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. AUGUST 2008
Edensong is kind of musical project, born through of a special musical universe created by a multi-talented musician called James Byron Schoen. The musical influences and styles from James (Edensong), blends musical elements from many sources, in synthony with the more authentic Progressive Rock spirit. The compositions are very well done, which features an amazing instrumental and orchestral arrangements add even more elements to the songs, there is a dynamic interaction between all instruments, sometimes highly progressive, symphonic and melodic, sometimes harder and very powerfull, however without aggressiveness, all mixed to create an epic and  emotional atmosphere. If you like "Jethro Tull", "Rush", "Yes", "Dream Theater", "Believe", "Genesis", "Curved Air" you will love Edensong. "The Fruit Fallen" is a powerful album and Edensong is a welcome addition in the world of Progressive Rock music, and I hope there are many more to come. Brilliant, amazing, perfect and a fantastic work, highly recommendable for all progressive rock fans around the world...

Edensong is the music of:
James Byron Schoen - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
Played by:
Matt Cozin - Drums and Percussion
TD Towers - Bass Gutiar
Michael Drucker - Violin
Eve Harrison - Flute 
Rachel Kiel - Flute
Arthur Sugden - Piano and Organ
Additional Contributors to "The Fruit Fallen":
Ben Wigler - Bass
Kerry Prep - Piano and Organ
Sam Baltimore - Cello
Joe Swain - Violin
Anthony Waldman - Drums and Percussion
Ben Doleac - Background Vocals
Azalea Birch - Tablas
Hannah Goodwin- Brown - Cello
Joaquin Cotler - African drums
Neely Bruce - Church Organ
Steve Devita - Percussion
Adam Bernier - Synth Programming


Edensong was formed by James Byron Schoen in 2002 at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. In its relatively short history, Edensong has gone through multiple lineup changes. Amid shifting personnel, it is James Schoen’s music that forms the core of the Edensong sound. 

After James’ first group, his high school progressive-metal outfit "Echoes of Eden" (whose CD "Beneath The Tide" can still be found online by the adept Googler), disbanded in 2000, James spent the following years writing new material and honing his performance with a solo acoustic act. While he enjoyed the intimacy and flexibility of the solo show, he missed the arrangement possibilities and energy of a full rock band performance.

By The Fall of 2002, after a few failed attempts at reviving "Echoes of Eden", James had a brand new performance concept. With funding from Wesleyan, he mounted “Beyond Eden - A Surrealistic Pseudo Rock-Opera“. The show, which was performed inside a historic Frat-house covered in Astroturf, featured elements of film, theater and dance to augment James’ music: re-workings of material from the "Echoes of Eden" days, his solo set and some entirely new songs written for the new lineup, which expanded to include a full-time flautist and violinist, an African Drumming ensemble, and a small choir. This melding of traditional rock instrumentation with elements of classical and world music traditions became the framework of James Schoen’s musical vision, and thus the band known as Edensong was formed. 

After the final performance of “Beyond Eden,” which managed to get the band some positive local recognition, Edensong continued to play shows, though without the Astroturf and dry ice, over the next few years and began working on "The Fruit Fallen" in the summer of ‘04. 

After Graduating from Wesleyan in 2005, James was able to devote more time to the band, and Edensong began to expand its fan base, playing shows and festivals throughout the New York area. However, as Edensong began to perform more frequently, there was less time to devote to the production of "The Fruit Fallen". This changed in the Spring of ‘06 when tensions over tour negotiations and extensive travel came to a head, leading to the cancellation of a planned Spring tour with fellow NY-based Progressive Rock band "Astronaut Down", and the dissolution of the whole Edensong roster. James took this period of uncertainty to focus his energy again toward the completion of "The Fruit Fallen". "The Fruit Fallen" was finally completed in October 2007, after being mastered in Orlando, Florida by legendary engineer Bob Katz. 

"The Fruit Fallen" was released independently in the Summer of 2008. It is currently available on CD, featuring special deluxe packaging and album art (available from CDBaby.com), and will soon be available for download from a number of online retailers. James is currently negotiating wider distribution and promotion, assembling the next generation of the Edensong lineup, and composing new music for the next release. The future of Edensong is an open book, so please keep checking Edensong web site for updates. Once a new lineup is firmly established, James hopes to return to the studio and begin to perform regularly yet again.

New Release

"The Fruit Fallen"

01) Water Run
02) The Baptism
03) Reflection
04) The Prayer
05) Nocturne
06) The Sixth Day
07) One Breath
......To Breathe
08) The Reunion

All lyrics, music, arrangements, recorded and mixed by James Byron Schoen,  6/04 - 10/07 at JBS Recording, White Plains, NY.

IIf you have any other questions and comments, or would you like to get in contact with the band, please send a e-Mail to Edenson.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit EDENSONG HOME PAGEN
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