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. AUGUST 2009
There are few bands today, that blends Progressive Rock and Hard Rock in a perfect combination, with energetic and explosive musical performance, grings strong echoes of '70s. Behind The Sun features musicians playing exactly the right kind of Progressive Hard Rock tradition, with a lot of sentiment, only found in the early seventies. Their musical influences naturally show certain similarities and sensibility with famous bands such as "Kansas", "Grand Funk Railroad", "Free", "Cream", "Bad Company" and "Led Zeppelin". Their music is all original, and comes from the heart, the instrumental are very impressive and powerful, wonderful solos of the guitars, constantly dominate all arrangements, complemented by a solid and dynamic rhythm section, the vocals are not that strong, but sometimes melodic, keyboards are used in a soft doses, also bass contributes substantially with all the arrangements. From melodic to thunderous, the music from Behind The Sun captures a wide range of expressions through soaring melodies and a dynamic instrumentation, bringing amazing musical moments that you will never more forget. Personally, my favourite tracks on this album are "Second December", "Wishful Thinking", "Nothing but a Stain", "Still", "Fifteenth Dawn", "The Professionals", "Sour Days", "Brother" and "Strong Wind" this last track is the best song on the album. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up today on Behind The Sun are:
Gad Erez - Vocals
Aaron Lieber - Lead, Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
Saar Gur - Drums
Dan Henry Levy - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Guest musicians:
Yoram Allouche - Intro Space Guitar
Shai Yallin - Keyboards
Assaf Kopelnikov - Lead and Rhythm Guitars


Behind The Sun are an emerging, heavy rock band from south-central Israel. According to journalist Ronen Tzomer of Keshet Interactive, "Behind The Sun combines the jams of the 60's, the golden age of prog rock in the 70's and the grinding guitars of the 90's to sound just right".

Behind The Sun released their debut studio album to the world on June 11, 2009. A year and a half in the making, the album features 12 original songs produced by the band and "Solstice Coil" keyboardist/producer Shai Yallin. The band played a special album release show at the Sublime Club in Tel Aviv which will include several special guest musicians. The album is available for sale both domestically in local music shops and also to international listeners via Amazon.com. In the weeks leading up to the release show Behind The Sun are making a series of promotional radio appearances on the following Israeli stations: Radio Tel Aviv 102FM, Radio Mount Scopus 106FM in Jerusalem, Radio Kol-Ha-Campus 106 FM in Netanya, Radio Voice of the Negev 106.4 FM, Radio Upper Galilee 105.3 FM, and Radio One 89.1 FM. 

Behind The Sun was formed on the edges of the vast Negev desert in the south of Israel. The music and lyrics on their debut album speak of their personal trials and tribulations living in this heavenly but harsh land. This self titled debut album contains: heavy, electric, tube driven riffing, blended with progressive styles and sensibilities and their own skeptical, cynical, but in the end positive philosophy as written word and amplified sound. The music and the musicians themselves are influenced and inspired by 70s progressive rock, 90s grunge and modern heavy music including such diverse touchstones as "The Who", "Opeth", "The Grateful Dead", "King Crimson", "Mastodon", "Tool", "Led Zeppelin", "Alice in Chains", "John Coltrane" and "Faith No More". The lyrics deal with, among other things, the breakdown of society, loss, decay, personal relationships gone down the tubes, the sanctity of life, first hand experience of the horrors of war, corrupt leadership, and anthropomorphic one night stands deep in the desert.

The musicians: Gad Erez on vocals, Aaron Lieber on guitar, Dan Henry Levy on bass and Saar Gur on drums, were joined on this album by their producer Shai Yallin on keyboards and Assaf Kopelnikov on guitar. In addition, new BTS guitarist Yoram Allouche contributes a solo on the last track, "Strong Wind". They bring a wide variety of experiences to Behind the Sun: Aaron Lieber has toured on three continents with a variety of bands, and Yoram Allouche moonlights in one the country's premier cover bands - "Prowlers" (the "Iron Maiden" tribute band). Gad Erez and Dan Henry Levy each bring their front line experiences and mental scars of three years of tank corps service in one of the most dangerous places in the world. Drummer Saar Gur has spent nearly twenty years studying and assimilating the drumming styles of such greats as "Neil Peart", "Vinnie Colaiuta", "Mike Portnoy", "Nicko McBrain", "Steve Smith" and "Mike Bordin".

After a busy few years including countless live shows in the band's home country of Israel, the self-produced EP "Pre-Dawn Light", the single "Sour Days" which received radio play on a number of Israeli radio stations and was also included on domestic and international compilations including "Israel Unleashed" (JMG Music group), the band have finally finished the definitive statement of their unique musical style and vision. With the release of their debut self-titled album, Behind the Sun have a musical work to take to the world, and are now seeking an international booking agent and pursuing international festival dates.

DJ Gilad Jaffe from Upper Galilee Radio (105.3 FM) said of the new Behind The Sun album, "Amazing album! I've been listening to it for two days straight and enjoying every minute of it". Now the rest of the world will hear the debut release of Behind The Sun.

New Release

"Behind The Sun"

01. Second December
02. Wishful Thinking
03. Nothing but a Stain
04. Prelude
05. Still
06. Running Water
07. Fifteenth Dawn
08. The Professionals
09. Sour Days
10. October
11. Brother
12. Strong Wind

The album was produced by Behind The Sun and Shai Yallin, mixed by Shai Yallin, mastered by Tali Cuts (Master One Studio), recorded at Keoss Studios, Tel Aviv Impact Studio, Ra'anana Kibbtz Shoval.

For more information, international booking, interview requests please contact by mail to Gad Erez at +972-54- 303-3693. More information, tour dates and samples from the album are available at MySpace Site.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit BEHIND THE SUN HOME PAGEN
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