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Gustavo Santhiago is a new glamorous discovery, that comes from Brazil. Coming from the city of Piracicaba, São Paulo, this talented young musician called Gustavo Santhiago, that, with 17-year-old, already now can be compared with many of the "Stars" and many professional progressive rock musicians from all around the world and all time. Gustavo Santhiago has their own sound and their music reflects the musician's feeling and his emotions, despite his 17 years, he knows  how to play a well balanced and exciting music, with  excellent arrangements, exploring all the resources from keyboards such as all others instruments also. In all musical passages, the keyboards solos are constant, everything flows around a incredible symphonic harmony and in my opinion, as a new generation, he is already an important brazilian musician at the present  time. His musical conception is highly sensitive, full of varied styles, Symphonic, Progressive and Melodic, everything well mixed with atmospheric arrangements, a number of styles very well known from all of us, a mix of the Symphonic Progressive Rock, with a fine hint of Neo-Prog, adding soft jazz fusion and folk elements. Around the  musical designing from the musician, two instruments constantly dominate the arrangements, at first, the keyboard sections are extremely well done, and conveys a wonderful symphonic atmosphere, while together, lush guitar's solos, with stunning passages, complementing with nice bass guitars and perfect drums. "Ánimam" contains five tracks, almost 48 minutes of a pure musical emotion, no doubt, all tracks have an excellent musical performance, despite being an european musician and  band, of course here are my favorite songs from this incredible album: Ánimam (Part 1) open the album,  this song shows a exceptional musical performance in the same vein of bands like "Yes", "Genesis", "Camel", "PFM", "Marillion" and others on the same line, following my preferred selection, we still have: "Tiro No Escuro" ("Shot In The Dark") this track is very beautiful, very symphonic and melodic, including nice and amazing keyboards and piano solos. Following, I like a lot from the songs "Ilusões" ("Illusions"), this song is the apice from the album, almost fourteen minutes of a pure musical delight. The last but one track on the album is called as "Arcadia", a melodic and symphonic ballad, full of piano, keyboards, flutes, amazing drum's sounds and incredible guitar solos. Closing with "Ánimam (Part 2)", of course this track is the masterpiece of the album, without a doubt it is one of the wonders that make up this wonderful work. Gustavo Santhiago's music and "Ánimam", runs totally around a melodic masterpiece, while many arrangements are asymphonic, in others, are very atmospherics. Do not think twice to listen to this wonderful album and know more about this young musician, you can bet that you will not regret. Now,  certainly we can include Gustavo Santhiago in this select and precious group of new Brazilian Musicians and bands. The musicians, it's apparent that this young guys are not afraid to experiment new musical ways, and in this case, you can believe, the formula works fully in all compositions. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Gustavo Santhiago album are:
Gustavo Santhiago - Keyboards, Sampler, Bass, Recorder And Flute
Ricardo Santhiago - Lap Steel, Electric Sitar, Acoustic And Electric Guitars
Felipe Salvego - Acoustic And Electric Guitars
Ilan Milner - Bass
Giovanni Lenti - Drums
Gabriel Costa - Drums


What to say about this young musician and composer who, from an early age, denotes a unique artistic concern and already domains such compositional tools comparable to that of much more experienced artists?

Gustavo Santhiago is a handful composer. At 17 he launches "Ánimam", his first independent and original work. He combines the functions of producer, arranger, composer and musician (keyboards, flute and bass) with great simplicity and mastery, as someone hardened in the metier of shaping solid but ethereal soundscapes, carving, with his notes, beautiful and timeless figures.

In this album, his style follows the legacy of the progressive rock movement of the 70's (for reference we mention -among others - Yes, PFM, Genesis, Camel), tempered by constant hearing of ethnic music (mostly celtic and indian music) and contemporary jazz (Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Egberto Gismonti and several other artists), consolidating a style that already denotes striking personality traits.

Stratus Luna is a brazilian band formed by drummer Giovanni Lenti, guitarrist Ricardo Santhiago and keyboardist Gustavo Santhiago. Inspired by the 70`s progressive movement with strong jazz and ethnic music influences, the group, despite its very young musicians, faces the style`s complexity with ease and tries to reinvent, in the new millenium, the old progressive wonders. Check both own tracks and covers on YouTube.

Gustavo acts as keyboardist in the group Stratus Luna, a trio of young musicians (with atypical formation: keyboards, guitars and drums) born from an early fascination for music and member's family ties.

His soloist path opposes to the collective heart of Stratus Luna, where the compositions and arrangements are the result of joint construction, and sometimes the internal dialectic of the participants. In these circumstances, the choice of an introspective path seems a proper direction. One way to preserve intact his own essence. The other group members (Ricardo Santhiago - brother guitarist, and Giovanni Lenti - cousin drummer) also contribute with bright interventions in Gustavo's solo work.

Giuseppe Lenti

 "Ánimam" is an instrumental album written by brazilian musician/composer Gustavo Santhiago.

The title connects itself to the origin of life. The Latin word anima means soul, life, but mostly blow. Inflected in animam, it gives the impression that the subject of the intrinsic action, who breathes life is the supreme being.

The sound is powerful and has all the elements that a progressive rock work should have. Beautiful melodies with medieval, celtic and contemporary reminiscences are amalgamated with consistency plots sometimes complex, topped by superb solos using a wide range of moog tones, organ and flute (there is also room, on the theme "Ilusões", for a "grand finale" guitar, beautifully performed by Ricardo Santhiago). Most sounds have a vintage appeal, but the end result is a timeless masterpiece.

Dynamic changes and, sometimes, tempo changes, always critical points in this genre compositions, are viewed with complete ease and integrated seamlessly in the design conceived by the author. The sound is also often descriptive and seems to have been conceived as a soundtrack for some imaginary film.

Giuseppe Lent
New Release


01) Ánimam (Part 1)
02) Tiro No Escuro
03) Ilusões
04) Arcadia
05) Ánimam (Part 2)

All songs written, produced and mixed by Gustavo Santhiago. Sound engeneering and mastering by Renato Napty. Cover, photos and design by Eduardo Passini. Recorded in July/August, 2015, at Studio Soulmix, and in August/ September/ October, 2015 at private homestudio, in Piracicaba, Brasil. All music under Copyright 2015 Gustavo Santhiago. Released in 26th May 2016, written by brazillian composer Gustavo Santhiago.

Also you can visit Gustavo Santhiago at:

Gustavo Santhiago - Ánimam (Parte 2)

Gustavo Santhiago - Ilusões

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit GUSTAVO SANTHIAGO HOME PAGEN
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