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. APRIL 2012
Among hundreds of old and new bands, I could mention some of them that we like a lot, and still today, form part of our collections of vinyls and CDs. But, between the bands we choose, in a particular way, what are the albums we like? Of course, this is an intriguing question. Surely I would choose many of bands of the seventies that made a revolution in our ears, and so far today impressed many of "new" prog rock listeners and musicians. However, with a particular attention, I would choose many bands of this new century too, that today make a revolution in our ears too, somehow many of those stunning revelations, deserve special attention. As an example, I would talk about a new group called Coalition, a awesome and amazing band. Coalition is a band that is deeply entrenched around a symphonic style, the main leader is Steve Gresswell, an experienced and talented musician, also very well inspired, accompanied by two other musicians who are well aligned with the musical ideas of Steve, together, created a powerful symphonic prog rock with various aspects and high sense of variety. Their musical references can be classified as a blend of Symphonic Progressive Rock with Neo-Progressive Rock, strongly decorated with  millions of symphonic and atmospheric elements. The melodic vocals from Paul Bulger are so beautiful and soft, that fits perfect with the music, wonderful solos of guitar, with incredible, atmospheric and symphonic keyboards   constantly dominate all arrangements, also adorned by nice guitar bass sounds, where the drums, like a special condiment, complements the arrangements. It is clear that these three musicians are masters of their musical arts, they display musical talent enough to become famous, like many musicians and bands of the past, and inevitably be among the best bands of this year and also of this century."In Search of Forever" contains 10 songs, almost 71 min of a pure musical delight,  all of the tracks are well thought-out, well-performed and well-produced, full of distinct and precise compositions, like me, I believe that, the future listeners, after listen Coalition and their album, surely will be humming the musics around many weeks. All tracks on "In Search of Forever" are so amazing and fantastic, you must listen them carefully, meanwhile, the songs "Spirit Guide", "Rise of the Phoenix", "Changes", "Distant Plains", "On the Wings of an Angel" and "Reflections" represents all the Coalition musical references, it´s clear that shows the band signature and their real musical line. The music from Coalition, follows in the same line and style such as the bands "Coda", "Maze of Time", "Like Wendy", "Pallas, "Sean Filkins", "IQ", "Finch", "Pendragon", "Lady Lake", "Egdon Heath", "Camel", "Zenit", "Sebastian Hardie", "Marillion", "Quorun", "Mars Hollow", "Galleon", "Ephemeral Sun", "Yes",  "Mangrove", "Salmon" and many other Symphonic Progressive Rock bands that we know and love. In fact, "In Search of Forever" is an amazing and unique journey from the beginning to the end, enjoy this amazing music, certainly is a band and a album that deserves to be discovered immediately, because their quality standard musical is so amazing that deserves our special attention, moreover, the band's music is a true delight to the connoisseur of Symphonic Progressive Rock style. Brilliant, fantastic and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Coalition album are:
Phil Braithwaite - Writer and Guitars
Paul Bulger - Lyrics and Vocals
Steve Gresswell - Writer, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar and Drums


Coalition are a UK based symphonic prog rock band and are Steve Gresswell (writer/keyboards/drums and bass guitar) Phil Braithwaite (writer/guitars) and Paul Bulger (vocals) 

Coalition is a name Steve Gresswell has been using since 1991 for various projects. This incarnation of Coalition was formed in 2010 specifically to record and release an album with a view to “getting out there” and playing the tracks live. Coalition is made up of professional musicians who have been in the music industry for many years.

Steve Gresswell started playing professionally at the age of 15 in Justin Canns. His other bands were "Gyppo", "Scorpio", "Scorpio II", "Guardian Angel", "The SG Band" and currently Coalition. Steve also briefly played keyboards for "After Dark".

Steve Gresswell has been a professional musician for over forty years and is listed in the INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO OF MUSIC (POPULAR). Steve writes, plays keyboards, records and produces his own music - using different professional musicians for different musical projects.

Steve's first professional band was in 1970 when Steve was only 15 years old. The band name was "Justin Canns". "Justin Canns" became successful very quickly - and they performed in the Rock Musical "The Soldiers Are Coming" at the Arts Theatre in the West End of London. This show was highly acclaimed. In the 70s Steve also had a band “Gyppo” with Mick Kirton (who later went on to play drums for the "Groundhogs" and "Hawkwind"), bass player Bob Moody and drummer Alan Arkless. It was also in 1971 that Steve first began his training as Sound Engineer/ Producer at Multium Studios in Southill Park, Bracknell - under the expert guidance of Engineer/ Producer Doug Gleave.

