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. AUGUST 2002
Xinema comes to Sweden, we can say that they are a Neo Progressive Rock band  with Symphonic elements,  featuring incredible guitars and keyboard works, that is very reminiscent and sound with references of early "Saga", "Asia", "Marillion" or "IQ", with beautiful and soft vocals, but the guitar solos on this CD deserve a special emphasis and is one of highlights in this band, all the songs combines the diverse experience of its members in a dynamic blend of musical styles.
Listen Xinema. It is big, you will have a "Different Ways".

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Xinema are:
Mikael Askemur - The multiinstrumentalist. Leadvox, keyboards, bass, guitars & programming.
Sven Larsson - The best hidden secret in the world of extravagance guitar playing. Bvox.
Jonas Thurén - Drums. Lead & bvox. Computer art, layout & graphic design.

Xinema is a three piece prog/melodic rock band from Sweden, and has existed in itís present form since March -99. Their music can be described as melodic emotional, well played and with a profound intention of making each song a working entity. The band's motto is: "-A good song is always a good song, regardless of genre." Xinema takes great pride in their strong musical integrity, and has always done things their own way. This gives at hand that there's no obvious choice when it comes to placing them a specific genre. The guys themselves feels that they are standing with one leg in the melodic/AOR field, and with the other in the progressive realm.The members involved has played together earlier, between the years -85 and -90 in a band called Madrigal. Back then the music was quite inspired by the likes of Rush, Genesis, Yes, Kansas and Styx and was leaning heavily towards complexity and skillful playing. During that period, a lot of songs were written and the band toured quite extesively in Sweden.
When that band split up in the early 90:s, the guys stayed in and out of touch with each other during the following years, and worked together as well as individually on many different projects. By the summer of -98 however, the guys occasionally got together, sat down, had a few drinks and talked about old times.

In January of -99 the newly formed band started to work out the basic structure for each song. By March that year the first outline of the project was ready. It didn't have much in common with the final production though. This is one of the cornerstones in the Xinema philosophy. If a song proves to have weak passages, nuke those weak spots! Then compose new material, incorporate it and see if it works. If it doesn't, well nuke some more and let the process run all over again, until everyone's happy. This is of course a rather time consuming business, but has the benefit of really bringing out the best of everyone.

At first, the band's ambition was merely to produce a full length cd for themselves. Slowly but steadily since there was no time pressure, the work went on. As the project progressed, it became more and more obvious that the outcome of the band's tireless struggle, would reach far beyond everyone's expectations. The final touch to the production was added in October of -01.

.New Release

"Different Ways"

01) In the scent of
      the night
02) Over the sea
03) The last flower
04) Timing
05) One day
06) Different ways
07) Maybe time
08) Across the Styx
09) Distant lights
10) How can I believe
11) The secret
12) Blind is the light

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Unicorn Records
P.O. BOX 95016, 
Lorraine Quebec, 
Canada, J6Z 4P1.

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