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Cherry five was considered as a legend of Italian progressive rock, formed in the glorious decade of the 70s. Originally the band was composed by Claudio Simonetti - keyboards, Massimo Morante - guitars, Fabio Pignatelli - bass, Tony Tartarini - lead vocals and Carlo Bordini - drums and percussion. By this line-up, Cherry Five was the  initial setting in the formation of other important Italian bands, Claudio Simonet, Massimo Morante and Fabio Pignatelli together with other two musicians form the Goblin, Carlo Bordini with Paolo Rustichelli together form a progressive rock duo called Rustichelli & Bordini and Tony Tartarini, the fifth original member, had previously recorded with L'Uovo di Colombo under the name Toni Gionta. As you can see, from one band, we have here three Importants legends of the Italian Progressive Rock Cherry Five, Goblin and Rustichelli & Bordini. Cherry Five's music style, follows blending two different musical conceptions, a perfect integration between the british progressive rock with the Italian Classic Music. However, the Italian Music side stands out more, even with the vocals sung in English. If you listen very carefully, their first album (1975), the band follows very well in the British lines, with noticeable influences from Camel, Yes, Emersom Lake & Palmer, Caravan and Gentle Giant. After a long period in silence, a total of fourty years, Cherry Five is back, with a new line-up, including two member from their original formation, Carlo Bordini and Tony Tartarini. In middle of this year 2015, by Black Widow Records, Cherry Five has released a second album, titled as "Il Pozzo dei Giganti", which I have the pleasure to consider as one more masterpiece from the Progressive Rock's Italian scenery. We can consider this great return, as a new musical conception of this wonderful band. With this new formation, Cherry Five return with new challenges, and an amazing new album. Different from the previous album,"Il Pozzo dei Giganti" contains six tracks, almost 50 minutes of a pure musical emotion. No doubt all tracks have an excellent instrumental performance, following differents influences, where this album tends to follow the pure traditions from many prestigious Italian progressive rock bands, and able of attracting the attention of the listener at once. Totally singing in Italian language, and with a symphonic and melodic instrumental, "Il Pozzo dei Giganti" reveals the talent of these musicians on the previous group, but full of new musical conceptions on this new release. All tracks are perfect, I have my special preferences to all the songs "Il Pozzo dei Giganti" an amazing "suite" with 25 min, for sure is the highlight on this album, also a second track, as other nice suite "Manfredi (Purgatorio III)" divided into four pices, starting with the songs "La Forza del.Guerriero" and "Il Tempo del Destino" both are incredible symphonic songs, totally dominated by wonderfull guitar solos."Terra Rossa" and "Un Mondo Tra noi Due" are melodic and symphonic tracks and finally, closing the album, the track Dentro la Cerchia Antica (Paradiso XVI), this song is more heavy in the conception, but starts as a medieval folk song, in the meantime, the music explode with a heavy instrumental and into a deadly guitar,  adding nice keyboards' works. Cherry Five is one such group who everyone will like forever, and it must be part of collections of CDs and Vinyls from everybody who really enjoy the Italian Progressive Rock. Using as best reference, the music from the band follows in the same line such as "L'Uovo di Colombo", "Le Orme", "Jumbo", "Maxophone", "Stormy Six", "Museo Rosenbach", "Goblin", "Alphataurus", "Il Paese dei Balocchi", "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso", "Delirium", "Semiramis", "Quella Vecchia Locanda",  "Osanna", "Nuova Idea", "Arti & Mestieri", "De De Lind", "Cervello", "Latte e Miele", with a rich instrumental and a technical innovative skill. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Cherry Five album are:
Tony Tartarini - Vocals
Carlo Bordini - Drums and Percussions
Pino Sallusti - Electric and Acoustic Bass
Ludovico Piccinini - Guitars
Gianluca De Rossi (Taproban)  - Keyboards (Hammond C3, Minimoog, Mellotron M400, Hohner Clavinet D6, Fender Rhodes MK II, Yamaha CP 33, Roland JX8P)


Though the LP cover notes only list two musicians' names, singer Tony Tartarini (previously known as Toni Gionta and former singer with L'Uovo di Colombo) and drummer Carlo Bordini (that also played in a duo Rustichelli & Bordini), the group also included three members of Goblin, keyboard wizard Claudio Simonetti, guitarist Morante and bass player Pignatelli, with the first two of them being credited as composers for all the album tracks.

In fact the group, named Oliver, had been created by Simonetti and Morante, that also went to England in late 1973 to audition a singer, and englishman Clive "Artman" Haynes (or Clive Heinz, as he was then known) was briefly in the band, recording some tracks with them. He was sacked then, and didn't appear on the album.

