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. APRIL 2006
It is difficult to place Zenit into one single genre, their music oscillates in the fields of the Symphonic Progressive Rock although very progressive and melodic, also using touchs of the Neo-Progressive style, especially with the work on the guitar sounds, which is the real jewel in all songs, however, even mostly hard in some moments. Intricate keyboards arrangements are divided between delicious drums rhythm sounds and nice bass lines, one thing is very dominated on the songs and, there is real power and conviction on vocals, in fact you will find only pure emotions, crowned by the immense voice of Lorenzo Sonognini. Zenit delivers a kind of adventurous music that, will especially appeal to those who only appreciate harmonious, energetic and atmospheric instrumental. If you want some references, their music is heavily influenced by such bands as: "Strawbs", "Genesis",  "Marillion", "Clepsydra", "Shakary" and "PFM" with touchs of "Pallas", "The Watch",  "IQ", "Saga", "Jadis" and  "Plackband". The quality of the CD itself is exceptionally fantastic, which keeps the tension up over the whole 64 minutes, most of the songs on the album are extensive and extremely delightful to the ears, but my favorites are: "Yin And Yang", "The City", "Devil’ Siesta", "New1c" and "Surrender". Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The line up on the band Zenit are:
Lorenzo Sonognini - Vocals, Shouting, Acoustic Guitars and Percussions
Luigi Biamino - Electric, Acoustic, Semi-Acoustic and Virtual Guitars
Ivo Bernasconi - Keyboards, Computers and Lunches
Andy Thommen - Bass Guitars, Bass Pedals and Noises
Gigio Pedruzzi - Drums, Programming and Re-Programming

Additional Sound Input
Stefano Zaccagni - Saxophone on New1c and The Cathedral
Mattia Santoro - Cello on Devil’ Siesta 
Ursula Maggini - Flute on New1c 
Mario Fontana - Calicantus Children’s Choir on Surrender directed


Before Zenit

Zenit is based on three main roots.

I) Ivo Bernasconi and his Swiss-Italian multi-deacade jazz-rock and progressive path with more or less known bands like Brainstorm, Zenith and Pravritti. In the 70's and 80's he wrote tons of musical material, performed live for decades but never made it on to record.

II) Changes was the most known progressive rock formation where Gigio Pedruzzi played drums together with bass player Scandy (Paolo Scandella) more known for his worldwide success with the "Shakary" albums produced with former "Clepsydra" guitar player Lele Hofmann.

III) Andy Thommen was co-founder and bass player of "Clepsydra" together with Lele Hofmann.

In 1993 Ivo Bernasconi played a keyboard solo on Changes' second album "The Growing Number" In June 1994 "Clepsydra" with Andy Thommen on bass guitar and Changes with Gigio Pedruzzi on drums both present their second album (Clepsydra's "More Grains Of Sand") in a live show in Ascona, Switzerland.

In 1995 "Clepsydra" were called for a second tour where Gigio Pedruzzi and Ivo Bernasconi toured with the band temporarily replacing the original drummer and keyboarder.


Andy left "Clepsydra" in July 1998 after the last concerts of the "Fears" tour in Canada and Italy with Neil Otupacca (ex-Gotthard) on keyboards.
A few months earlier Andy founded Zenit together with Gigio and Ivo.

Frank Di Sessa (guitars) and Lorenzo Sonognini (vocals and acoustic guitars) joined the band shortly after.

Zenit 1999

The band name was chosen between the multitude of names used by Ivo's bands in the earlier two decades.

A few concerts led immediately to the decision to produce an album: "Pravritti" was released in February 2001. The mixed lyrics in both Italian and English was a brave decision that caused mixed feeling in most of the reviewers.

Zenit 2003

After another few live performances Frank Di Sessa leaves the band and is replaced by Luigi Biamino who made is first live appearance with Zenit at the Progsol festival.

The last two years have been dedicated to the production of the second album "Surrender": release date February 2006. The track "Devil's Siesta was dedicated to the memory of lutemaker Maestro Giorgio Lanini".

.New Release


01) Promenade
.....(Part I - Om) (1:28)
02) Yin And Yang (10:47)
03) The City (4:25)
04) Devil’ Siesta (3:59)
05) The Cathedral (4:18)
06) New1c (12:43)
07) Promenade 
.....(Part II – On Stage)
08) I Ching (6:31)
09) Promenade
......(Part III -
......Underground) (1:14)
10) Surrender (14:08)

"Surrender" is the second album released by Zenit. It is produced in a 6-pages/ 3-fold digipack plus 12-page booklet.

Recorded and engineered by Andy Thommen, Kotah Recording Studio, Tegna, Switzerland. Additional recordings - different other onsite locations - 2004-2005. Mixed - Kotah Recording Studio, Tegna, Switzerland on November 2005 by Etienne Bron and Zenit. Mastered by Powerplay Studios, Maur, Switzerland on December 2005 by Etienne Bron. Paintings by Raffaello Ossola, Graphic design by Sandor Kwiatkowski.

Exclusive wordwide wholesale distribution: 
SHK Records", a division ov SHK Productions SA
Via Maderno 10
6900 Lugano

For more information and everything about the band, please visit ZENIT HOME PAGEN
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