. with Michael Reese the keyboarder and vocals from Progressive Rock Band LONGSHOT
. At first we´d like to know a brief history and some interesting details about Longshot
and also who is Michael Reese?
Michael Reese:  Longshot was founded during 1994, after the reading of a SCI-FI novel wrote by a friend designer Thierry Guilleminot. I  very liked the characters of the story. The Hero, having as name Starzhaine was running behind Darksand, a fugitive bearer of a deadly virus who was escaped from a Jail! At this time I just left after a 4 years Membership the AOR band "Badge", who did the Scorpions tour 1982, I was just keyboardist & composer but have had chance to do some TV appearences with "Badge". It was my first professional experience and we was signed with  Wea Warner. But AOR was too much restrictive to me for keyboards parts & structures, even I tried during years to put "Journey" or "Toto" driving in the composing. I liked the music but as things has been not enough changed I left the band during 1993 and builded a Heavy Prog band "Murphy's Law" who quickly became Longshot.
What bands would you say have had most influenced Longshot and mainly
Michael Reese, and how do you compose and classify your music?
Michael Reese:  My favorite bands and albums are: Genesis - "The lamb lies down", Yes - "Relayer", Mike Oldfield, IQ - "Subterranea", Marillion - "Misplaced childhood", Camel - "Moonmadness" and also Rush, Saga, Dream Theater... Longshot is a kind of mix of the whole. Music come to my mind easy generally. New music could come when I'm walking out with my dog,  when I watch a movie or read a screenplay & also just before sleeping. I had composed about and have about 1000 Prog tracks since I play music and an hundred of AOR songs... To classify my music, even the Longshot Music I could tell it's the continuity to the Great Progressive movement of the Golden Era but Most of all I think Longshot could sounds like a kind of  popless 90's Genesis with dynamic range in a Saga or IQ spirit...
Today Longshot has new members, in my opinion I can feel a strong participation of 
all them on the band. Do you feel the same energy today from the Longshot's foundation,
or is there a great optimism but nothing so strong as it was in the past?
Michael Reese:  Yes, the whole band has done a very good work on "Asylum"  & I think we have the real Longshot sound now. Longshot is since the beginning a Power Prog band not the mellow band than peoples knew because a very bad producing on the first album. I played myself heavy Guitars but the sound engineer has flatted & almost destroyed the sound in the mix! Now, you could ear what's the Real "LONGSHOT"... The Energy on the new album is impressing & "Wake The Dead"! (our producer) putted a lot of time & money to the CD. We was totally free to play our Music with no commercial obligations I'm very optimistic & thinking "Asylum" will put the Clock as good...
Longshot has a very powerful music so I think there is a diference between the fisrt Longshot music style and the last formation. Could you tell us which had been the main changes in the band and at the music style?
Michael Reese:  The only change is only the Whole Sound a most new prog drummer and a heavier Guitarist & fat Bass sound!!! Phil Wake (guitarist) is a bit  harder than me & have more technic to play guitars like Freddy (bass) who was very easy on his parts. Ben was the best choice for Drumming the new album. We don't want to do something "old & dusty"...  The largest change in the new album seems to be most influences because 4 members now...
Do you think as well the most part of Longshot fans came from Europe or America?
Michael Reese:  Probably the new album will have a good audience in Europe and especially all Latin Countries, but we already know Japan, Germany, UK, Canada & USA will not be indifferent... I'm thinking however we will be with the best results in South America!!! The Prog public is the best ever in your country as for the Canada!!!
You have worked hard in the making of the new album "Asylum", specialy looking for a
new sounds, an inspiration sources and creative impulses to create a nice atmosphere
around this work. Can you tell us some interesting things about "Asylum" album?
Michael Reese:  Yes, the major interest for us was to do something different but in a logical way because "Asylum" is the second part of a Trilogy... 4 Years separating the both albums, we were with the obligation to have a continuity... They are most colors & atmospheres  in the new cd. Just we hope to have a largest audience because most in the NEW POWER PROGRESSIVE...
Looking around the internet we can read some good and excellent reviews
about "The Cosmic Bacteria", for many people it was very well received by the 
international press. How do you feel this success and which would be the expectation
for this new album?
Michael Reese:  Yes, the reviewers almost elsewhere was very pleased with the first one and also with the "Asylum Demo" published during 2000. But as we have had a bunch of problems with the distribution the 1st album did not good sales because I volontarily stopped the Market after less than two months & it's now a rare collector. However we are with more hopes with the new one because it sounds more professional & it's a long awaited!!! We have had opinions from great names of the Prog area such Martin Orford (IQ) who considered Longshot as a very good Project & also the well known french Journalist Frederic Delage (who is a Genessis specialist) who was thinking Longshot like the European answer to Magellan... I remember you also has wrote some excellent words about the Asylum Demo!!!.
Why does the long time until this release, and why does the choice of the title "Asylun"?
It sounds like there is a message in there. Aren´t there?
Michael Reese:  Asylum should have been released during 1999 by WMMS/MUSIC is INTELLIGENCE but due the Bankrupcy of the label  it did not. We also have had proposals from four other well known Progressive labels from around the world, but finally as we needs reworking the tracks, then we have taken  time, the good time and we have had chande to find a new Producer doing a very good job!... Asylum is the 2nd Longshot but 1st of the new band...  We would be sure to put out a very good stuff !!! Resuming Asylum is "WE ARE LIVING IN A CRAZY WORLD" Experiences, Clonage WHERE DO WE GO???? Who's mad, the genius trying to replace GOD or the kindly trisomic?
I know that Longshot has good and interesting ideas and "Asylun" is one of them. What 
we can wait of this work and which would be the relation between the firts CD "The
Cosmic Bacteria" and the last album?
Michael Reese:  You can probably wait a lot of good times!!! Simply Asylum is Longshot 4 years after and it's another part of the same story... Hearing the sound of the new album we have impressions than 20 years was elapsed since the cosmic bacteria...
What are your plans for the future, we can wait new albums? Are there plans to the band
playing alive around the world?
Michael Reese:  We actually promote the new album & finishing writing the next album "ARMAGEDDON" which have been scheduled for a 2004 Release. Before we will put out the remix of The COSMIC BACTERIA EXPERIENCE during 2003 re-recorded with a real Budget & the same sound than Asylum & I probably put out the same year my First solo effort "A.G.O.N.Y. The Ancient Giants of New York  (already copyrighted) Symphonic Prog" ... We will be glad to play live but i think we will have to work more with the band for performing live the new album. Another problem is we are very busy in our professional life and we have another job!
What is progressive rock for you? How would you describe this musical genre?
Michael Reese:  Progressive rock is: NO LIMITS in the Writing without using old clichés! The Progressive Rock (the real one) is in my opinion the contrary of COMMERCIAL  in its real sense. PROGRESSIVE is for the Music what was AVANT-GARDE for the CINEMA or PAINTINGS. PROGRESSIVE MUSIC must be generating images in your soul! No images, no PROG.
Just to close this interview, would you like to tell any message for the progressive rock 
fans around the world?
Michael Reese:  Enjoy the CD & our style... We have had a lot of pleasure to make this new album & we are hoping you will have the same to listen to it!!! SEE YOU SOON! friendly. 

