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. AUGUST 2007
Bedtime Story plays a kind of Progressive Rock using a variety of musical styles and sources, combining elements from  Symphonic Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Classic Rock and Jazz also, adding touch of symphonism, strongly influenced by many old artists and bands from 60’s-70’s. Their music is very progressive, somewhere in the middle between "Pink Floyd" (Meddle, Atom Heart Mother and  Dark Side of The Moon), using the symphonism of "Yes" adding the spacey and psychedelic ingredients which are commonly found on the bands like "Hawkwind", where the musicians don't hesitate to adventure themselves around hypnotics instrumental passages, creating a sublime progressive music. Bedtime Story have done a fantastic job with this album, all songs have the best instrumental ingredients, the main attraction are, the strong melodic vocal and also all atmosperic guitar solos, with beautiful keyboards textures, where everything is done to lead us through this very special musical universe full of rich, sweet and amazing melodies. You must listen "Little Magic Mushrooms", "Land of the Dreams",  "Pearl Chapter I" and "Pearl Chapter II", there is something unreal and wonderful on these songs. "Close your eyes.... put on your headphones.... Get ready for a Bedtime Story". Brilliant, amazing, great, a fantastic band and album, highly recommendable...

The musicians on the Bedtime Story are:
Lior Havkin - Guitars, keyboards and Ethnic instruments
Orpaz Agranov - Sound engineer, programming and Psychedelic effects 
Leon B - Vocals, Bass, Viola and Cello
Or Argash - Drums and Darbuka

Bedtime Story was established on January 2003 by Lior Havkin and Orpaz Agranov in Tel Aviv, Israel. Acording some press, the band plays eclectic rock music in English. Mainly influenced by 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock, through Jazz, Classic, Ethnic and updated electronic music and sound techniques.

Lior Havkin has been learning and playing music since He was 14 years old, performing from the age of 16 and writing music since He was 17. He was a member of a several unknown bands through the years which gave hin a lot of experience. He was influenced mostly by rock and blues of all kinds. He was always interested in other kinds of sounds which led hin to search and discover folk and ethnic music. He discovered other instruments like: sitar, tabla, mandolin and others. As He was searching for more – He ran into electronic music which He’s still exploring. He must admit it really made a great influence on his sound and music writing. He started using devices such as e-bow, talk-box and lots of effects which sometimes have very strange parametric settings. This genre also made hin change his keyboard playing habits and increased his interest in electronic sounds and programming. At the present he main studies are jazz and classical music. While Orpaz and Lior Havkin were working on “Bedtime Story’s” music and sitting so many hours in the studio while recording, editing, thinking and experimenting, He developed a deeper understanding about the meaning of production, which he really like to deal with (apart from writing and playing music). The final conclusion is: there is always more to learn, search for and more to discover.

Orpaz Agranov in retro-perspective, the event which changed his life, as weird as it sounds, was when a good friend of mine, Idan, gave hin King Crimson's 'Red' album and 'Close to the edge' by Yes. He kept feeding hin with good 70's classics, and opened my mind. In the year 2002 He moved to Tel Aviv, while He had no clue concerning his future. He started to explore music, getting into Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Rock and even Metal. Suddenly, He realized that music is the most precious thing life. His first piece of gear was the wonderful Korg-Triton-Rack module, which forced hin to become more professional. In the year 2003, He naturally knew that He want to be a Sound Engineer, to design sound and turn it into visions, with no limitation. He called Danny Koryto, the man behind "Record" sound engineering school, signed in, and started to suck knowledge. During that time, He met Lior. One day, He don't even remember why and how, he came to his apartment in order to record a few sketches. One thing led to another, and somehow, they started to work together every weekend, for 3 years. Slowly, step by step, He started to purchase necessary studio equipment, and built his own recording and production studio. "Pearl" was his first Mix. It took them 9 months to complete the creation. He continue to explore different genres of music and productions methods. Now, when He´s living in the music scene, He get excited almost every day by new musical discoveries. His ear became sharp enough, in order to divide what He hear, and learn from the conclusions. These days, He has a new studio, located in Tel Aviv.

