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. APRIL 2009
"AdventureIt means a musical adventure, a journey through music". This sentence was mentioned in a interview in 2001 with Odd-Roar Bakken and Terje Flessen, exactly eight year ago, when I have listened their first album, and was a big surprise for me, because, their sound has been compared to the likes of the great European bands of the 1970's, their music is totally original and a  journey to real Symphonic Progressive Rock, combining elements from Progressive Rock, Folk and Hard Rock. All time keyboards and guitars are the dominant instruments and very well integrated to the structure of all instrumental arrangements. In fact, Adventure is a band characterized by consistently extraordinary symphonic sense and a powerful music, specially indicated for all those who love early "Uriah Heep", "Kaipa", "Jethro Tull", "Camel", "Yes", "Coda", "Finch", "Sinkadus", "Arena" and "Kansas". "Beacon Of Light", their second album, is for all active progressive rock listening and, it offers seven highly captivating and pleasantly sounding songs, almost 73 minuts of a pure musical delight. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful Adventure's music really is. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing work, highly recommendable...

The present line-up of the Adventure are:
Odd-Roar Bakken - Keyboards, Synths, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Mandolin
Terje Flessen - Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Rhytm Guitars and Bass

Guest Musicians:
Vebjørn Moen - Lead and Backing Vocals
Henning Mjøen - Lead and Backing Vocals
Eva Cecilie Bjerkhoel - Backing Vocals
Magnus Forsberg - Drums
Kristian Resell - Drums
Mari Haug Lund - Flute, Backing Vocals)
Cathrine Larsen - Backing Vocals
Bente Fossnes - Backing Vocals


Adventure came from Trondheim, Norway, formed by experienced musicians very well inspired and talented. 

Odd-Roar Bakken is the original first membenr and founder, he was born in May 1959 in Norway, living in Trondheim with his wife and kids. Work as a sales manager in the coffe business. He started playing in bands in 1977, mostly straight hard rock. Met up with Torkel Aune (drums) and Nils Larsen (bass) in 1990 and started to play progressive rock Odd-Roar played guitars only at this time. Started to play keyboards in 1990 when guitarist Terje Flessen joined. Adventure wanted a more symphonic sound so keyboards was a necessity. Other keyboardists were tested but didn't work out. These days Odd-Roar plays acoustic guitars and the occasional leadbreak besides playing keyboards and singing backing vocals. Odd-Roar even plays mandolin on the track "The Wee Hours".

Terje Flessen (guitars) started playing guitar around 1980. Played in various hobby projects from 1983-1990, mostly '70's inspired hard rock. Met up with Odd-Roar, Torkel Aune and Nils Larsen in 1990. Terje's biggest hero is German guitar GOD "Uli Jon Roth". Terje started to write more progressive/symphonic material when teaming up with Odd-Roar, Nils and Torkel. A lot of the material on "Adventure" dates from this early period (90-92).

Adventure have always had problems with finding the right vocalist. A lot of different singers were tried out and various demos were recorded (90-92). The best vocalist in this period was Egil Moe who is featured on a demo from 1992. An early version of "Summer Breeze" appears here. Egil is also responsible for most of the lyrics to "Into The Dream".

Unfortunately the band split up in 1995 due to musical differences and family-duties. After the split-up Terje and Odd-Roar decided to continue working together because they shared the same taste in music and had the same goal, to release a great symphonic/progressive album. They had the material but needed a great singer. Then in 1996 they finally found him.

Vebjørn Moen is a very experienced vocalist .He has been in various bands for more than 20 years. These days Vebjørn is vocalist/guitarist in a band called "Jan Borseth's". They have released several albums in the nineties and play local dancehalls most weekends. They play a very commercial dance orientated kind of music. Vebjørn had never sung progressive/symphonic rock before singing with Adventure. Vebjørn is just a part-time member of Adventure and doesn't take part in the song writing process. He has the perfect powerful voice for the band so he will definitely be a part of Adventure's future.

New Release

"Beacon Of Light"

01) Something to Believe
......Part I
......Part II
......Part III
02) The Swan
03) A Crack In The Ice?
......Part I
......Part II
04) Emilie´s Piece
05) Fragile Frame
06) Joybringer (For gorin)
07) Beacon  Of Light
......Part I
......Part II
......Part III
......Part IV

Produced by Terje Flessen and Odd-Roar Bakken, engineered by Stein Bratland, Odd-Roar Bakken, Terje Flessen and Henning Mjøen. Recorded at Skansen Studios - 2005/2008, mixed at Skansen Studios in Sep. 2008 - Feb 2009, Mastered at Skansen Studios Feb. 2009.

You can check out samples from the album in the Adventure media section page, and to get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please visit Adventure's friends via their Myspace site.

If you want to know what they think about the progressive rock music and every thing about Adventure, check out a inteview with Terje Flessen and Odd-Roar Bakken.


For more information and every thing about the band, please visit ADVENTURE HOME PAGEN
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