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. APRIL 2002
In my opinion the Italian Progressive scene has always been one of the best in all the world. For many people Fabio Zuffanti projcts are well known for his style and influences. The Project Hostsonaten is a symphonic masterpiece, extraordinary and completely instrumental. The band explores and creates the most diverse atmospheric sounds.

Hostsonaten are:
Fabio Zuffanti -  Acoustic & 12 Strings Guitars, Bass Guitar
Francesca Biagini -
Sergio Caputo -  Violin, Percussion
Federico Foglia - Drums, Percussion
Agostino Macor - Piano, Mellotron, Hammond, Moog
Stefano Marelli - Lead Guitar
Edmondo Romano -  Recorders, Bagpipes,
Boris Valle - Piano
Robbo Vigo - Piano

HOSTSONATEN - Fabio Zuffanti Project
After founding "Finisterre", contributing as a major composer to the their best works, writing and recording the complex and very welcomed opus entitled "Merlin" - the Rock Opera", the profile Fabio Zuffanti gives new life to the project he probaly loves most: Hostsonaten. Fabio Zuffanti was born in Genova (Italy). A self-taught musician, from 1993 that became bass player and essential pawn in Finisterre and in all his projects. In 1997 and 1998 he recorded two solo album under the title "Hostsonaten", a project that skillfully fuses Rock Music, Folk, Jazz and Classical Influences.
"Springsong" is dedicated to and if is inspired by the intimate legacy between man and nature. Looking at the time when humans were living by the rhythmis and fruits of nature, the music of "Springsong" has the colours of the masterpieces of the Renaissance masters: no studio tricks, no playing machines, but only the "real" artists imagination, sensibility and touch. But also the packaging has the flavour of that times so flourishing for the arts; bound in paperboards it comes with 10 cards with breathtaking images taken from "The Bible Of Borso D'Este", one of the best mankind's artistic treasure, painted with thousands illuminations by the monks.
For this adventurous trip, Fabio Zuffanti trooped some current and former Finisterre members as Stefano Marelli, Agostino Macor, Boris Valle and Francesca Biagini, as well as some very talented musicians who normally approach rock music in a different way. The result is a special mixture of powerful modern sounds and exotic and unusual voices of ancient instruments that give "Springsong" a unique and original flavour.
Music: Fabio Zuffanti. Arrangementes: Fabio Zuffanti with the assistenece of alla the musicians involved. Percussion arrangements: Federico Foglia / Sergio Caputo. Artistic production: Fabio Zuffanti with the assistence of Roberto Vigo. Executive production: Sublime Label. Recording and Mastering: Roberto Vigo at Fenixlab studio, Genova. Mixing:  Roberto Vigo with the assistence of Fabio Zuffanti. Artwork and ideas: Andrea Soncini.
.New Release 2002

1) In the open fields
2) Kemper - springtheme
3) Living stone and
....1st reprise
4) She sat writing letters
....on the riverbank
5) The underwater and
.....2nd reprise
6) Lowtide
7) The wood is alive with
.....the smell of the rain 
8) Evocation of spring
.....in a fastdance 
9) Toward the sea:
.....a. blackmountains 
.....b. 3rd reprise
.....c. springland
For more about,
Sublime Label
C.P. 50 - 41050 S. 
Vito MO - Italy
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