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. AUGUST 2006
Magenta really are a fantastic Melodic and Symphonic Progressive Rock masterpiece, that will draw the listener through a hypnotic sonic voyage of numerous musical emotions. The band has a really enjoyable Progressive sound, wrapped in beautifully constructed instrumental explorations. The music is centered around beautiful guitar long solos, with monumental keyboard arrangements. The brilliant and lead vocal talents of Christina, enhances an emotional atmosphere around the songs, giving the music a very special universe, full of rick, sensual and sweet tones. Much of the "Home" is melodic than the previous album, with more slow symphonic ballads, but yet very sophisticated, including cinematic epic compositions. Hard to say which is my favourite track, just listen "Hurt", "Moving On", "My Home Town", "Brave New Land", "Demons", "Joe", "The Visionary",  "Journey’s End", "Home" and enjoy a delightful audio experience. If you want some references, comparisons can be made with bands like "Karnataka", "Glass Hammer", "Turquoise", "Mostly Autumn", and "Iona", but in some parts, their music is heavily influenced by such bands as: "Genesis", "Yes" and "Pink Floyd". Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album, highly recommendable...

The Line up and Guests on the Band are:
Rob Reed - Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocals, Recorder, Tambourine, Grand Piano, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
Christina Maria Booth - Lead Vocals
Chris Fry - Lead Guitar
Martin Rosser - Lead Guitar
Dan Fry - Bass
Allan Mason-Jones - Drums

Tim Robinson - Drums
Martin Shellard - Guitar
Lee Goodall - Tenor Saxophone
Hywel Maggs - Guitar
Christian Philips - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Troy Donockley - Uilleann Pipes, Whistles
Mal Pope - Backing Vocals
Lorrain King - Backing Vocals

When Rob Reed released “Revolutions” in 2001 under the banner “Magenta” little did he realise that he had started something that would take on a life of its own….

“Revolutions” was originally created as a studio-only project.  Built around four long pieces of music, with lyrics based on the concept of Faith by his brother Steve, Rob played most of the instruments himself, with guest appearances from Andy Edwards, Martin Shellard and Chris Fry on lead guitar, later to become a permanent band member. The masterstroke was bringing in Christina on lead vocals, who had previously played with Rob in the band Trippa, as well as appearing on several recordings by Robs’ Progressive Rock project Cyan.  The album, which took its musical inspiration from many of Robs heroes such as Yes, Genesis and Marillion, was released to wide acclaim.

This gave Rob a problem.  The success of  “Revolutions” led to public demand for live shows, something that Rob had not envisaged.  However, gathering a live band around himself and Christina, he soon realised that with some deft arranging, the album could be played in concert with considerable success.

This they proved in their first live shows, including the prestigious Mexican festival Baja Prog in 2003, where they were the only UK band to be invited that year.  The Band followed this up by playing throughout the UK and Europe in 2003, including an appearance at the Progeny festival at the Astoria in London later that year, alongside Pallas, IQ and Mostly Autumn.

In March 2004, the band released their second album “Seven”, a single CD this time, with lyrics again by Steve Reed, giving an unusual slant on the seven deadly sins. Once again, the album was an instant success, winning the “Best Album” award from Poland’s “Metal Hammer” magazine. “Gluttony” had already become a live favourite, and several other pieces from the album joined the live set, including the infectious “Pride”. The band also released its first single, “Broken”, featuring the complete live band and lyrics by Christina.  More prestigious concerts followed, including a first headlining appearance at the Classic Rock Society in Rotherham, UK.

The end of 2004 saw the momentum continuing to build, with the release of a double live album “Another Time, Another Place” – winner of best live album by the Hungarian Progressive Rock Society - and another single “I’m Alive”, which quickly became another concert favourite.

As well as playing with IQ at the Classic Rock Society Awards at the end of the year, Christina won best vocalist and the band best live gig at the ceremony itself. Press interest in the band continued to increase with several items in Classic Rock magazine during the year, and the band made another appearance at Progeny, this time with Fish and Carl Palmer.

2005 was another great year for the band. The recording of the bands first live DVD quickly followed a headline appearance at the Rosfest festival in Philadelphia, USA.  At both concerts, the band premiered songs from the forthcoming album “Home” and more live concerts followed throughout the year, with the band playing “Seven” in its entirety in London and Rotherham in October, as well as further tracks from “Home”. 

The bands reputation continued to increase as an entertaining, dynamic live act, with fans travelling to UK gigs from as far away as Italy, Russia, Hungary, Peru, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

The year finished with the triumphant release of the DVD and the prize for Best Band at the Classic Rock Society end of year awards ceremony. With the long awaited third studio album “Home” due for release in 2006, the future looks bright indeed for Magenta - the colour of Progressive Rock.

.New Release


01) This Life (2.30)
02) Hurt (5.35)
03) Moving On (6.02)
04) My Home Town
......(Far Away) (3.56)
05) Brave New
......Land (1.02)
06) The Journey (6.21)
07) Towers of
......Hope (2.10)
08) Demons (5.16)
09) Morning
......Sunlight (2.43)
10) Joe (11.14)
11) A Dream (1.11)
12) The Visionary (6.00)
13) Journey’s
..... End (7.41)
14) The Travellers
......Lament (1.15)
15) Home (4.13)

Music written by Rob Reed. Lyrics by Steve Reed. Produced, engineered and mixed by Rob Reed. Recorded at Big Studios, South Wales. Danny Chang Studios, Penarth. Tim Lewis Studios, Pontypridd. October 2004 - March 2006.

"New York Suite"

Released June 2006, initially as part of the "Home" special edition. Music - Rob Reed, Lyrics - Steve Reed. Personnel as "Home". Produced, recorded and engineered by Rob Reed.

01) Arrival (10.58)
02) Home From Home
03) White Lies (10.56)
04) Truth (8.44
05) This Life (Reprise)

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please visit Magenta's friend via their Myspace site, or e-mail the band directly to: talk@magenta-web.com

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit MAGENTA HOME PAGEN
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