Kleber Vogel (eletric violin) - Born in Rio de Janeiro, he started his 
musical studies at the Villa-Lobos Music School, on Classic Guitar, Mandolin and Violin courses. A graduate in violin through the  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, heís been working for 12 years with the Brazilian Symphony  Orchestra, for 18 years with the Phylarmonic  Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro and for 10 years with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Post Graduation Chamber Orchestra. He has electrified his instrument in the search for new textures. He has been a member of several instrumental music groups, and also jazz rock and progressive rock formations until he formed, in 1992, the first Kaizen grouping.

Saulo Battesini (Guitars) - Born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1960, started 
to play as a self-taught instrumentalist around 1973. Soon after, started to study classical guitar, first with João Pedro Borges and later with Luiz Antonio Perez. Made courses of musical theory and perception at the Villa-Lobos Music School, two years of classical piano and also courses of functional harmony and arrangement with Ian Guest at the Ian Guest Center for Musical Accomplishment (first group of graduates). Participated of instrumental music groups in a variety of styles such as fusion, jazz, pop, progressive etc, some of which he went on tour with around various parts of Brazil. Made arrangements for and played on independently produced brazilís popular music records ("Muito Pessoal", by Marcos Cysneiros / Daniel Ansor, and "Auto-retrato falante, by Danie Ansor). He is an electronic technician, formed by the Rezende Rammel Technical School, and now works as a freelance musician, arranger and music teacher in courses at Rio de Janeiro, beside being the guitar player (electric and classic) on the third formation of the group Kaizen.

Wagner André (Keyboards) - It is at least curious the fact that one
has known the world of progressive music only in the beginning of the 80ís, a time when the great bands were being dissolved and everybody only cared about John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John. Even more curiously so, it is to know that this one was me...
This doesnít mean, of course, that I wasnít interested in music before that, Ďcause, after all, with a guitar playing father and a piano teaching and playing mother - the kind that taught at home, with almost fifty pupils -, I could not have come out safe from such ďcontaminationĒ even if I wanted to. I actually began to study the piano with five years of age, and, like every normal child, letís say that I didnít like it that much. The real drag about it wasnít the exchange of hours of child play for scales and arpeggios. The real bad deal were the auditions and competitions with dozens of little old ladies crunching my cheeks...
Years of piano later I changed colors and studied classical guitar for eight long years with the inclusion of all possible academic gimmicks: theory, harmony, choir chant, composition... But, in a paradoxical way, it was amidst this guitarristic endurance that I went back to blacks and whites, with the discovery of synthesizers on the records of  Walter now (Wendy ) Carlos. 
But it was thanks to the Wind & Wuthering Genesis record, that I at last fell in love with progressive, even admitting that I did hate itís first listening. Only in the second or third attempt a contamination was complete and irreversible, topped by a desperate pursuit for the purchase of my first keyboard: a Poly- 800 Korg, that literally cost me my last penny, followed by many many more. 
By thetn I already joined a number of underground numbers, one of them being Lakranya, a band that wrote their own lyrics in a language of itís own (well, OK...), and Antares, a group that intended to make  cool modern progressive music, but only achieved being nicely dumped by smart agents. I also joined quite a few other musical attempts, from which Iíd like to point out the project in partnership with Bacamarteís flute player, Marcus Moura , culminated with an unforgettable venue at Sala Funarte, in Rio, in 1988.
Well, after all thatís been said and done, hereís me with Kaizen, already on itís 3.0 version, which I integrate since 1994 with immeasurable pleasure..

William James Murray (Bass) - Born in Rio de Janeiro, works as 
a player and writer. Like two of his band mates, he has begun and concluded his theoretical and practical studies (classic guitar) at the Villa-Lobos Music School.
After that, has dedicated himself to an accomplishment as a player, specifically on bass guitar, self-taught.
He has worked in several musical jobs (CD and general recordings and presentations) with renowned groups and solo artists, with great emphasis on the instrumental field, which have led to art highly accepted and praised by specialized critics. 
Currently, he works in two musical projects on the instrumental rock field: El Fire, a quartet, of which he is one of the mentors (see track on the 1998 Art Rock Festival CD - Rock Simphony), and the other with great musicians - now friends - of the 3.0 version of the group Kaizen.

Mario Leme (Drums) - Born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1958, Mario Leme is
a professional musician (drummer, self taught, with studies of rhythm theory and instrument technique at Pro Art Music Seminars), musical producer, journalist (graduated in 1997) and theatrical author and producer. During the 80ís, has intensely worked in the theatre field as instrumentalist - live and in soundtrack recordings -, and musical producer in recordings. Integrated the progressive rock band from Rio Bacamarte (1983/1984), in shows on the city area.
Formed and led (with Alexandre Valladão, Guilherme Hermolin, Pedro Leão, Pedro do Canto, Henrique Domingues and Felipe Reis) the instrumental music group Mosaico (1982/1985), with shows in Rio and music played on the top radio in the field, Fluminense FM (he made executive and musical production of the aired recordings).
Participated (with Rogério Leão, Alexandre Valladão, Eduardo Campos, Bruno Araújo and Eduardo Agtos) in the group Coração de Leão (1993/1996), with many shows in Rioís nightclubs and music played on Fluminense FM radio. 
Played (with William Murray) in electric violinistís  Glauco Fernandes trio - along with pre-recorded keyboard and percussion tracks - (1995/1996), for whom he has recorded the music "Native" on his debut CD "Glauco Fernandes", released in June 1999 (with the participation of Armando Marçal, Eduardo Campos, Tom Capone and William Murray). 
Since 1998, has become a member of  the Rio based progressive rock quintet Kaizen Kaizen. After having recorded the six drum and percussion basic tracks of the bandís second outing (not yet released), the CD Kaizen II, during the second semester of Ď99 and 2000ís first, he works with the band in shows since August 2000. (He also edits and translates the groups written material.) 
Indicated by violinist Glauco Fernandes, has played on 99ís Rio Art Rock Festival opening show with another progressive rock band from Rio, Aether, which heís been invited to join.
He now works in the elaboration and musical co-production (with Vinícius Brazil, Alberto Curi and Fernando Medeiros) and lyric writing for Aetherís next CD, and in rehearsals with Kaizen for 2000ís Rio Art Rock Festivalís Garden Hall venues opening show, next October 21st.