. with the new German Progressive Rock Band JACK YELLO
. At first I´d like to thank you the chance to talk with Jack Yello by mail. Well, who are 
Jack Yello and how was chosen the band's name?
Jack Yello: Jack Yello was founded by members of the former band “Jagiello” an completed by the ex "Avalanche" guitarist and the ex "Darius" singer. The band’s name was created out of Jagiello because of legal struggles with ex members of the band.
Of course, all the bands have an interesting history. Could it say some interesting things
about the Jack Yello's History?
Jack Yello: The remarkable thing is, that the keyboard player, the bass man and the drummer stood together for about four years till they found the right new singer and guitarist to form a new band according to their detailed visions.
Originally Jack Yello was born German or Dutch?
Jack Yello: The band is a German, but the management is Dutch.
Certainly all the bands follow a musical line through its leader, in 1995 Jack Yello decide
to change their musical directions to progressive rock. Could you explain better where
direction the band was following, and which was the main reason to change in the
direction of the Progressive Rock style?
Jack Yello: The original style of Jagiello was something like mainstream rock, but with running work, most members of the band longed for some more complex and interesting stuff. That’s why the direction went to Progressive Rock though not all band member could follow this way.
The music of Jack Yello contains a very varied mixture and it blends the styles as
Neo-Progressive from "Dirk Bovensiepen ex Darius", Classic Rock, Progressive Metal 
from "Lutz Grosser" ex "Avalanche" and of course Progressive Rock. How dos the 
band establish the elements in the works?
Jack Yello:  All the songs were made together by all band members. Because of the different origin of them, all songs content their personalities and experiences. The most important thing is to “awake” all of our songs. This can only happen when every single musician “makes” the song. There isn’t any songwriter in the band, but the complete band is "one" songwriter.
Which had been the main difficulties for the group until being ready with
the current line-up?
Jack Yello: The only problem all the time was our own goal : to find and play the perfect music for us.
The members of the band admire the music from Pink Floyd, Marillion, Dream Theater,
Genesis and Deep Purple. We can say that, all the musical members inspirations and
influences come from these bands? 
Jack Yello: Of course, not! The band looks back on 200 years of life experience and a lot of influences over this long time. The upper mentioned bands are just an example in style and perfection, to name a few.
Well, After some time finally the band recorded "Thorns of Anger". In my opinion
an excellent production in all the directions. What do you have to tell us about this
Jack Yello: It was more than one year of hard working and a giant lot of fun. The whole production was made by ourselves without any professional recording studio or engineer. We learned a lot about producing but sometimes it was really hard for us to produce and not to play music.
No sequencers or any samplers were used during the recordings, which took over one
year to complete this work. In accordance with the group, which would be best or the
most important song from the "Thorns of Anger"? 
Jack Yello: There isn’t’ any favourite.  Every single song represents a special part of Jack Yello and has it’s own magic and living story. The problem was, just to decide what piece not to put on this record. There’s still a lot to say…..
Now speaking about the present and also the near future. There are plans to a second
album and there are possibilities to play on tour out of the Europe?
Jack Yello: Let’s see what future will bring. We are still collecting and composing new songs and of course there will be a new album. But now we want to play our present program on the world’s stages….if the audience wants us to. The distribution of "Thorns of Anger" has just started. We actually don’t know, where most of our future fans live.
Today we are in 2003, thirty years later the progressive scene was very active with bands
as: Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Focus, etc... What would you like to comment and say 
about the Progressive Rock scene around the world at the present day? 
Jack Yello: There isn’t a special time for really good music. 
“Rock ‘n Roll will never die!!!”
Just to close this interview. Would you like to say some thing special to Progressive Rock
Fans in the South America and also to all Prog friends around the world? 
Jack Yello: It would be a great pleasure for us to play in South America and all over the world. To be honest, we are just a new band and we have to wait, which of our dreams will come true.

Dirk Bovensiepen - Vocals 
Lutz Grosser - Guitars
Uwe Ziegler - Keyboards
Dirk Hülpert - Bass 
Uwe Poprawa - Drums

"Thorns of Anger"

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In the summer of 1995 decided the well-known mainstream band Jagiello to change their musical direction to progressive rock. At that time the band got busy with songwriting but several band members couldn't at that time personalize with the new direction the band took and departed the band. Many auditions followed but it took until 2002 till the band was ready in the current line-up.

Iits members have been around for some time, originally in "Darius" and "Jagiello". They are back now with some new members and have a new album out. "Jack Yello" is combining several styles that also include hooklines and melodies, with influences ranging from "Arena" and "Marillion" to "Spocks Beard" and "Dream Theater". The debut release from Jack Yello is "Thorns of Anger", clocking in at 78 minutes.


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