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We can consider Chile, as one of the South American countries with excellent references in the progressive rock style, and Aisles is one of this incredible bands from this country, by the way, Aisles remind me something special like a group that is rooted in the UK Progressive Rock style from Seventies, "Yes", "Genesis", "Pink Floyd" early "King Crimson", "Gentle Giant", including best references from a neo-prog from 80's, "Marillion", "IQ" and "Pallas", adding amazing others styles such as Art-Rock, Symphonic Prog Rock, Jazz Fusion with a soft smell of South American rhythms, primarily in the line of Chilean folk music. Aisles was founded in 2003.Tthe band has published three albums. Since their first debut in 2005 with the album "The Yearning", probably Aisles is  today, one of the South Americas most successful progressive rock bands, also recognized internationally, having many exelents comments and favorable reviews in the most importants internet magazines from Europa and United States, of course, in this moment Aisles is on  the top making successful music. In all four albums, Aisles' musical arrangements denote a gorgeous instrumental and a resplendent  individual talent where, all the instruments show us a amazing energy, mainly in the vocals from Sebastian Vergara, his voices fit perfect with the compositions, the musicians' energy under the band is really striking, the musicianship of each of the members and their performance are amazingly strong and masterful, with a diversified instrumental of which consist of very tasteful passages of guitars, sometimes in a hard style but not aggressive, sometimes symphonic and atmospheric, accompanied by lush synthesizer sounds. "Havaii" is a concept album, spread across two CDs and also in a double vinyl, both are charming package from this incredible Chilean band, the double CD are housed in a marvelous digipack adorned with awesome artwork and full lyrics and the vinyl in a gatefold album. Aisles's music shows a great sense of maturity and cohesion that permeates into the songs, creating a mystic, epic, dark with a  powerful atmosphere, we can say that Aisles is among the most famous World Prog Rock Bands bands, with a high musical level, easily compared with many icons such as "Genesis", "Yes", "King Crimson", "Redbazar", "Arena", "Galahad", "Marillion", "Pendragon", "Sean Filkins", "Ziff", "Martigan", "RPWL", "Shades of Dawn","Blind Ego", "IQ", "Pallas",  "Jadis", "Flying Colors", "Saga", "Asia", together some Chilean prog bands like "Taurus", "Angulart", "Sur Pacifico", "Crisálida", "Seti", "Astralis", "Ergo Sum", "Nimbus", "Subterra", "Malomenos", "Fractal" and "Arenal". Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Aisles album and actual band are:
Germán Vergara - Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards
Felipe Candia - Drums and Percussion
Rodrigo Sepúlveda - Guitars and Vocals 
Sebastian Vergara - Lead vocals 
Alejandro Meléndez - Keyboards 
Daniel Baird-Kerr - Bass 


Aisles have been considered one of the most interesting Progressive Rock bands of recent years and have just released their third studio album '4:45 AM'.

The musical aim of the band is to reach their own sound by forming an identity which makes it unmistakeably unique to anyone's ear, and a spirit in which prevails above all, the desire to create.

Their soulfully crafted combination of rock, progressive rock, art rock, fusion, world music and other styles illustrates the band’s unique liberal and eclectic music vision.

Aisles have been regarded as Neo-Prog, but their approach to music goes far beyond that while creating a very powerful and unique type of music and sound.

In 2003 the band produced a demo with the goal of publishing their music. Having achieved such a high quality of sound and powerful compositions they decided to use it as their first record. In 2005 “The Yearning” was born and consequently published and distributed in Europe, the United States and Japan.

In 2007 the seeds of the album “In Sudden Walks” were sown. This self-produced album was in works for over a year, while the band perfected their music and sound alongside internationally recognized technicians.

Once again, the quality of both the music and the production of “In Sudden Walks” caught the attention of the music press.

Aisles were nominated for the Prog Awards (Italy) in the Best Foreign Record category, no mean achievement given the strong history of Italy’s progressive music.

In addition the band were invited to France to open the 11th Progressive Rock Festival Crescendo in August 2009, and were a huge hit with the audience, consolidating their place on the international music scene.

Aisles were formed to serve as a constantly evolving vehicle of expression maintaining an unmistakably unique identity. Allowing creativity to prevail above all else fuels the band’s desire to create.

Aisles' third record, '4:45 AM, has been officially released on October 29th via Presagio Records.

Now Aisles is back with a double and concept album titled as Havaii.

New Release


Disc 1:
01) The Poet Part I: Dusk
02) The Poet Part II:
......New World
03) Year Zero
04) Upside Down
05) CH-7

Disc 2
01) Terra
02) Pale Blue Dot
03) Still Alive
04) Nostalgia
05) Club Hawaii
06) Falling
07) In the Probe

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Aisles - Terra

Aisles - The Poet Part I - Dusk

Aisles - Hawaii

Aisles - Hawaii - Episode 1

Aisles, The Poet , Live, Sala Master. 12/28/2016

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