In 1973 Steve had the idea for his own Musical Production - a Rock Oratorio called "Story of the Gods". Steve began to write the music and work on the idea he had for "Gods". This project took up many of the following years (whilst he still continued with his touring and writing other music). Steve formed his next band "Scorpio" (a Rock Band) in 1977. "Scorpio" toured extensively throughout the South of England, as well as Denmark and Norway. "Scorpio" had a large following, and sold out each venue they played. The music press loved "Scorpio", and reviews on the band were frequent and favourable. "Scorpio" released a single on the Quicksilver label - "Taking England By Storm". They also released the single "Express Yourself" under the pseudonym "Oddjob" which charted in the UK Disco Charts, and which launched the Lighting Record Label - part of Trojan Records.

During all this time Steve was still working on the concept of "Story of the Gods". At the end of 1977 the first part of "Gods" was performed by "Scorpio" at the Hexagon, Reading - where Steve received a standing ovation. This reaction inspired Steve to continue working on "Gods" - adding orchestral parts. So that Steve could put more of his energy into "Gods" he disbanded "Scorpio".

In 1981 Steve formed "The Steve Gresswell Band" using top quality Reading musicians. "The Steve Gresswell Band" was formed purely to perform "Story of the Gods". In October of 1981 "Gods" was performed at Reading University by "The Steve Gresswell Band", together with a full orchestra and with the backing of Radio 210. The show was an enormous hit. Since that performance, Steve has added a choral arrangement - both this and the orchestral arrangement are integral parts of the Music along with the Rock Band.

In 1982 Steve produced and released a single by his band "Dream" called "Just For You". This single became a favourite with radio listeners and became Radio Manchester's "Record of the Week". In 1984 Steve formed "Poiema" as a special project for the "Play Cross Purposes" which was written by his close friend and renowned playwright Don McGovern.

"Poiema" performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for three weeks in the August, and at Bridge Lane Theatre in London in March 1985. Steve recorded and produced a single of two of the songs from the play - performed by his band. This is the time that Steve started working with Richard Demarco OBE, and became his Technical Director for all his productions. During 1984 Steve also worked on a collaboration with the late "Dave Byron" of "Uriah Heep".

In 1985 Steve briefly joined Heavy Rock band "After Dark" during which time they released the single "Call of the Wild" on the "Laser Records" label. After he left "After Dark" Steve formed his own band "Guardian Angel". "Guardian Angel's" style was compared favourably to "Genesis". In 1987 Steve changed the "Guardian Angel" line-up and the band played at the Official Party for the Edinburgh Tattoo Festival - they played in the Scottish National Gallery - the first time any band had been allowed to play in such a venue. In 1988 Steve formed his own Record Label Sumo to promote his own material.

In 1989 Steve released the Official Record under his "SG Band" for the Lockerbie Air Disaster, in collaboration with Rick Kemp of "Steeleye Span". Steve re-recorded his previously successful track "Just For You". 

Also in 1989 Steve recorded and produced the single "Wait A Minute" by pop duo Vincent. The track was voted Top Dance Single by Mecca Leisure as the most requested record by the public. In 1990 Steve collaborated with top Czech Rock Guitarist Karel Espandr. Steve recorded and produced an album for Karel, as well as writing some of the tracks on it and playing all the keyboard parts. This was a unique album, especially as it was the first time a Czech musician had been allowed to record in the UK.

During 1990 Steve produced and played keyboards on the album "Border Crossings" by top Folk Singer John Wright. Also in 1990 Steve co-ordinated the recording, production and release of a single to raise funds for a child who had Cerebral Palsy. Steve wrote the song "Child of Love". The single was released and was very successful - raising awareness and much needed finances. Steve co-ordinated the making of a video which was screened extensively. It was also during 1990 that Steve decided to record and produce a solo album called "Spirit of Freedom". The album was released by Steve's own label Sumo initially.

