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Superdrama is one of the most beautiful innovations of the 21st century, coming from Germany, the band is debuting their first musical work. The group consists of five talented musicians, among them the founder Robert Gozon. With an amazing musical diversity, the musicians on the band, have developed several different rhythmic patterns, mixing the best of progressive rock music, with modernity as the neo-progressive. The musicians, are very compromised with the musical arrangements, and this is why that, Superdrama has a brilliant songwriting and a strong musicianship, that shining through the incredible and amazing guitar solos, adorned by delicate riffs, adding, sometimes, smooth keyboard, and sometimes atmospheric sounds, interspersed by lyrical flute passages,  together with an outstanding bass and closing with a vibrant drum sound, but the main highlight is around a brilliant vocals, forming the musical foundation and reinforces the arrangements without aggression, with a smooth and beautiful texture. We can say that, Superdrama is a band more focused on symphonic Progressive Rock style, however, using some good references around Neo-Progressive style too. In that case, we have some good similarities with bands such as "Yes", "Camel", "Caravan", "Pink Floyd", "Genesis", "Argos", "Pymlico", "Novalis", "Morild", "Nemo", "Coalition", "InVertigo", "Mars Hollow", "Roger Waters", "Ephemeral Sun", "Mangrove", "Karmakanic", "Band Of Rain", "Gazpacho", "King Crimson", "Van Der Graaf Generator" and neo-prog rock acts, like "IQ", "Pallas", "Pendragon", "Parzivals Eye", "Marillion"... "The Promise" is divided into seven songs, almost sixty minutes of atmospheric and surreal dreams, with many musical variations, enough for all listener to stay tuned until the end of the last track, accompanying its production, we find a bootleg with 60 pages. Superdrama have created an impressive debut album. Personally Id like to rate "The Promise" from very good to excellent, Ive no doubt that for all symphonic progressive rock fans, you can bet, after listen all songs, the "marvelous" word will be present in abundance. With their amazing debut album, Superdrama succeeded in realizing an ambitious project both musically and artistically.I can say, I liked a lot this album and this band's music, then I believe you must enjoy them too. Congratulations Progressive Promotion Records for another fantastic work and production. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and production, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Superdrama album are:
Robert Gozon - Vocals, Keyboards
Robert Stein-Holzheim - Drums
Michael Hahn -  Guitar
Thomas Klarmann - Bass and Flute
Thilo Brauß - Organ, Additional Keyboards


Superdrama was founded in 2004 by Robert Gozon, teacher, composer, singer and keyboarder from Mainz, Germany and communications expert and drummer TheDoctor (Robert Stein-Holzheim) as Noble Effort. The idea behind the name: it was indeed a 'noble effort' to establish an ambitious music-art-project despite familial and job-related involvements.

After a few re-shuffles in their first year the basic line-up was
eventually found.

Thomas Klarmann, bassist and flutist with versatile musical experiences and Michael Hahn, an exceptionally melodious guitarist (and great silent man) joined the group.

The style was further developed, abandoning the classic verse/chorus song writing structures and moving towards complex musical narration consistent with lyrical themes about our human existence - what is this about? Whither do we die? How can we live in real connection? After the orgiastic finale of a song during a rehearsal someone said: So we can just call ourselves Superdrama, then! So it happened. Some things just occur.

Superdrama - Symphonic Rock

Superdrama stands in the tradition of seventies band such as Yes, Genesis and King Crimson.

Superdrama opens up the vast inner stage in which both the human and the comical can be found. From ascent to fall, going round in circles, once tenderly, then more powerfully, the compositions move our souls. Intensity and profoundness, but also humour and lightness determine the atmospheres that the music guides you through.

Complex rhythms and pending harmonies invite you to take off; stories will be experienced, tensions relieved and dissolved in (super-) dramatic climaxes.

Some questions never grow old

In their lyrics are embedded the pain, the fascination, the fulfilment and all the nagging questions that most people only ask on the quiet and for themselves, because the answers could be too shocking...

Where are we from? Why are we here at all? Is there anything special to do or something that is 'right'? What is good, what evil? Does that even exist? In which category are we supposed to be thinking then? Or does it not matter? Where are we going? Or are we extinguished like candles, and nothing remains? What is it all for then? Why is the cosmos so incredibly huge? Where are the others? Or, as Ally's father already said so beautifully in CONTACT: "If there was no one - wouldn't that be an aweful waste of space? Why is is so difficult to preserve our natural habitats when actually everyone agrees? What is the human being, how are YOU meant? Some questions never grow old...

It is something special to exist at all. Only a few people are aware of this.

The chance of a lifetime in the matter is a gift, even though and just because it does not look like that. We do not have a chance to 'win' this life - let us seize it then!

Superdrama on Music

As musicians we make use of our sensitivity to incarnate what needs to be manifested. Our music, thus, is "perception" and we are grateful servants, giving shape to the creative stream of the universe with our music.

Each artist knows those magical moments when it flows from the innermost. What is special for us, is the fact that we may experience it together.

It is this infallible feeling that causes us to make decisions in the process of composing. Sometimes after a painful search until everyone realizes: that's it! Most of the time, however, it happens very quickly in common trance.

Later, the actual work follows to arrange what had been found with more detail to be able to play it. Perceiving from the transcendental and with an elevating impact, something comes into existence - which we see as spiritual music in its original meaning - for the souls of our audiences as well as for us.

Life is a Superdrama. This planet is insane. Its population as a whole is behaving as if it were an auto-aggressive compulsive hoarder. At the same time, the beauty, complexity and aesthetics of this world are breathtaking.

The lack of love and consciousness with all their consequences as well as the resulting pain for billions of people...unbearable.

In the middle of it: us, each one apart.

At the mercy of destruction, pain and transitoriness, the yearning and remembrance of freedom, love and redemption beyond all physical existence lives in each of us.

And even those, who are told by their minds that such a reality beyond the material world is just a phantasm, find solace, peace, strength and the warm feeling of eternity in the ceaselessly resounding rooms, harmonies  and melodies of music.

As artists we perceive the world in a particularly intensive way and we are grateful to receive and express music in our special human condition in which all of this is resonating.

Welcome to the Superdrama, enjoy!

New Release

"The Promise"

01) Chance of a Lifetime
02) Evening the Odds
03) Turn the Stone
04) In Love for a Day
05) Beyond the Edge
06) Healing Earth
07) The Promise

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"Superdrama - The Promise - Album.

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