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. APRIL 2005
Sometimes, among many bands, it is very difficult to choose a band to representing the month, after a hard listening many CDs, I have found a special and original band and, in my opinion, the winner was Black Bonzo. The Band combines elements of the Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock with touchs of Symphonic Rock into their songs, creating a highly original form of Progressive Music, highly inspired around famous bands from the years 70, as "Novalis", "Uriah Heep", "Jane", "Frumpy", and "Omega", bass and drums develop some very cool rhythm sections, while we can listen sharp guitar sounds, but the main highlights are the keyboard sounds ranging from Mellotron to Organ, with amazing and majestic arrangements. Another important fact are the right soft vocals that, also lay down an impressive impact over the music. Black Bonzo could be considered one of those bands that, it must have a special attention when we hear them by first time. Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The musicians are:
Magnus Lindgren - Vocals
Mike Israelsson - Drums and Percussion
Nicklas Alund - Organ, Piano, Mellotron and Synthesizers
Joakim Karlsson - Guitars
Patrick Leandersson - Bass

"We Are Soldiers of Music, We Love to Create Not to Destroy."  The Story behind the band Black Bonzo began years ago, coming out of the remnants of the psychedelic rock n´roll eight-piece group, "Gypsy" "Sons Of Magic". The members whom now form Black Bonzo had a direction in mind that didn't suit the style and form of the previous band. Which led to their unavoidable demise, and the beginning of the new band. As soon as Black Bonzo started rehearsing and writing new material, everyone was stunned, shocked and amazed how powerful the band was sounding. Soon, new sounds were added like the mellotron and piano with the organ as one of the base instrument in the hands of "Nicklas". Giving a whole new depth to  the music along with Mike's intensive drumming, the very thought through guitar works of Joakim, and Magnusís personal and clever voice backed up by the firm and steady bass lines of Patrick. With new songs rehearsed and with the sound of their minds, a couple of gigs were done and with huge positive response. By the summer of 2003 a record deal was landed with B & B Records, and during the winter the band started to work on their first album, leaving no detail behind... 

Now 2005, some months later the album was released, and Black Bonzo WAS BORN.... All Photos by Linette Karlsson and Hjalmar Hägglund.

.New Release

"Lady Of The Light"

01) Lady of the light
02) Brave young soldier
03) These are days
......of sorrow
04) New Day
05) Fantasy World 
06) Freedom
07) Sirens
08) Jailbait
09) Leave your burdens
10) Where the river
......meets the sea

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to Black Bonzo.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit BLACK BONZO HOME PAGEN
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