Michael Reese - Keyboards and Vocals
Ben Larson - Drums 
Freddy Lynn - Bass and Double Bass
Phil Wake - Guitar and Backings Vocals

"The Cosmic Bacteria's

Longshot Home Page

The Longshot story began in Villefranche De Rouergue, aveyron - France,  thanks to Michael Reese's talent. He recorded the first Longshot album with Michel Altmayer: "The Cosmic Bacteria's Experiences". There were only 500 copies and production was stopped because of problems with the distributors. In 2000, he met Phil Wake (guitars), Ben Larson (drums) and Freddy Lynn (bass and double bass). They decided to reform the band and to record the second album: "ASYLUM".

Wake The Dead ! was their new producer and work began. This new album is available since October 1st. It was recorded at Wake The Dead ! Studio, in the south of France.  Lyrics are derived from a science fiction 's story written and illustrated by Thierry Guilleminot. We will remix the first album for a re-issue in 2003.

The third one will go later, in 2004. So, the trilogia will be complete ! Story of the first album "Darksand, a runaway escaped from an Alpha Centurii jail, was killed by"The dark fear", a deadly virus, also named The Cosmic Bacteria... It was 3 years ago... Starzhaine, one of the most renowned Starcop, failed in his mission then The Dark Fear grew on Earth... And the Earth became a fool's Asylum..."

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