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. AUGUST 2004
Here is another fantastic surprise from 2004, a new star born that come from the South of the Netherlands. A band with magnetic  talent and powerful young musicians. NoCode demonstrates that the music can be made with feeling and splendid harmony, creating a modern and new style, a progressive music which features a set of genuine elements, enclosed into the musical genres as: Progressive Rock, Avant-Garde, Melodic Metal, Experimental Rock, Progressive Metal. We can hear a continuous experimentation and a musical exploration into the instrumental arrangements, giving the listener some soft and delicate passages, of almost ethereal melodies and, at certain moments a heavy rhythm and very aggressive also. The highlights are around the vocals, melodious, soft, heavy, impressive, complemented by power guitars leads, among the drums in exchange with the basses sounds, creating a different atmosphere and a amazing musical piece into all songs. The music of NoCode traffics around bands such as "Within Temptation", "The Gathering", "Anekdoten" and "King Crinson". I really liked a lot, and I hope to hear more about NoCode in the near future. You must listen them urgently. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

NoCode are:
Johanneke Kranendonk - Vocals 
Dirk Schuit - Drummer
Stijn Warendorff - Bass
Jelle Warendorff -Guitar

NoCode is a Dutch band, originaly founded in the south of the Netherlands. NoCode has a very specific, characteristic sound; combining heavy rock sounds with melodic vocals. Their setlist consists only of songs written by the members themselves. NoCode wants to make intens and beautiful music in the first place. Since the beginning of 2001 NoCode was formed by the following members: Dirk Schuit (drums), Jelle Warendorff (guitar), Johanneke Kranendonk (vocals) and Theo Szarafinski (bass) Johanneke Kranendonk writes all lyrics. All members of the band are very motivated and passionate for playing their music.
In Zeeland NoCode plays on a regular basis and NoCode has build up a reputation for being a contemporary and experimental band. NoCode is especially known for their astonishing live act. In 2002 NoCode entered the finals of the `Zeeuwse Belofte’ (preselections `Grote Prijs’) as the youngest band of the competing bands. In Januari 2003 the band was nominated for best live band by the `Zeeuwse Popprijzen’. NoCode is the first band to be selected for the finals of the `Zeeuwse Belofte 2003’. Another highlight was in October 2002 when NoCode played in the jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht, during the festival `de Opkomst’. They were selected as one of 6 bands out of 60 from all over the Netherlands. In April 2003 NoCode was selected for the finals of Pocketpop, a festival nearby Nijmegen. In 2003 NoCode was again selected for the finals of Zeeuwse Belofte.

Summer 2002 NoCode released their first demo: Idolatry contains the songs: "Drama Queen", "Cloudburst" and "Sade". Januari 2003 NoCode recorded their second demo: Tuella contains the songs: "Vagaries", "For the Maintenance of This Ecstasy", "Intended Solace" and "Collapsing". It was released in April.

The last project NoCode did involved a roadmovie, completely shot by youngsters in Zeeland, which NoCode performed live with on stage. 
Both the film and the music were written and adapted for each other. This project 'Roadmovie on the Road' toured through Zeeland and was a succes.

After two demos ( 'Idolatry' and 'Tuella' ) NoCode released their first full album 'Crimson' mid 2004, which is very well received in the press. Currently NoCode is concentrating on new shows after the recordings, and is planning to expand their horizons, cross the borders and search for new challanges. NoCode believes that music should be honest, and that's all that matters.

.New Release

01) Hunger
02) Hiss
03) Firemen and
......their Hoses
04) Ice Floe
05) Dream Weaver
06) Twirling, Twirling
07) Poisonous Smile
08) Innuendo
09) Sparkle
10) Spawn

Redorded in December 2003, Januari 2004 at LAC-sound studios Kruiningen May 2004.
All music by NoCode
all lyrics by Johanneke Kranendonk. Rens van Goudswaard - lights / visions.
Johanneke (19 years old) will start with a study at the "Conservatorium of Rotterdam" as a vocalist next year, Stijn (17 years old) will attend the 'Rockacademie' in Tilburg, Dirk (19 years old) will begin with a study of Psychology in Maastricht and Jelle (21 years old) studies at the 'Conservatorium of Gent' for producer in jazz and pop music.

To contact e-Mail to:

Postal address:
Johanneke Kranendonk
Banckertstraat 28 
4371 BR Koudekerke
The Netherlands

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit NOCODE HOME PAGEN
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