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. AUGUST 2003
ATempo it´s an new band that I recommend to anyone who likes to travel into an adventurous dreams around Progressive Rock. The music that is made by these experienced and diverse musicians crosses boundaries and styles from Symphonic Progresssive Rock, Neo progressive, the high limits of Classic Rock, and the Progressive Metal scene. They bring a powerful music to a fantastic instrumental level, strong compositions enriched with many keyboards arrangements, the sounds of the guitars floats around a wonderful atmosphere, especially in the strong and more reflective musical moments. One of the main references, on this band, are the tremendous and amazing vocals from female lead singer Mariela Gonzalez (Ex-Nexus), where, in some parts, they start soft, and in other times they are very intense, in some parts, very spirituals. Join all these qualities and adds a little of some substance found in South America rhythms, and you will be at inside of the world created by ATempo. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable.

ATempo are:
Eduardo Aguirre - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Mariela Gonzalez - Lead Vocals
Hiro - Keyboards and Piano
Pablo Villanueva - Bass Guitars
Claudio Fazio - Drums and Percussion
Sebastian Chiarini - Guitar

ATempo started around beginning 2000. From that moment the band begins to work with the first compositions, which on that time, didn't reflect a highly defined musical direction.

By the middle of 2000 the band begins to have a musical direction that we could frame as NeoSymphonic music.

After that period, working with the material that today is part of Abysses of Time track list, the band suffers the departure and replacement of singers, until March 2002, where they found the vocalist that today is part of the band. At the beginning of 2003, after the recording of Abysses of Time, one of the guitarists decides to move away from the project.

Today the formation of ATempo is the following:  Pablo Villanueva in basses, Eduardo Aguirre in guitars, Hiro in keyboards, Mariela Gonzalez lead voice and Claudio Fazio in drums.

Although we are a New band in the neosymphonic or progressive rock scene, the musicians that integrate the band have an important musical trajectory. Pablo Villanueva (bass) has played in tango projects and flamenco with the Tarantos, Mariela Gonzalez (lead voice) has an important international trajectory with Nexus band, Claudio Fazio (drums) has participated in productions with Sandra Guida, Sad Whisperings, Mental Distortion, and others, Hiro (piano and keyboards) has made works with Dolmen band and made his musical career as soloist releasing a CD and another next to be published, and Eduardo Aguirre (acoustic and electric guitar) has begun from child to compose and to be perfected on its instrument.

The music on this CD is divided in three independent histories: "Hero of the Solitude", "Mystical Rain" and "Jail of Dreams", a conceptual work that contains nine movements. Although the songs are independent, all agree in watching from a same place the Human Feelings. The music took almost two years of composition. A time in where everything it was changing gradually of form until it was possible to be arrived at the chosen concept.

.New Release

"Abismos del Tiempo"

1) Héroe de la Soledad
2) Lluvia Mística (8.56)
3) Cárcel de Sueños
4) El Final (47.51)

Guests musicians: 
Paula Uzal - Vocals on "Las Ruinas del Honor"
Sofia Uzal - Vocals on "Las Ruinas del Honor"
Jorge Diez - Choir
Marina Romeo - Choir
Marcelo Donantueno - Guitar on "Lluvia Mística"
Fabian Fazio - Flute and clarinete on "El Final"

To contact and all information, please 
send mail to:
ATempo Protuction

World wide distribution:
Record Runner

Executive Production - Daniel "NONO" Pugliese
Production - Cintya "LISSA" Aguirre and Eliana "JAPON" Aguirre
Band Picture - Augusto Sosa Escalada
Pictures - Dr.Gosolf para Gosolf Art & Design
Art and Design - Gosolf Art & Design
Sound Engineer - Jorge Da Silva

For more information about the band visit ATEMPO HOME PAGEN
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