music it's as if a movie is playing inside my head. Our lyrics are meant to be story-like. Sometimes fantasy, sometimes reality. In either case you will find yourself wanting to know more about the characters in the songs. One song may tell the story of  a woman falling in love. Another song may paint images of a dark character in a gothic castle. You just never know.
Do you have any personal favorites album's songs?
Mike DiDonato: I don't think I have any real favorites but as a guitarist I would probably go with She Wants To Be and maybe Carousel.
Tell us something about Fountain Of Tears Band and how long have you been working
on the album?
Mike DiDonato: Well the band was started as a project by Erik and Jeff. They were playing in a band together when they came up with the idea to form Fountain Of Tears. With Erik on bass and Jeff on keyboards they needed a guitarist. Erik and I had played in a band called Sacrament so we already knew how well we worked together. Jeff played for Sardonyx, which is how he met Erik. So they called me up. We hit it off imediately. Our styles just seem to connect together. Now we needed a drummer so we contacted Joe Daub. Joe had played for Believer and was also a personal friend of ours. When he agreed to join up we needed a singer to complete the line-up. We bounced around a few male singers but it still seemed to be missing something. When Anna tried out for us we all felt that she was perfect. Conflicting schedules prevented us from getting together very often so it took a little longer to put the music together then we anticipated. But when we finished writing the music for this CD it all seemed to fall into place.
How does Fountain Of Tears feel about the debut-CD?
Mike DiDonato: We feel very good because it's definately not what you're used to hearing in the music scene.
Are there plans for another album?
Mike DiDonato: Yes. We are working on some new ideas.
Does the band have plans for tours out side USA.
Mike DiDonato: As things move in the right direction we will be touring inside and outside the US.
Can you tell us a name of some Bands that have inspired the group?
Mike DiDonato: It's hard to name any one specific influence. Music is just one element that feeds our influence. Literature and the Arts as well as films are another.
How do you think about the Progressive Rock And  Progressive Metal climate today?
Mike DiDonato: I think Progressive music is incredible! Sometimes, though, I feel that the scene gets a little stale. There is some really good music being produced out there but there is'nt enough bands doing it. 
What Do you think about the future of Progressive Rock And  Progressive Metal?
Mike DiDonato: I think music as a whole will continue to evolve. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. It's difficult to predict what prog will sound like in a couple of years. Who knows... maybe Fountain Of Tears along with many other bands will be in the forefront of this musical tempest... not following but being followed!

Mike DiDonato - Guitars
Erik Ney  - Bass
Joe Daub - Drums
Jeff  King - Keyboards
Anna DeRose - Vocals

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From its birth, the vision of Fountain of Tears has been to write original music that is refreshing, inspiring and stimulates the creativity and imagination of the listener. Founded in 1995 by Erik Neyand Jeff King, the success of this vision would require the perfect blend of personal, creative, and musical elements. This blend was achieved through the additions of Joe Daub and Mike DiDonato.

While the music was initially written as instrumental, the members believed that by adding the rightvocalist they would be able to reach a broader market.  It wasn¹t until December of 1997 that Anna DeRose was found as the voice that would compliment their sound.

Although the success of their former bands, Believer, Sacrament and Sardonyx had won them world-wide recognition in the thrash and metal genres, the members of Fountain of Tears had not fully tapped their musical potential. In order to retain creative control and to work at a relaxed pace, they began to write for their first independent release. This unique album features not only the vocal versions of the songs, but also the instrumental versions as they were originally written.

Like many groups consisting of talented and driven individuals, dedication to the project was tested through periods of hardship and uncertainty. Family commitments, careers, school, circumstances of life and conflicting schedules prevented the members from meeting more than once per week, and set-backs had considerably lengthened the writing and recording process. Final editing and mastering for the album was completed in early 1999, and the band, relieved and somewhat exhausted, held a listening party for a very enthusiastic audience.

As Fountain of Tears promotes its self-titled CD, Erik is married and in medical school; Joe is married, has a two year old son and races on a pro mountain bike team; Jeff holds a degree in Philosophy and is a provider of web and music services; Mike builds computers, manages a graphic design company and plays ice hockey; and Anna pursues her degree in textile sciences. Together they continue to write music that is emotional, powerful and memorable.

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