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. AUGUST 2005
We are reviewing a new discovery in Progressive Hard Rock and It´s very pleasant to hear new features emerging as Towersound, mainly when we find three brothers and young musicians, a new generation that was influenced by famous musicians, adding all the best styles around the Prog music. They blend Classic Music, Progressive Rock, Melodic Metal, Hard-rock, Celtic Music and Heavy Metal, everything sounding very creative and spiritual. Comparisons are hard to make, because they have a pretty and energetic sound and a positive music, with lots of inspired and clean guitars solos, including a fantastic keyboards and solid drums sounds, all the instrumental are so perfect but not very complicated. If you are a fan of the good Melodic Hard Rock, Towersound is a good choice. Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The brothers musicians on the band are:
Jean Christophe Leconte (Jon) - Vocals, Studio microphone Rode: NT2 Synthesiser  Yamaha: PSR9000 Live microphone Shure: Beta 87C HF Effects processor T.C. Electronic: M-ONE XL Dual
LaurentLeconte (Lonn) - Electric guitars ESP: KH-2  Ibanez: RG550 EX  Ibanez: JEM 555 BK Multi-effects pedal Boss: GT-6 Ampli Marshall: JCM 2000 DSL Semi-Acoustic guitar: EPIPHONE: PR5E Artiste Classical guitar Luis Martinez: E3.
Florian Leconte (Flod) - Drums Pearl : BRX Master Studio Platinium with Remo Pinstripe Skins Cymbals ZILDJIAN: Crash  Thin 17" Avedis, Rock 18" Avedis, Rock 19" Z Custom. China 18" ZXT. Hit-Hat 14" Z Custom. Ride 20" ZBT+ Toms  Alto 10", Medium 12" et 13", Bass 16". Kick  22", Twin Pedals  Pearl : P100 TW. Snare 14.6/2. 9 Micros Sennheiser: Evolution Shure.

They are a melodic metal band really motivated, 3 artists giving their best! They recorded their 1st (11 titles) home studio album during summer 2004. They play on some stages since June 2005 and they prepare
some great shows for the months to come.

Here is a brief history about the band. Jean-Christophe and Laurent take part in the constest "Les Talents d'Or", at Saint-Flour (Cantal, France) following the sending of a two titles demo recorded with a few equipment.

The 3 autodidact brothers (Jean Christophe: lyrics/song writer and vocalist), (Laurent: guitarist) and (Flo: drummer) form a band they name Towersound (name inspired by the old tower attached to their house where they play and work), and opt for  the progressive rock music genre at the beginning. But through years their music style evolves and is now considered as melodic power/heavy metal.

Thanks to their passion and the work they did the prior year, their knowlege in audio, computer systems and record technics are enough sufficient to allow them to record a first home made project (5 songs). Simultaneously Jon continues to work on new songs, musing about a more important project. 2002 is also the year of their very first interview
and radio air play on Radio Tilt ("Region Centre", France). 

In 2003 at the home made record of a first "demo album" (10 tracks). Jean-Christophe decides to subscribe to the SACEM organism to protect his songs/lyrics. Laurent puts the band websites online and start to take care of them daily (http://www.towersound.net for francophone people and http://english.towersound.net for anglophone people). They play their first lives: "le Printemps de Bourges" ("The big open stage" and "Région Centre stage"), le "Rallye Cœur de France", some music feasts and some regional stages…

The association "Towersound Evolution" is created to support and help the band. Second Air play and interview on Radio Arverne ("Le Puy De Dôme", France).

In that time they finished all the composition and recorded of their first album "Towersound" (11 tracks). Signature with the french metal label "Brennus Music". In the mean time they also work hard on the new version of their website (create a lot of graphics for its design, add a lot of files and make several updates).

In 2005 the active search of stages and promotion ways especially on the internet. A lot of subscriptions to indie websites, contests, music directories and search engines. A lot of contacts with webzines, webradios, fanzines, show organisers and radio animators. The album is officially released on Friday 13th May under the Brennus label.

.New Release


01) Prelude To The
......Tale Of...
02) Towersound
03) Devils Of The Night
04) Shine Over Me
05) Hell's On The
06) Bring Your Life
......To Light
07) My Wild Rose
08) It's A Good Day
......To Die
09) Final March,
......Last War
10) Enchanted Alloy
11) Doomed At Dawn

Album recorded, mastering, cover design and all works by Towersound, made at home. The album cover and the album booklet containing 16 full color  pages. Only the registered members are allowed to access it via the forum "Downloads" rubric (Register).

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to Towersound.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit TOWERSOUND HOME PAGEN
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