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I always say that, the Italian Progressive Rock scenery has been, and always will be one of the best in the world. As an example, here it is, among some recent revelations arising out of this country, and I would like to present for all friends around the world,  this exceptional, amazing and vibrant band called Sintonia Distorta. I was very surprised and also very happy, when I heard for the first time about the band's history and their new album. Sintonia Distorta has quite of a successful blend of Progressive Rock, Hard Rock with touches of Prog Metal in some parts of the songs, with these three particular musical styles, they follow in the same line of the best and already established in the Progressive Rock style from Italy. The band show a very powerful sound and an amazing production. They know how develop a sophisticated instrumental, creating brilliant compositions, with hypnotic melodies and powerful lyrics. The compositions are filled of intense guitar works and supported by great atmospheric keyboards layer, showing an intensive drums and including a power full bass. The singer, Simone Pesatori has a fantastic voice that suits this kind of instrumental, and fits perfectly in the arrangements,  revealing a intense musical atmosphere, despite his vocal tone be very strong it does not show aggressiveness. "Frammenti d’Incanto" is the last album of Sintonia Distorta, and a new interesting release from Lizard Records, including ten songs, almost 70 minutes of a musical delight, all the tracks contain a high level of musicianship, without distinguishing of what is the best track on this album. Musically, all songs are well crafted and diverse in tempo and structure, all them features solid arrangements, including the lyrics with strong focus in a power full atmosphere, however, I  have my preferences, of course, I recommend that you must listen all tracks from the album with a special attention, however, I have my favorite tracks and here they are: "Anthemyiees", "Menta e Fragole", "Il suono dei falsi dei", "Il canto della fenice", "No need a show", "I ponti di Budapest" and "Il vento dei pensieri". Sintonia Distorta follows in the same musical line and blending styles from famous bands such as "Il Rovescio Della Medaglia" "Biglietto Per L´inferno", "Banco Del Mutuo Socorso", "Trip", "Il Balletto di Bronzo", "Metamorfosi", "Garybaldi", "Diario Di Viaggio Della Festa Mobile", "Ezra Winston" and "Wicked Minds". Sintonia Distorta has a refined Progressive Hard Rock style, where each song is turned into a stunning surprise. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Sintonia Distorta album:
Simone Pesatori - Vocals
Simone Prestini - Gutars
Giampiero Manenti - Keyboards
Fabio Tavazzi - Bass
Matteo Sabbioni - Drums


Sintonia Distorta born on october ‘95, from meeting between Fabio Tavazzi (bass) and Simone Pesatori (voice). With other two friends as guitar player (Lele Tarantola and Albi Manganaro, which will take off, leaving place to other elements) and one as drummer (Ivo Beretta, then succeded from Pier Moretti) start to move first steps in the world of music.

At the first time the project focus on cover from band like Metallica, Offspring or italian Timoria and Litfiba and from other band very strong in those years. Sintonia start to be known in their province tanks to some exibitions. So the name of the band start to circulate… 

But soon grows up the desire to create and write something new…

Cretion of unreleased songs take in 1999 at the first demo made of 3 tracks and called ”…E fuori pioveva ancora”. Title – track get a bit local “success” and it’s put in Radio Lodi programming.

Year 2000 sees the recording of a selfmade CD that contains 6 unreleased songs. The title is: ”Spazi Sconfinati”; the sound of the band go through some changes: tracks go from rock , to punk and heavy metal, but even keeping your own and original style. Also in this time the song “Il vento dei pensieri” it’s propose more than once on Radio Lodi frequency. 

In 2002 there’s a radical change: Sintonia Distorta embrace power - prog metal  sonority and write some different and well-structured songs also with english lyrics: in that phase it’s recorded another demo made of 3 new tracks. But it will never see the light because – as the past - some musicians abandon the band, leaving a project that seems to have great future prospects!

It’s the time when Simone and Fabio take a break! They go on with other musical projects, but never stop their meetings, playing and writing toghether….the name of Sintonia Distorta was still alive!

On september of 2004, reunited new forces, the band can re-start! In that moments there’s first apparition of Damiano Tenca on the drum: he’ll play for a short time, to leave soon for some problems.

Riarranged the line-up, the guys, arsed to come back on stage, decide to play again only cover from very famous band, with the particularity of really faithful execution to original version: so in the set list compare songs like “The Final countdown” e “Carrie” (Europe), “I want it all” e “Show must go on” (Queen), “Bring me to life” (Evanescence), “Livin’ on a prayer” e “You give love a bad name” (Bon Jovi). Some of these are then recorded in “Demo 2006”.

Unfortunately, Stefano Collu – friend-drummer from Sardegna - choose, for personal reasons (and not without sorrow from the band!) to come back in his land. His life choice take also guitarist and keyboards player to leave the band.