Or Argash was born on October 15th 1981, in Israel. He started out playing the Piano and moved on to Drums when he was 15. Ever since then Drums became his main interest. Since He was 13 his music has been influenced by Queen and as He grew older He became influenced by more musicians and bands such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Kate Bush, Primus and then at the age of 17 He discoverd Chick Corea who opened a new musical world for hin. At that point He suddenly started being aware of the creative side of Drums and started listening to Jazz music. Since then He´s really into it. Throughout his life He didn't have too many interests besides listening to music and Drums were his main passion. At the age of 17 his parents bought hin his first Drum Set "Tama Rock Star". It was a cute one. He played in a few Bands and some Recording Sessions that really hepled hin learn about "playing discipline" and He became a more experienced Musician. He met Leon in the army and met Lior in a Cover Band of Queen. Lior asked hin if He know any singers for the band and Leon was perfect because of his great 70's style voice and some material of his that really fits the style. They played some jams together and then started working together too. These days most of his drumming influences are drummers like Virgil Donati, Tim Alexander, Dennis Chambers, Frank Zappa (and the drummers that played with him throughout the 70's)...etc. He plays as much as He can and He teach Drumming Techniques and Progressive Drumming.

Leon B was born on March 12, 1982 (Yud Zain be-Adar 5742) in Alma-Ata, Kazakstan. His relatives were mostly musicians and He was strongly influenced by classical music since his early childhood. At the age of 6 He has entered a musical school on violine and He had finished it when he was 13. That time his schoolmate have introduced hin a wonderful world of The Beatles and He has fallen in love with their beautiful melodies. Mostly He like George and his "Here comes the sun". Magnificent... In about a year a wave of Nirvana came to our place. Smells like teen spirit was the song that just "got" hin and He completely changed his mind about music. So powerful, so exciting it became... At the age of 16 He have moved to a Holy Land. He wanted to discover that "something" that had always pushed hin to come. And it took a while before He has opened and learned things that lead hin through his modern life. Meanwhile, He continued his studying music. He have entered the "Youth Aliyah Orchestra" conducted by Lev Arshtein as a viola player. First time in his life He has tried a guitar. He also started listening to more intelligent music, as "ELP", "King Crimson" and "Jethro Tull". After finishing his hi-school He have started practising Bass guitar. He was just playing along with his Bass greatest as Tony Levin and Flea and trying to catch their "feel". He was deeply influenced by King Crimson, and his favourite albums were THRAK (1996) and Absent Lovers (1984). It was a real pleisure for hin to play all those brilliant bass lines and to learn from them. He have met Or Argash, his good friend and excellent drummer, during his service in IDF. They used to play together here and there, and finally he had introduced hin to Lior Havkin and Orpaz Agranov. And then the Bedtime Story started.Now days I am studying at Jerusalem Academy of Music and dance, at the course of Jazz and modern music. Musical influences: His favourite band for today is "Yes" (Relayer, Tales From the Topographic Oceans). He passed through "King Crimson", "Genesis", "Jethro Tull", "Anglagard", "Porcupine Tree" and many many others. He also found of classical music (especially Bach and Beethoven) and Jazz (Miles and Chick Corea Electric Band). His favourite musicians are John Patitucci (The Electric Band), Tony Levin (King Crimson), Bill Bruford (King Crimson), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Alan White (YES), Eric Johnson (just Eric).

New Release

"Bedtime Story"

01) Little Magic
02) In A Cage
03) Land of the Dreams
04) The Irremovable
05) Pearl Chapter I
06) Pearl Chapter II

Total playtime of 42 minutes. Arranged by Bedtime Story. Produced by Lior Havkin and Orpaz Agranov.

Also, you can read more informations about the musicians at the Band´s MySpace Site.

Would like any other information, questions or feedbacks about the band, please send e-Mail to Bedtime Story.

For more information and everything about the band, please visit BEDTIME STORY HOME PAGEN
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