With new singer Tartarini the group recorded what was to become their first and only album in 1974, after a name change to Goblin, but it was soon shelved when Carlo Bordini refused to sign a contract with Cinevox as it could damage his career as session musician. The others went on with a new drummer, leaving out Bordini and Tartarini and recorded Profondo rosso.

The unreleased album was shelved for a couple of years, and only released in January 1976 with the name of Cherry Five (a name that really didn't belong to any real group), and only Tartarini and Bordini were credited on the cover, maybe someone thought that it could damage the Goblin's career!

Even if it's not particularly representative of the Italian prog sound, the LP is a genuine rarity due to the great world success Goblin achieved with some of their soundtrack works, and is in many collectors' want lists.

A keyboard based album, sung in English, Cherry Five has strong influences by the likes of Genesis and Yes, especially in the fluid keyboard parts and powerful bass sound. It contains six long tracks with the opening Country graveyard and The picture of Dorian Gray. This last title, translated in Italian as Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray was in fact the name of Claudio Simonetti's first band.

The two musicians whose names appeared on teh cover of the Cherry Five album, Tony Tartarini and Carlo Bordini, have reformed this group in 2015 with Ludovico Piccinini (guitar), Gianluca De Rossi (keyboards) and Pino Sallusti (bass) for a concert at the International Music Fair in Genua and to record a new album, Il pozzo dei giganti, issued by Black Widow and containing three long tracks inspired from Dante's Divine Comedy, to revive the legendary name of this band.

A genuine rarity, due to the Goblin connection and the small number of copies pressed, Cherry Five album was pressed in 1975, as demonstrated by the date on the label, but released in January 1976. By the way the recording dates on the cover are false, it had been recorded in 1974, not 1975.

The Vinyl Magic CD reissue, that was out-of-print for many years, has been recently replaced by a new one by Cinevox.

The first vinyl reissue ever released in Italy was made by AMS in 2009.

Thanks Friends from Italian Prog for the Bio.

Comments by BLACK WIDOW

Between Past and PL. In 1976 appeared the album of a mysterious group, the Cherry Five. They are in fact, as the insiders well know, songs recorded two years before by a group then partly merged in the Goblin. The record company decided to publish anyway the recording, putting on the cover the name of the two artists who had not followed the band: the drummer Carlo Bordini ("Rustichelli e Bordini Opera Prima") and the singer Tony Tartarini ("L'uovo di Colombo ","Reale Impero Britannico").

The vinyl became over the years a "cult" for connoisseurs of progressive rock. After almost forty years, Bordini and Tartarini meet each other again thanks to Black Widow Records and they record a new album with a group of musicians from different backgrounds: the prog keyboardist Gianluca De Rossi (Taproban), the rock guitarist Ludovico Piccinini (Prophilax ), and the jazz musician Pino Sallusti on bass.

The first track, which gives the title to the album, is inspired by the XXXI canto of the Dantesque Inferno and is followed by other episodes from the Divine Comedy, "Manfredi" (Purgatorio) and "Dentro la cerchia antica" (Paradiso). The texts of Tony Tartarini speak of the Giants punished for their pride and doomed for all eternity to regret the sun and their own force; of Prince Manfredi who faces his destiny of death in battle and after death entrusts to Dante a letter for his daughter Costanza still alive; of a Florence surrounded by the ancient walls and not yet ravaged by civil war.

Each episode has its own musical character: the Pozzo dei Giganti pays homage to the prog suites of the 70s, above all Tarkus by Emerson, Lake and Palmer; Manfredi features a sound inspired by the Gentle Giant and contains two songs written by the founders of the group; Dentro la cerchia antica offers a progressive-medieval style as it was characteristic of the 70s.

The Cherry Five have presented in preview the new album in a memorable live concert, after almost 40 years, at the International Fair of Music in Genoa, earning a great response from audiences and critics ... the story goes on ...

New Release

"Il Pozzo dei Giganti"

01) Il Pozzo Dei Giganti
......(Inferno XXXI)
02) Manfredi
......(Purgatorio III)
......a. La Forza del
......b. Il Tempo del
......c. Terra Rossa
......d. Un Mondo tra
..........Noi Due
03) Dentro La Cerchia
......Antica (Paradiso XVI)

Recorded and mixed at Studiosette, Rome, March/April 2015
Sound Engineer: Alessandro Cavallo, assisted By Federico Nespola
Cover Painting by Daniela Ventrone ("Sedotti dalla Superbia", oil on canvas, 50 x 100, 2015)

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Cherry Five - Il Pozzo Dei Giganti

Cherry Five - Cherry Five - 1975


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