So Simone e Fabio decide to come back at the “first love”: creating there own music and writing lyrics in italian language.

We are near end of 2006 and Damiano come back durably on the drum. He’ll soon became one of the most special friend of two founders. Until first time, his style addicted to heavy  and power metal  signs Sintonia Distorta new way. The three friends, tanks to a big training and a constantly application -  however they struggle during the time to find a steady guitar player (apart from a bit period with a friend called Stefano Capra) – finally turn out that character and  identity, missing until that moment!

But it’s during november of 2007, with the coming in of keyboards player Giampiero Manenti, that Sintonia – tanks to a great new feeling and empaty, his background and classic studies – definitively shape the sound which still today mark monicker Sintonia Distorta: an hard rock with pronounced prog touch, reach of suggestive and epic atmosphere, strong riffs, but also sweet melodies…

The band come back on stage, extending set list with a significant number of cover; this time the choice it’s most original than the past and fall on to songs not so close to rock: the desire to propose something really special and a bit different from the other cover bands and the necessity to offer to audience very known and enchanting songs take Sintonia to put in set list pop classic from ’80 e ’90, reconsidered e re-arrenged in Sintonia style, without losing its musicality.

Any examples? Well: “Ti sento” (Matia Bazar), “Call me” (Blondie), “Maniac” (Michael Sembello), “Heaven is a place on earth” (Belinda Carlisle), “Burning heart” e “Eye of the tiger” (Survivor), “Big in Japan” (Alphaville) o “Because the night” (Patti Smith), etc.

On december 2011 Sintonia finally come back in studio to record new 6 songs included in another selfmade CD: ”Anthemyiees”. This new work get immediately positive approval by specialized critics and be reviwed by some important magazines and webzines (Rock Hard, Buscadero, Metal Maniac, Arlequins, Rock ‘em all, Undergroundzine, Entrate Parallele, ecc.)

After another guitar player departure, another blow fall on the band: after 7 years, Damiano get off to dedicate himself to other type of music. After some auditions, Sintonia find the new drummer: Matteo Sabbioni, a young prodigy musician of Lodi province. In a few time also arrive the new guitar player: the skill and capable Simone Prestini.

These new musicians take to band freshness and enthusiasm, over that good gift : sure enough, in 2013 indipendent label Lizard Records, very valued in international progressive rock scenery - after hearing there last studio works show to the guys its interest and after in-depth analysis, submit to them a discographic deal to get the first “official” album.

For the band that’s “chance of a lifetime!”, a dream followed for a long time that finally can be reality! Without delay the “banda” start to work on the 10 tracks that will made “Frammenti d’Incanto” (in english: “Fragments of Spell”); everything under Artistic Direction by Loris Furlan, Lizard deus ex machina

On June 2014 the band enter in studio: recording, mixing e mastering are made at Treehouse Lab in Lodi, a place managed by professional sound engineer, which are pruod of illustrious collaboration, as for example with international piano player Cesare Picco or Elio from Elio e Le Storie Tese.

Paradoxically, while CD is get closer, the spring of 2015 is distinguished by musician “valzer”: also Matteo e Simone Prestini default!

But the band don’t quail: the time is too important to fall down again! So, in few time, two new members join into Sintonia. Two nice and serious persons, but also two good musicians: Massimo Salani on the guitar and Walter Prazzoli on the drums.

Almost contextually, “Frammenti d’Incanto” see the light: on 22nd May it’s officially out on marketplace: it has printed in 1.000 copy and distribuited not only in Italy but also over the country…..Sweden, Belgium, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Brasil, U.S.A. and Japan the main marketplace…Of course one single song or full album album are available by digital platforms like ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tunecore, etc.

Today, band has just some live in calendar also to Cd promotion, and some projects to develop, as for example, the beautiful partnership with “Il Ramo” (an important dancing, singing, culture and art Academy in Lodi) that has just take in past Sintonia to a theatre for a special and own show: professional dancer which dancing on live music from Sintonia on coreography specifically created on Sintonia song themes.

Everything, while guys just thinkin’ about writing new song for next “official” long playing, of course still marked Lizard Records

The story, the “Spell”…is going on……

New Release

"Frammenti d’Incanto"

01) Anthemyiees
02) Il cantastorie
03) Menta e Fragole
04) Il suono dei falsi dei
05) Il canto della fenice
06) No need a show
07) Pioggia di vetro
08) I ponti di Budapest
09) Clochard
10) Il vento dei pensieri

You can visit Sintonia Distorta at:
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Sintonia Distorta - Anthemyiees

Sintonia Distorta -  Frammenti d'Incanto Medley

Sintonia Distorta - Anthemyiees (Hangar 22-Retorbido Pv)

Sintonia Distorta - Heaven Is A Place On Earth

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