. AUGUST 2017
After listen and listen, this month, over many different Prog Rock bands and their respective albums, it was hard choose one to become the band of the august month from this year. However, among some of the chosen, one of them caught my attention, which marked me a lot with their new magnificent musical work, one more of our "pearls" of  Brazilian progressive rock. I have the pleasure of presenting to all Progressive Rock's Fans, a group formed by Brazilian veterans musicians titled such as, Kaoll, and their most recent album "Sob Os Olhos De Eva" (Under Eva's Eyes). Kaoll was formed in 2008, São Paulo, Brazil by guitarist Bruno Moscatiello, who leads the group to until today, and along with him, five  experienced musicians, who in this set highlight the talent and musicianship of each musician, where together they form an incredible band. Kaoll and the musicians on the band encompasse many styles such as the Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Melodic Rock, Jazz Fusion, Art Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental and naturally, adding an amount of brazilian musical elements, constantly demonstrating a variety of arrangements, that sounds in different tones, at the same time that artfully come together in a set of instrumental compositions without a complexity in the arrangements, but using an intellectual musical level out of the common,  with a high degree of maturity, demonstrating extensive musical experience. In almost 10 years of its career, the Kaoll group has already released four albums, the first one is called "Kaoll 04", it was released in 2008, recorded and produced by Bruno Moscatiello, "Kaoll 04" is considered as a solo album by Bruno, that marks the beginning of the band's history. The second is titled as Kaoll & Lanny Gordin, released in 2010. After four years, in 2014, Kaoll return with their third work called "Odd", where all these works received positive reviews. After the release of Odd, Kaoll set out for their first tour with the release of the album in Germany and Italy during the month of June 2014. After three years from last album, Kaoll come back with a new work, release in 2017, called "Sob Os Olhos De Eva". An album totaly based on the eponymous debut book by Renato Shimmi. "Sob Os Olhos De Eva"is an extremely conceptual album, may be consider like a "Soundtrack For A Book". The book approaches important issues about how real revolutions propose transgressive acts, changes and advances to the plural. There is no revolution if the proposal is a new dressing to conservatism and religious fanaticism. There is no revolution with the mere resumption of power by the reactionary sectors. These and other themes gained, with melodic construction, an emotional format that made philosophy more accessible to the reader. "I think that was the big challenge: to get out of such a rational approach and to find, on the soundtrack, a less dense reading and much easier to understand," says the author Renato Shimmi. On their fourth album, the musical repertoire shows a union of different musical styles, based on a sonority of of the 70's, in the line of progressive rock, classic rock, jazz fusion, classical and folk music, still with nuances of Brazilian rhythms. However, the Afro-Latin rhythm was one of the main source that further illustrated the work. All the compositions are very well arranged, according to the book's theme, and in the right measure, without instrumental exaggerations, flutes, guitars, bass and drums with percussion, everything well elaborated, where all instruments show a different personality and fit perfectly around this musical journey. "Sob Os Olhos De Eva", musically, the group extends all boundaries of music, with influences and universal musical genres, which bring diverse environments to illustrate emotionally the set of philosophical essays presented in the book. Read the book and listen to the album, you will be taken to another atmosphere. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Kaoll album are:
Bruno Moscatiello - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Yuri Garfunkel - Cross Flute, Brazilian 10 Strings Guitar
Rodrigo Reatto - Drums
Gabriel Catanzaro - Bass
Gabriel Costa - Bass
Fabio Leandro - Piano, Keyboards
Janja Gomes - Percussion


Kaoll is a Jazz Rock instrumental band from São Paulo, Brazil, created by guitarist Bruno Moscatiello in 2008.

The band believes in the massive spread of good instrumental music to all audiences, young and old, and it reaches back deep into psychedelic, progressive and jam bands music from the 60s and 70s, their main influence and inspiration, also continuously experimenting with different and exotic line-ups throughout their career.

During the first few years the group developed "Kaoll & Lanny Gordin", a partnership featuring the legendary Tropicalista guitarist during the promotion of both their debut title Kaoll 04 (2008), as well as for the recording and touring of Kaolls second release, "Auto-Hipnose" (2010), which also featured the virtuoso jazz guitarist Michel Leme.

In 2012, Kaoll took the challenge to present his reading on the discography of one of his greatest influences, the British group Pink Floyd, who received a new look through arrangements replete with elements of jazz and Brazilian music, without abandoning progressive and psychedelic vein. Among the various presentations throughout Brazil, some counted on the special participation of the singer Camila Kerr.

In 2014 Kaoll released its third album, "Odd", and this recording is highlighted by guest star Billy Cox, known from the bands of Jimi Hendrix, crowned by a stellar Brazilian guest line-up featuring percussionist João Parahyba (Trio Mocotó), Paulo Garfunkel on the bass clarinet and clarinet, Ricardo Vignini (Moda de Rock, Matuto Moderno) playing his Brazilian guitar, Gabriel Costa (Violeta de Outono) and Ney Haddad (Mobilis Stabilis) on the bass, and Fábio Ribeiro (Angra) on keyboards.

The year 2016 was special for the group that was invited to perform in the project "Instrumental Sesc Brasil" held in march at Sesc Consolação, presenting tracks from the albums "Odd" and "Auto-Hipnose" in the sextet format and also resulting in the recording of the program Passage of Sound that brings the history of the band since 2008.

In 2017 the band performs its new work titled "Sob Os Olhos De Eva" conceived in the format of conceptual soundtrack for the homonymous book of the writer Renato Shimmi. Musically the group extends the boundaries of jazz-rock with universal musical influences bringing diverse ambiences to emotionally illustrate the set of philosophical essays presented in the book.

New Release

"Sob Os Olhos De Eva"

01) Sobe Os Olhos
......De Eva
......1.1 - Gênese
......1.2 - Eva e a Serpente
......1.3 - Expulsão Do
02) O Exilio Da Serpente
......2.1 - Lágrima e
......2.2 - Ascensão
......2.3 - Exilio Nas
03) Kopernik
04) Julgamento E Morte
......De Giordano Bruno
05) A Rua Contra Os Reis
06) Dharma Em Chamas
......6.1 - Ecdise
......6.2 - A Roda Dos

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Kaoll - Sob os Olhos de Eva (2017)

Kaoll - Odd (2014)

Kaoll & Lanny Gordin - Auto-Hipnose (2010)

Kaoll - Rua da Cultura

Kaoll interpreta Pink Floyd: Money + Time

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