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. APRIL 2004
KinghtArea is a Symphonic Project fronted by two talented Dutch musicians, who constituted a very promising premiere band, inside the most serious Progressive Symphonic Rock scene around the world. The band captures a real and true adventure imagination with memorable melodies, like progressive bands of the past or, something  around "Genesis", "Camel" and "Yes". KnightArea features creative arrangements and monumental keyboards works, also impressive guitar sounds, including literated lyrics, where the vocals appears to suit the slower moments where everything is clean and very elegant, but the guitar and the Keyboards have a main focus into the songs, the additions of drums, percussion, bass and several sounds layers of the theme give a strong atmosphere into the band´s music. KnightArea could be classified as an amazing revelation into this year, a  very original band, with a special music for inspired Progressive Rock minds. I really liked a lot, and I hope to hear more of the band in the near future. You must listen them urgently. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

KnightArea are:
Gerben Klazinga - Keyboards
Joop Klazinga - Keyboards, Flute
Mark Smit - Vocals
Peter van Heijningen - Guitars
Rinie Huygen - Guitars
Gijs Koopman - Bass Guitars
Pieter van Hoorn - Drums and Backing Vocals

Gerben Klazinga was raised with a vigorous segment of symphonic rock music. He was to a certain extent influenced by his 10 years older brother Joop, who listened over and over again to bands like Camel, King Crimson and Barclay James Harvest. After he had taken some courses for the recorder, Gerben decided to focus on the classical piano. In the meantime brother Joop started practising the flute.
A particular space in the parental residence was ‘equipped’ as a music room, where soon after you could discover a little organ as well as a drum kit. Therefore, while unloading his juvenile frustrated emotions, he managed to develop into a fairly pleasant drummer.

It was approximately 1982 when the brothers created the first concepts for "The Sun Also Rises". After Joop left the house and started a career, Gerben widened his outlook and together with musical friends he formed the symphonic band "Sangamo".

The first months of 2000 the ‘bold’ Gerben, started to write songs for his solo project, titled "KnightArea", which is a translation from the Dutch word "Ridderbuurt'’, the street where his house (and studio) is located.

Currently Gerben is concerned with various other musical projects such as Jukebox Night, mainly in the company of the virtuous guitarist Peter van Heijningen from the band TOYZ.

Following an anxious period, Gerben could see the sun again and considered: well, the sun also rises and ‘I know what I like’…, so let’s go back to work! The concepts from 1982 (The Gate of Eternity, Saevis... etc.) were taken from the shell and Gerben composed a cluster of new songs, which was recorded as basic structure in the studio.

The story is about a boy who is in search for his identity (to some extent an autobiographical saga). He will locate a lot of shit on his way; nevertheless he succeeds in discovering a vigorous way to cope with his emotions. 

The time until 2003, he operated with a variety of musicians to sort out his musical ideas. Mark Smit (Miracle) carried out the leading vocals, Peter van Heijningen and Jeroen Hogenboom (ex-Sangamo) played the (lead) guitars and Ron van der Bas (what’s in a name) from Toyz and the Rickenbacker-wizard Gijs Koopman (ex-Cliffhanger) performed the bass parts. Mark van Nieuwenhuizen (ex-Sangamo) carried out some drum parts.

Musical mates like Vincent Frijdal for the acoustic guitar parts and Arjan Groenendijk for the power chord parts helped out in constructing the basic arrangements. Stephanie Lagrande as well donated her talents to the album.

.New Release

"The Sun Also Rises"

01) Beyond
02) The Gate Of Eternity 
03) Conspiracy
04) Forever Now
05) The Sun Also Rises 
06) Conviction
07) Mortal Brow
08) Moods Inspiring
09) A New Day At Last 
10) Saevis Tranquillis
......In Undis

The album was recorded and produced at KnightArea-Studios in Holland by Gerben and Joop Klazinga between April 2001 and March 2003.

This album is dedicated to dad Klazinga (Us Heit), ‘the Knight who was fighting the lost Alzheimer-battle’.

Brother Joop is also present with his flute, lyrics and some co-production labour. Summer 2003 the project will be catching sight of the rising sun… They  are looking forward to a next chapter… The ‘shorties’ Klazinga (2.03 and 2.00 m. ‘Hello Arjen’) are already creating some new ideas…

To get in contact with the Knights, mail to:

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit KNIGHTAREA HOME PAGEN
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