. with Bastiaan Los, the keyboard player of Dutch Progressive Rock Band TROY
.                                       by Sergio Motta, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Sergio Motta - From what I could get, Troy was formerly called Sinical Glance. What has
then changed from a band to another musically?

Bastiaan Los: In the first place leadsinger Frank left the stage and female singer Marrieke replaced him. A new Ďgoldení voice gave the band a new sound. Another change is the writing process of the songs of Troy; the composition of a song is based on a melody instead of a chord sequence. Each song has itís own atmosphere. Compared to Sinical Glance youíll find heavier parts in the new songs. The music we make we describe as progressive melodic rock.
You have said that you were looking for a new sound, an inspiration source and creative
impulses. Have you attained your aim already, or is there still something to be caught up?
Bastiaan Los: I have to admit that trying to create your own sound is a continuing process, which will never end. Itís the beauty of making music. Last year we wrote ten beautiful songs (not yet on cd), so the inspiration and the creative impulses were there. I hope we wonít lose them. Will a writerís block appear, it will be time for a holiday.
Concerning your debut ĎTruth or delusioní you have depicted the passion and the
resurrection of Jesus Christ through a rock opera while the band was still called Sinical
Glance. This work is apparently taken for a grandiose production. How did you idealise
fulfilling such a project?
Bastiaan Los: The opera was written in a one and a half year period. At that time we collected money by doing  some gigs. It had always been our wish to do such a project. It was the challenge to translate an existing story into music. This part of the bible is characterised by many different atmospheres which we worked out in different songs. When the songs were ready they were linked together in order to fit into one musical story. We spend 8 days in the studio and then we were out of money.
ĎTruth or Delusioní. Was that title merely given to the EP as a reference of the theme to
be depicted by the band, or does it reflect indeed a polemical view of you, in which it is
related to the story itself?
Bastiaan Los: Besides bringing a musical opera about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ we give the listener a short message at the end of the cd. The story is an important part of history and we encourage everyone to make a choice: is it the truth or is it a delusion?
As far as I can understand only some lucky listeners have got the chance of knowing 
your work, which has been under a promotional finality. Is there already a perspective of
you to have this work issued officially?
Bastiaan Los: I have to disappoint you. Itís hard for us to earn money for a new project. Progressive rock is not that popular in Holland, so itís hard to get some gigs. Besides that we still donít have a record company. Weíre promoting Troy with the promo-single and I think that the big bang will come some day. We can hardly wait to record our new songs and release a full-length album.
I have known the bass player Arjan Pijning was temporarily away from the band after
suffering a bicycle accident on a mountain ride. Did you get to break off the band 
activities on that time through?
Bastiaan Los: We slowed down our activities a bit that time. We found out how important the roll of the bass is in our songs. A big hurrah for Arjan, heís back and he rocks the world again!
Troy has been lately taken for a mature and promising band, and a bit of it is being
imputed tot the change of its name. Donít you think the change of the bandís name is
one of the less important things in the evolutionary process of the band?
Bastiaan Los: Yes, thatís true, but now we all like the name and with ĎSinical Glanceí that wasnít the case. Because we changed musically, the change of our name meant something more.
For the time being you are working hard in the making of the new album. According to
you some brand new songs are ready and also some other old ones are being improved.
Regarding the oldest songs, will there be some alteration on their original version?
Bastiaan Los: For most of the songs the creation of the atmosphere and sound is a long process. When a song is finished, we hardly ever change it. The members of Troy are growing regarding their technique on their individual instruments: that leads to some positive changes.
Would you like to impart a message for all those who appreciate progressive rock music,
and will likely have the opportunity to read your interview on our site?
Bastiaan Los: Donít stop buying cdís of your favourite progrockbands. One day progrockís gonna conquer the world! They donít know what theyíre missing!.
Sergio Motta
is a friend and partiner from the Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal Site

Marrieke van Veelen - Vocals & Saxophone
Michel van Geel - Guitars
Wim van Veelen - Guitars & bv
Bastiaan Los - Keyboards
Arjan Pijning - Bass & bv 
Randy Dubois - Drums & Percussion

Sinical Glance Discography:
"Truth Or Delusion"

Troy Discography:
The promo CD with
4 songs

Late 1999 the Dutch Symphonic Rock Band "Sinical Glance" brought out it's first CD entitled "Truth Or Delusion".

Early in the year 2000 a band sees daylight and called it self Troy, after the departure of vocalist Frank Tuk (who was replaced by Marrieke). A new golden voice joins five members of the former band "Sinical Glance" in search of a new sound, a source of inspiration, creative impulses and a chance to get into the spotlights.

Troy invites you to a journey with beautiful melodies, wailing guitars, atmospheric keyboards, dynamic rhythms and a touching voice.

Troy writes its own songs in a style that is influenced by "The Gathering", "Camel" and "Iona".

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