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. AUGUST 2012
Mind is a quartet, originally formed in Memphis, TN, USA, with a lot of musical quality on board. Really I can consider that emerged a new amazing band, although, composed by talented musicians, all highly professional, something like an old band of veterans, who are playing together for a long and long time ago, that suddenly they decide to show the progressive rock community, their way to create a special kind of musical performance. This band combines a multitude of genres like Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz Fusion adding many Symphonic and Psychedelic elements, but, remaining within in a strong realm of a Progressive Rock, found uniquely at the glorious 70's. On the Mind band,  we have a basic lineup, composed by keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, but, with a special attractive that you surely will not find easily in a new progressive rock band. They have a wonderful keyboards structure, where they know how to add a "fullness" to all the arrangements, and a nicely uplifting voice from Michael Greene creating a pleasant harmony, sometimes introspective. Meanwhile, the drums are "Fine Prog/ Hard Rock/ Classic Rock" played with strong conviction. But the main point on the band are the guitars solos where Grekim Jennings shows a really good feel and full of inspiration, all the guitar compositions, presently, are one of my favorite moments on this band, where his musical inspiration launches an explosive energy, generated by excellent performance, from classic 70's type arrangements, but with a modern feel, where are always present in all tracks. "Structure", is formed with some long tracks like "Soldier's Dream", divided into six parts, with 17:46 min, one of my personal favorite track, also the song "God Help Us" with 18 min, also, "Mind's I" with 13:07 min, to me it´s the best song on this album, "Next To Me", "Octaves", "God Help Us" and "Lies" are a short songs, where in the total complement, contribute to the musical quality among all long tracks, however, the song "2026" is not so long, but, it deserved to be composed with more time, in that case, I believe that, it would be considered like an apex of this album. The album, as a whole, is very solid and very progressive, where each member contributing to the music in their own way, every instrument seems to be going a different direction, but always intersecting in many instances, always creating a different atmosphere, crafted with intelligence and passion, adding together all the ingredients necessary for an album to be considered an excellent addition to any Prog collection. Mind and their debut album "Structure" have a intense musical depth, with a focus and an assurance of a new name on the progressive rock music world, I'm sure soon they will make great success around the world, independently or not, in fact, you must sit down and listen and listen, you'll be amazed at the musicianship and arrangement skills of this quartet. Mind came from a lot influences around many famous bands such as "Rush", "Pink Floyd", "Porcupine Tree", "Ozric Tentacles", "Eloy", "Van Der Graaf Generator", "King Crimson", "Yes", "Genesis", "Gentle Giant", "ELP", "The Police", "The Beatles", "The Who", "Led Zeppelin", "Black Sabbath", "Queen", "Mahavishnu Orchestra", "Frank Zappa", "Weather Report", "Return to Forever", "5uu's", "Fromuz" and others in the same configuration. I definitely want to give this album, and to the band, two thumbs up! Brilliant, fantastic and an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Mind album are:
Michael Greene - Keyboards, Vocals, Samples
Kevin Jenkins - Drums, Electric Drums, Percussion
Cal Jackson - Lead Guitar
Matt Karner - Electric and Stand-Up Acoustic Bass

Special Guest
Grekim Jennings - Additional Guitar, Additional Vocals and Studio Engineering/ Mixing/ Production.


Mind began playing in 2008 when keyboardist/singer Michael Greene answered a Craigslist Ad from drummer Kevin Jenkins looking for someone who wanted to play Progressive Rock. An only mildly rewarding circuit of local bar gigs, playing mostly cover tunes, they thought they were the only people in the world left who really loved prog.

After a road-trip from Memphis to Bethlehem to experience NEARfest in 2009, they simultaneously realized that their cover band days were over and that their new mission would be to write the kind of music they wanted to play without regard to the dictates of general audiences.

This newly realized energy allowed them to pick up seasoned musicians Cal Jackson (guitar) and Matt Karner (bass), and in 2011, travel to Connecticut to work with Michaelís long-time friend and collaborator Grekim Jennings to record their first album, ďStructure

Mindís music is a blend of many influences best fitting the "eclectic prog" label, as their first album showcases songs that range from symphonic prog, to space-rock, to heavy prog, to jazz-fusion- indeed the structure of the band itself with Kevin, Grekim, and Michael being rock musicians who grew-up on prog wedded to the styles of Matt and Cal, who are classically trained Jazz musicians, lead to an early description of their music as "progedelic fusion". You can hear elements of all these varied influences, yet even when they traipse into more avant/experimental territories, they maintain a sensibility and listenability that has found them broad appeal.

New Release


01) Soldier's Dream
......i. The Darkness
......ii. The Ascent:
..........Part I
......iii. The Ascent:
..........Part II
......iv. The Warming
......v. The Descent
......vi. The Light
02) Next To Me
03) Octaves
04) God Help Us
05) Lies
06) 2026
07) Mind's I

Mind first album "Structure" was recorded in Abril 2011 at Acoustic Refuge, where it was engineered by Grekim Jennings. Kudos  to this man for taking on this giant project! Mixing and production by Grekim Jennings and Mind. Mastering by Grekim Jennings using a custom coded DSP of Acoustic Refuge Mixer4. Structure" was released on 06/22/2012.

Also you can visit Mind at their Facebook page. For contact the band please send mail to Mind.


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