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. AUGUST 2010
After listen and listen over fifteen different Prog Rock bands and their respective albums, and it was hard choose one to become the band of the month, but among all that I heard, I choose one that stood by their musical references, and I have a pleasure to present to all Progressive Rock's Fans, a group formed by veterans Brazilian musicians titled Banda Do Sol. Formed back in 1980 and leaded by the former vocalist and guitar player Moacir Jr, with more four experienced musicians and highlighting the musicianship of each band member, together they formed an incredible Symphonic Progressive Rock group. The band's sound is totally filled of symphonic elements with a high degree the maturity and extensive musical experience from long years, together they create magnificent arrangements, where the sound of the guitars and the keyboards are  unbelievable and work very well with an intense drums and a marcant bass, but I consider the vocals really the strong point in the songs, soft and symphonic, undoubtedly directs the guitars and keyboards for an indescribable musical apex, a perfect line-up for a symphonic band. "Tempo",  the new album of Banda Do Sol, a veteran Brazilian Prog Rock Band, is full of incredible songs, the production is top notch and the musical performances are superb all around, highlighting the tracks as "Som Do Sol",  "Voar", "Quem Sou Eu?", "Yes Blues", "Praça da Paz", "Tempo", "Maya" and "Sinal da Liberdade". At it's most powerful, the album "Tempo" is full of wonderful musical elements around a symphonic progressive rock, the sound quality is the best in best, the arrangements are so intenses, the instrumental is full of amazing emotions that are conveyed to the listener without aggressiveness. Like some references, the band's musical style could be compared in the line of "Yes", "Genesis", "14 Bis", "Mars Hollow", "Parzivals Eye", "IQ", "O Terço", "Plackband",  "Mangrove", "Karnataka", "Knight Area". "Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

Here follows the line-up on the band and all guest musicians featured in the recordings of the album "Tempo":
Moacir Jr. -  Vocals, Flute, Guitar and Acoustic Guitar
Fram Simi - Guitar
Cesinha Rodrigues - Bass
Alex Bessa - Keyboards
Fabio Fernades - Drums

Special Guest:
Billy Sherwood - Guitar on tracks 7 and 9
Jimmy Junoi - Harmonio, Cimbalos and Tampura on track 9
Johnny Murata - Sitar on track 9
Marcos Trinca - Tabla on track 9
João Leopoldo - Keyboards on track 1, 6, 10, 11 and 12


Banda do Sol is a veteran Brazilian Progressive Rock band formed back in 1980. The band did release its first vinyl LP in 1982. The group split afterwards.

After some years of silence, Banda do Sol reformed and the musicians are back on the road again.

Leaded by the former vocalist and guitar player Moacir Jr - that has a very successful solo career playing with such important brazilian musicians like "Guilherme Arantes", "Walter Franco", "Beto Guedes", "14 Bis", etc – and former drummer Fábio Fernandes ("Lumina", "Hermeto Pascoal", etc), the band’s new line-up is completed by Cesar Rodrigues on bass, Fram Simi on guitars and the famous Brazilian keyboardist Allex Bessa ("Rita Lee", "O Terço", "Sergio Dias", "Tarkus", etc). 

Banda do Sol just released "Tempo", the new album that marks the return of the band to the studios after 27 years. 

The great news is that "Tempo" was mixed in California/USA by none other than "Billy Sherwood". Also known for being "Yes" guitarist - who composed and recorded the records "Union" (1991), "Open Your Eyes" (1997) and "The Ladder" (1998) - "Motörhead", "Toto", "Ratt", "Paul Rodgers" and "Yes" itself ("Keys To Ascension I and II", "Open Your Eyes" and "Union"). Billy Sherwood also relased some solo works and two albuns with "Conspiracy", a side-project with the "Yes" bassist "Chris Squire". Currently, Billy leads "Circa", a new band formed by other "Yes" heroes such us the drummer "Alan White" and the keyboardist "Tony Kaye". Billy Sherwood first met Banda Do Sol throught Myspace. This was the first time the producer worked with a Brazilian band. 

"Banda Do Sol approached me via the Internet and on Myspace which is my home page for my current band known as "Circa", says Billy. "They asked if I could mix their record for them and after hearing some of the material I said yes. It was a great pleasure to mix a band like theirs because it's the kind of genre I am familiar with deeply... Prog Rock music". Besides the style in common, the artistical quality was vital for Billy Sherwood accept mixing the new Banda Do Sol album. 

The producer does not save words to make good comments about the sound of the band. "When I got the files and started putting it all together I realized just how talented each individual really was and why the sound of the band was so great. Keyboards, guitars, bass playing and drumming all top notch and very expressive and soulful. The vocalist was the cheery on top, fantastic tone and, although I don't speak the language, I could feel the passion in the performances from him. All these elements combined allowed me to go to town with the mixing and dial in the sound for Banda do Sol, something which I am very proud to have been involved with and hope in the future to work with them once more."

Besides Billy's signature on the mixing, "Tempo" was mastered in USA by the legendary sound engineer Joe Gastwirt. High-level profissional, Joe Gastwirt has mastered albums from people like "Paul McCartney", "Jimi Hendrix", "Ramones", "Talking Heads", "The Beach Boys", "Pearl Jam", "Santana", "Grateful Dead", "Neil Young", "Lynyrd Skynyrd", "Marvin Gaye", "James Brown", "Miles Davis" and even "Michael Jackson"!


New Release


01) Som do Sol
02) Voar
03) Quem Eu Sou?
04) Yes Blues
05) Praça Da Paz
06) Tempo
07) Fabito
08) Maya
09) Sinal da Liberdade
10) Janavatar
Live Bonus
11) Prana
12) Mahavishnu

Check out YouTube to see Banda do Sol Alive at Festival Cultura Rock:
Tempo - 10 min and  Blues Yes - 8 min.

All songs and lyrics written by Moacir Jr. except track 6 by Moacir Jr. and Fabio Fernandes. All arrangements by Banda Do Sol. All songs recorded at "Studio DoZé" in São Paulo/SP - Brasil, except tracks 1,2 and 6 at "Marcelo Bugre" (Sorocaba/SP - Brasil) and tracks 11 and 12 at "HP Records" (Salto/SP - Brasil). Mixed by Billy Sherwood at "The Office" in Van Nuys/CA - USA, except tracks 11 and 12 at "Marcelo Bugre" (Sorocaba/SP - Brasil). Tracks 3 and 9 by Billy Sherwood/Marcelo Bugre. Mastered by Joe Gastwirt at "Oceanview Digital Mastering" in Oak Park/CA - USA, except tracks 3, 9, 11 and 12 at "Marcelo Bugre" (Sorocaba/SP - Brasil). Band's foto by Patricia Cecatti, cover artwork and design by Robison Piccin.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, also to buy the album "Tempo", you can send a mail to Banda Do Sol, also you can visit the band on Twitter.

Eliton Tomasi

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit BANDA DO SOL HOME PAGEN
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