In 1991 Steve recorded, produced and played keyboards on the follow up album to "Border Crossings", Of An Autumn Day by top Folk Singer John Wright. In 1992/3 Steve formed another Rock Band called Coalition for the purposes of recording an album of tracks he had written. Because of demand, Steve re-mastered and re-released "Spirit of Freedom" on CD format in 1994. Also during this time he re-recorded the single "You Make Me See" which was the track previously released by "Poiema" as a tribute to Don McGovern who died of cancer. In 1995 Steve recorded and produced a follow up album to his successful "Spirit of Freedom". This was called "Visions". During 1996/7 Steve found a new line-up for his band Coalition and put together a new album full of his material.

This was with rock singer Andy Lyness and ace guitar-man Phil Mercy (both have solo albums available). Coalition spent many months in the studio, and Steve eventually finished the production of the album in late 1996. The album "Rise of the Phoenix" was the result of this hard work - and to date has been well received with top Canadian and American Radio Stations playing the tracks. In 1997 Steve recorded a single with American guitarist/singer Brent Morley whilst he was in the UK. In 1997/8 Steve worked with Reading lyricist Chris Rogers to put together the 'Country Rock' single "Good Morning Day" - using top Reading musicians/singers. "Good Morning Day" is currently being played by radio stations in the UK, as well as America. During 1998/99 Steve was commissioned by Professor Richard Demarco OBE to write a musical interpretation of the Ballad of Reading Gaol (Oscar Wilde).

In August 2001 Steve took a group of students to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – the performance was called "Spirit of Freedom" and was a multimedia show, using video, music and dance. In August 2001 Steve was offered an Exclusive Publishing and Licensing Deal with New York based DSM Producers, an affiliate of Warner Chappell. Steve signed the contract on 15 October 2001. In February 2002 Steve was commissioned by international Ice Hockey Team, the Bracknell Bees, to write a theme song for them. This has been recorded and produced by Steve Gresswell, using his own studio and also the world famous SARM Recording Studios. In August 2002 Steve took a second show to the Edinburgh Fringe – an Oscar Wilde Presentation – a musical interpretation Steve has written of Oscar Wilde’s Ballad of Reading Gaol.

This show was performed at the Apex Hotel in Edinburgh, the first time such a prestigious venue had been used for the Fringe Festival. Steve is also in the process of recording the Ballad of Reading Gaol and West End star Jamie Read will be taking the lead role. Jamie participated in the Fringe Festival performance. In October 2002 Steve took a job on mastering and producing a CD for Scots Folk Group 3D. The CD went on sale in December 2002. Steve was nominated for a British Composers Award in 2003. In July/August 2007 Steve put together a large project for a children’s charity. He arranged his song “Child of Love” to be recorded at Phoenix Studios, Pinewood. The song was sung by Steve Murray, a well-known face from television, along with The London Gospel Choir.

This was put together with the help of top music industry mogul, Tony Nunn (Steve Murray’s manager), and top record producer Nick Tauber. Steve Gresswell also used contacts within the film industry to put together a music video to go along with the track. The video was filmed at Pinewood Studios. Pinewood allowed the video to be shot in their grounds for free.

In 2010 Steve started recording with his band Coalition a new symphonic Prog Rock album "In Search of Forever" - the album is still being recorded.

Phil is a renowned guitarist - he plays in a number of bands including "The Phil Braithwaite Band", "Phil Braithwaite Trio", "Rhapsodaisical", "NuRotic", "Coalition", "El Mahico", "Scarlet Moss", "Natalie Smith-Phelps Quartet" and "The Silver Heels". He also plays for many other bands and artists. 

Paul Bulger is a professional and experienced vocalist who has worked in many bands.

New Release

"In Search of Forever"

01) Spirit Guide
02) Rise of the Phoenix
03) The Journey
04) Changes
05) In Search of Forever
06) Distant Plains
07) Dawn of Time
08) On the Wings
......of an Angel
09) The Traveller
10) Reflections

Coalition first album "In Search of Forever" was released on 30 March 2012 and already has gained them a worldwide following, with radio play on a number of radio stations, including AiiRadio, Radio Caroline and others.

Orbital Productions are an established UK based record label formed by production team Steve and Chris Gresswell. Steve has over 40 years in the music industry,  recording and releasing hundreds of tracks over the years. Chris has been recording and making music since he was very small and has years of experience behind him.

Also you can visit Coalition at:
MySpace Site
Reverbnation Site

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit COALITION HOME PAGEN
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