.  with Menno Boomsma & Bastiaan Peters from Dutch Progressive Rock Band ODYSSICE
.                                       by Sergio Motta, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Sergio Motta - The album ‘’Moondrive’’ is taken as the band’s debut, I have however,
curiously been noticed that another work of you should have preceded this one, which it
should then be a self-produced album. By the way, is there any truth in it?

Odyssice: There was no album before ``Moondrive``. Odyssice only put one song called ``Losing her`` on a sampler LP recorded in 1988. Unfortunately there are no more copies in our possession. The good news is however soon our Cyclops label will bring out ``Moondrive`` again with two extra tracks, ``Losing her``(same version as the old sampler record) and ``Power Lock Live``.
I heard that ‘’Moondrive’’ has taken the 16th place in the radio symfo city poll in 1997,
which was the highest scoring Dutch progressive rock band in the list. Did you notice
any evolution in the prestige of your band  after that?
Odyssice: We do not think this city poll had much influence, we always went on our direction, but of course we were happy by the result.
In 1989 you played at Noorderlight festival, where a cassette featuring your band’s gig
was there with produced. As far as I know this one has not yet been released on Cd 
version. Is there a chance of having this cassette available on Cd?
Odyssice: No, unfortunately not. This was a more private band recording of Tilburg live. But there was quite some demand, so we sent a few away. It was a too little material to put on a Cd, sorry.
'According to you, the music of Odyssice has a lot of moving passages, where they use
to set the people’s fantasy on. Well, although everyone is free to have its own fantasies,
would you have as the composer a tip for people to conciliate their fantasies to your
Odyssice: Maybe we could suggest a long car drive, playing music on a big sound system and while you enjoy the horizon, dream away and have fun!
Long and fine guitar solos are also very common to be found in the music of Odyssice,
do you intend to take it as a characteristical point in your band’s music?
Odyssice: Oh yes, this is major part of our musical style, and we intend to keep it central in certain songs. Of course, also the keyboards play an important role. Especially we like the interaction of keyboard lines and the guitar lines melodies.
For some time the name Odyssice was no longer heard upon the progressive rock scene,
only being back in 1995 by featuring two new members, Pascal Van de Pol and Jeroen
Van de Wiel.  May we the fans of Odyssice take the liberty to say that Pascal and Jeroen
were such as the propelling shaft on the band’s return?
Odyssice: Certainly our new members had their influence on the band, they came up with new ideas, more mixture, and we have chosen for no singer, which makes more room for musical adventures. We enjoy this way of making music.
This was also the period that Menno Boomsma joined the band as the new drummer. Bart was too busy with other things, work and sports. Menno also introduced the use of more bells, chimes and percussion. On the new album ``Impression``, he also plays the flute in ``Anuradhapura``.
You have once said the band claimed their priority into having fun without compromise.
Is this way of thinking still  part of the band’s philosophy?
Odyssice: To enjoy the playing and enjoy the friendship in the band is for us the recepy for new ideas. Also the writing of most songs by the whole band is big part of the fun too!
‘’Odyssice, ready for the future’’. I have recently read this phrase in your homepage.
By the way, what are your plans for the present and also for the future?
Odyssice: Please, look on our actual homepage. Here is the new future, closer than you think!
For now the near future is the new release of ``Moondrive`` + some live performances in Holland. We will play in October next 26th  at Boerderij te Zoetermeer concert together with The Flower Kings from Sweden, a really good and nice band we think, and we will also play this year at Hellendoorn in Holland on November 23rd.
Just to close this interview. Would you like to impart any message for all those in Brazil
and also in the world, who will probably have the chance of reading it sometime?
Odyssice: Our message to Brazil would be, please be yourself and enjoy your journey through life!
Sergio Motta
is a friend and partiner from the Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal Site

01) Moon Drive
02) Impression
03) Silence
04) Secret Showcase
......- Live in Amsterdam

Bas Peeters - Guitar
Jeroen van der Wiel - Keyboards and Bellyclap
Menno Boomsma - Drums and Flute
Pascal van de Pol - Bass and Mandoline

Odyssice Home Page

Odyssice (a fantasy name associated with Greek mythelogy) was founded in 1986 by Bastiaan Peeters (guitar), André Hubbeling (keyboards) and Alan Natele (drums). The group had an enormous start when 'Track One' was played on the dutch radioshow Countdown Café in 1987. Well known bands like IQ, Pendragon, Oblique and other symphobands were played in this radioshow. The phone never stop ringing. Kees Baars host of 'Countdown Café' had never seen such a reaction. The music of Odyssice is quite unique and can be decribed as dark clouds of string-ensembles and beautiful long guitarsolos. The guitarsolos add a vocal quality to this impressive instrumental music. All these ingredients make the music colourful and illustrative.

The first member changes has occured in 1989. Bart Kühne replaced Alan and Erik Aafjes was added on bass. 'Losing Her' was their new track on the 'Exposure'-elpee from the magazine 'Sym-Info', and according to 'Sym-Info's' office 'Losing Her' was one of the best songs on the album. The huge interest lad to an invitation to perform at a 'Sym-Info's' festival at 't Noorderligt in Tilburg on june 16th 1989. The Noorderligt performence was a huge succes. Requests for the live tape of that show were enormous and it was sold out in no time.

The band was musicaly succesful but musical differences caused them to disapear from spotlight for some time. Then Bastiaan and Bart decided to reïncarnate Odyssice withnew members. After a long period of try-outs, including singers, Odyssice became a quartet again. The band became complete with the addition of bassist Pascal van de Pol and keyboard-wizard Jeroen van der Wiel.

In 1997 the debut CD was released. The mini-album 'Moondrive' was well received by both the prog-critics and prog-fans worldwide. Orders from all over the world were placed, including Brasil, US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, and even the outcorners of Asia.

The release was followed by a series of performances kicking off at the very first ProgFarm in Bakkeveen-NL. Tivoli (ProgWorld), De Lantaarn (SympHel) and Hedon (with Pallas) followed shortly after.

After two fruitful years and a sold out album Odyssice decided to take it slow in 1999. They worked on new material for the follow up to 'Moondrive'. The new songs were finished at the end of that same year and in januari 2000 the recording of 'Impression' took place.

Shortly after the contracts were signed with Cyclops records, the new Odyssice album 'Impression' was released worldwide on November 1st. Once again the album has been well received by both prog-critics and prog-fans.

A tour is schedualed for 2001 which will complete the journey for this amazing band and album.

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