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. with the Minggus Gaspersz Keyboard player from the Dutch Band SILENT EDGE
.                                   by Sergio Motta, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Sergio Motta - For how long has Silent Edge been in activity?

Minggus: In the current formation we exist 1.5 years now. Before that we were all active in other bands or in other ways busy with music. Emo Suripatty (guitarist) and I were playing together in a hard rock band when we were suddenly struck by the progressive rock fever spread by bands like Dream Theater, Ynwie Malmsteen en of course Symphony X. Together with the bass player and drummer we decided to explore this world of aggressive guitars, melodic keyboards and strong vocals and ditto lyrics. 
Very soon we discovered that this was the genre were we could put in all of our energy and inspirations but we needed a singer to express the messages of the songs. I knew a guy from my musical past and I phoned him. He needn’t to think it over and Willem Verwoert became our singer and so Silent Edge was born. We did some gigs and decided to make a demo to promote ourselves. We ended up at the Newroad Music Studio’s in Wijchen Holland were we recorded “Under a Shaded Moon”. A CD that contains two songs: Next to the title song “Under a Shaded Moon” there is “Savage Symphony”.
I’ve recently known two songs of you through a promo Cd. Do you have enough material
for releasing an album?
Minggus: We certainly have enough songs for a full-length album.
At this moment we are working hard writing new material. I think we have over 9 songs rough material now. Three songs are completely finished and there is a lot of material waiting on the shelf. 
We do not attend to put as many as possible songs on the album but we want to make an album containing 8 to 10 songs with an overall high quality as well in sound as in compositions.
As to the songs that feature the promo Cd, are they ready for being included on an album,
or do you still have the intention of giving them any improvement?
Minggus: The frames of the songs are ok and will not be changed. The filling of these frames however can and will be improved. We always try to improve ourselves or our sounds, playing or productions. Willem our singer has certainly improved his vocals after the studio and we’re working with a new drummer now: Iwan Hendrikx. He’s giving the old songs a new positive impulse.
By the way, is there already any record company interested in releasing your work?
Minggus: There are several big record companies interested. At this moment we are considering the offers they’ve made.
Musically, what are your influences?
Minggus: Because Emo and I write all the songs the influences of us two dominates in the songs of Silent Edge. Emo is mostly influenced and inspired by musicians like Michael Romeo (SymphonyX), Paul Gilbert (ex Mister Big), Joe Satriani and of course Yngwie Malmsteen. But he also admires classical composers like Paganini.
I myself am mostly influenced by (neo classical) metal bands and musicians like Yngwie Malmsteens’ Rising Force, Dream Theater, Jens Johanson (Stratovarius) and Vitalij Kuprij (Artention)
But I also dig the old stuff like Deep Purple (John Lord), Rainbow and Journey. And even older: Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Bach.
The Dutch musical scene was always taken as one of the strongest scene in the world.
So how would you today describe the current musical scene in your country? 
Minggus: The Netherlands is a small country. So the music scene is small too. You end up with the same names over and over again. At this moment the metal scene is dominated by bands like Within Temptation, The Gathering and After Forever. And then you have of course Elegy. This band is in the Dutch progressive metal scene the main international name nowadays. A very great Dutch progressive musician / composer at this moment is Arjen Lucassen. (Ayreon) I really admire him for his work. It’s just fantastic! And knowing the names of musicians (Russel Allen, Micheal Romeo, Bruce Dickingson) who worked with him I think I’m not the only one with this opinion!
And last but certainly not least there is of course Silent Edge which star is very much rising I’m convinced. You will certainly hear a lot of us the coming decade!

Sergio Motta
is a friend and partiner from the Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal Site

Willem Verwoert - Vocals
Emo Suripatty - Guitars
Minggus Gaspersz - Keyboards
Boriz Haranki - Bass
Iwan Hendrikx - Drums

"Under a Shaded Moon" demo CD
Track List:
Under a shaded moon (5,36)
Savage symphony (5,38)
Produced by:
Minggus Gaspersz and 
Emo Suripatty
Engineered by: Rob van Boekel
Artwork by: Mattias Norén 

Contacts / Info / Bookings www.silentedge.com

Silent Edge is a new name in the progressive metal scene.

Keyboard player Minggus Gaspersz, guitarist Emo Suripatty and bass player Rico Tentua were all playing together in a hardrock / metal band when they suddenly were struck by the progressive metal fever spread by bands like Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Dream Theater and SymphonyX.

In 1998 the three of them decided to wander down this progressive road and were joined by drummer Rik Bruineman. Not long after that the missing link was found in singer Willem Verwoert and so Silent Edge was born.

In August 2000, Silent Edge recorded a demo CD containing two fantastic tracks: Titlesong ‘Under a Shaded Moon’ and the technical and classical orientated  ‘Savage Symphony’.

These songs immediately made a big impression on the progressive metal fans, organizations of festivals, magazines and record labels. Resulting in some live gigs for several local radio stations, interviews and a great demo review by Aardschok (Dutch rock magazine) were the demo CD was judged ‘Demo of the Month December’.

Silent Edge plays symphonic progressive metal. Mainly influenced by Ynwie Malmsteen, SymphonyX, Royal Hunt and some classical composers like Bach and Paganini.

The compositions, witches are mainly written by Minggus Gaspersz and Emo Suripatty, have classical arrangements, combined with heavymetal oriented guitar riffs. The technical wizardry is perfectly balanced by spherical ballads and instrumental intermezzos. All of this provided with strong and melodic vocals.

Shortly after releasing the demo the rhythm-section was replaced by bass player Boriz Haranki and drummer Iwan Hendrikx.

At the moment Silent Edge is working hard writing new material and they have planned some try-outs in Holland.

In the beginning of 2002 Silent Edge has planned to record a full-length album.

Every movement Silent Edges makes can be followed at the Silent Edge homepage,

The Edge of Silence:

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