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. JANUARY 2003
Proloud is the new name in Progressive Metal act at the moment, behind we can listen moments of the Progressive Rock and Hard Rock, with an enormous power, some times melodic some times aggressive and complex in their musical arrangements, combined with fabulous guitar solos and powerful drums sounds. Proloud is really a positive experience, their style and influences they really make me think in famous bands like "Rush" and "Dream Theater". It´s a superb group for who likes melodic and technical heavy prog metal.
I think in a few months Proloud will be among the most popular Progressive Metal bands around the world. A band capable to satisfy all the Progressive Music fans. Excellent and indispensable work,
highly recommendable.

Proloud are:
Giancarlo "Bendo "Mattei - Lead Vocals
Emi Pierro - Drums
Mikele Zanni - Bass
Cristian Zezza - Guitars
Marco Donello - Keyboards


Proloud was formed in the winter of 1996 by founder members Emi Pierro on drums and Michele Zanni on bass. The Proloud had added Marco Donello (Keyborards) and Emanuele Ghedini (guitar). The singer Giancarlo Mattei (founder member of power metal band called Abighor) joined the band in the November of 1997. Later, Cristian Zezza replaced Emanuele, and together the new line-up, embarked on mini-tour of the Emilia (Italy).
In 1986 Proloud was a cover band whise aim is playing the music of Dream Theater, their musical heroes. But with the substitution of some of the band ´s guy, musicians every time better and with a growing personality, the need to find their own musical way becomes the band main goal.
The musicians go back and forth until 1998, when the newadays line up takes its shape. The first to arrive is Marco Donello on Keyboards, while soon after Michele Zanni takes place on Bass. Then como the singer Giancarlos "Bendo" Mattei - he had been the frontman of Abighor, with a CD released evem in Japan - and the Guitarist Christian Zezzi. This last couple very important to push the band getting togheter an original repertoire.

In June 2000 "Day Dreamer", one of the songs of the first demo, let go appering on the compilation CD "Sturm Und Drang" released by Blast Records label. Following the release a couple of labels - one French, the other from Geramany - show interest in the band.

Midway throught of the 1999, they recorded the first demo-CD "Fickle", and received many fabulous reviews. On July, 2000 the song "Last Inhabited Planet" was produced in a studio and a new version of Fickle enreached with this new winning idea was issued. It was this "Promo" that convinced the label Iridea Records to engage the Proloud under a contract and manage their discografic beginning. In march 2001 the band completed to record the "full lenght" which will be put officially on the market only in 2002, due to some delay in the renewal of the discographic label , which is now Sublime Label.

"Rebuilding" represents the excellent debut CD of a band capable to satisfy without compromises many fans that apparently can´t have share their tastes. Like a few other, in fact, Proloud gather the power of Progressive Metal and sensitiveness of '70s Progressive Rock heroes. Doing this - the real important thing - with that feeling too much times lacks just to those records would cross the borders.

.New Release


1) Self Destruction
2) Fickle
3) Leave It To Nature
4) Island Lake
5) Shooting Star
6) Gethsemane
7) Last Inhabited Planet
8) To Be On Fire
9) Rebuilding 
...(Leave It To Nature

Lovers of covers art should not forgive the marvellous cardboard packaging coming with a pack of 10 stunning cards illustrated with originals drawings of one of the young best italian surrealistic illustrators.

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Artworks, ideas and
Executive Production:
Andrea Soncini and
Sublime Label

For more information about the band visit PROLOUD HOME PAGEN
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