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As in the first time when I heard Aether it was as to come back to years 70', their music is very progressive in all parts and sometimes very symphonic too, the influences are somewhere in the middle between "Camel", "Genesis" and "Yes", but since the first work the band created a special musical signature in their production only found in Progressive Rock music of the 70's. One of the most important points are the instruments, where the total base is on the keyboards and the guitars, and the musicians don't hesitate to adventure themselves into long instrumental jams. Fans from "Fire Ballet" (one the most important Canadian Progressive Rock Bands)  will find tremendous delight in the track "A Night On Bald Mountain" where the band created a modern conception to the song. For those who appreciate creativity Aether is the best way.

Aether are today:
Alberto Curi - Keyboards, Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals
Vinícius Brazil - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards
& Synth Guitars Controllers
Fernando Carvalho - 4 & 5 Strings Basses
Mario Leme - Drums & Percussions

The history of ÆTHER has begun in 1974, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when  former members of a few no longer existing bands, friends Alberto Curi, Vinícius Brazil and Fernando Cavalho gather together to form a rock band called “Magenta”. That formation has another friend in it: Wilman Jorge, on drums.
In 1977, with Wilman’s leave, the band is renamed to “Rockambole”. On the period, the group already shows influences of progressive rock. In 1983, with the inclusion of keyboards, played by Curi, and sinth-guitars, played by Vinícius, the band is completely turned over into prog-rock and once more has it’s name changed, now to “Albatroz” (Albatross). The first studio recordings take place. With the songs “Luz Esperança”
(Light Hope) and Renascer (Rebirth), the band makes an expressive breakthrough on the major local rock FM radio station (Rádio Fluminense - the same vehicle where bands such as “Bacamarte” have first been exposed), where the second tittle has remained frequent in the programmation for more than six months.
Even with the deffection of bass player Fernando, in 1985, the band remains active until 93 with Curi, Vinícius and another bass player friend, Carlos Cesar. Around then, the name “Albatroz” was dropped, due to its usage by other acts. In 1995, once again together, Curi, Vinícius and Fernando form ÆTHER. The name ÆTHER comes from the Greek language and represents "the real quintessence of all possible energy. It is the universal agent responsible for each and every manifestation of energy on the material, psychic and spiritual worlds. One of its properties is Sound (the Word, or “Verb”)"*. The band’s conceptual context is defined within these parameters.
With the facilities given by Vinícius Brazil’s SoftMusic studio - a totally digital platform founded in 1988 -, the creativity and the possibility of experimentations with orchestral elements make the band start to make a “trip” into the conception of their first work, all without the limitations in time and budget most bands are often faced with. The symphonic progressive format is then affirmed, bringing life to “VISIONS”, their first CD, with participations of drummer Brandon Ramos and some invited musicians - like Glauco Fernandes, on violins, and Eduardo Campos, on piano and some keyboards. This work, conceptual in its essence, has been composed around musical "visions" of images, events, moments and situations.
In1999, due to the leave of Brandon Ramos, led by professional and academic reasons, ÆTHER is joined by former "Bacamarte" drummer Mario Leme (at the time still with "Kaizen", which he would leave in 2001), through recommendation of Glauco Fernandes, with whom he had played extensively. After live shows with the current lineup that included the opening of 1999 Rio Art Rock Festival, the band started to work in the conception of their newest CD, "Inner Voyages Between Our Shadows", a work that would eventually count with yet another participation by Glauco Fernandes, now playing a whole set of string instruments as well as solos. This second CD has just been released, this past November. During these last 20 years, many other musicians other than Vinícius, Curi and Fernando have been with the band - all of them, first of all, friends. Their feelings, personalities and dreams are engraved in this essence called ÆTHER.
.New Release

Inner Voyages
Between Our 

1 - Prayer For A New
2 - The Gate - An
.....Instrumental Tale
.....By Aether
3 - Forgiveness
4 - Scenes Of
5 - Babel Tower
6 - A Night On Bald

Produced by Aether, record during 2001/02
at Softmusic Studios,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Enginered and 
mastered by
Vinícius Brazil
at Softmusic Studios.

Artworks and
ÆTHER pictures
by Bernard

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