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I don´t know, if today, it´s possible consider Poland a country with no tradition in Progressive Rock. Over the last decade a lot of new interesting bands coming from this country,  After is one of these bands that emerged recently, to become one of the best modern Progressive Rock bands of the new millennium. After hearing their debut album titled as "Endless Lunatic" I had no doubt that, in a few times, they could be appreciated by all fans of pure and modern progressive rock music. The music of After is a combination of diverse styles such as Melodic Metal, Symphonic Progressive Rock, Art Rock and Progressive Metal. Their music is sensitve and melodic, full of instrumental symphonism, where extraordinary synthesizer parts fuse with aggressive drums and, refined electric guitar solos are dominant in all compositions, layered within strong songwriting. Now the band is back with the second album "Hide Out", I suggest listening to some songs as "Hillside Of Dreams", "Fingers", "Waiting For", "Hide Out", "Healing Our Sorrows", "Reflecting Me", "Looking For Each" and "The End" certainly you will not be disappointed. If you enjoy a modern progressive in the classic style of "Reverside", "Believe", "Frost", "Porcupine Tree", "Paatos", "Blind Ego" "RPWL", "Beardfish" and "Osada Vida", I strongly recommend listen After. Brilliant, fantastic, and amazing work, highly recommendable...

The present line-up of the After band are:
Krzysiek Drogowski - Vocals
Czarek Bregier -
Wojtek Tyminski - Guitars 
Mariusz Ziólkowski - Bass
Radek Wieckowski - Drums
Tomek Wisniewski - Key Instruments


After... came into existence in June 2002 as a continuation of "Awake" group. Sylwia Wojciechowska took charge of vocalist, from "Apogeum" band joined Mariusz Ziolkowski, drum player became Radek Wieckowski, who has played in few local bands before. Soon Tomek Wisniewski supported the band.

In new personnel, full of zest enthusiasm they started common rehearses. The band soon started producing material, which was thought to account for their debut album. One year later, in September 2002 After... started recording at Sland Studio and at the City's Theatre in Inowroclaw.

Choosing Zbyszek Florek as a sound engeenier was a perfect decision. From the first hours of common work there was an excellent atmosphere what brought many interesting, not only musical, ideas.

Unfortunately due to Zbyszek Florek's and the band member's duty recording was stopped and delayed. Meanwhile "Quidam" revived with Mariusz Ziolkowski on bass. After... debut album was slowly creating.
12th September band was invited to play in Poznan the concert with "Sylvan" and "Riverside". It was a special evening. That day it became to be clear that Oskar will be a publisher of After...'s music debut.

In September 2005 After... parted from Sylwia Wojciechowska. New grup vocalist became Krzysiek Drogowski. Soon to common records was invited "Colin Bass" (Camel), "Josef Skrzek" (SBB) and "Jacek Zasada" (Quidam).

5th November 2005 After... played in Holland on Prog Farm Festival with "Flamborough Head" as a one of few bands performing that day. In November group presented debut album entitled "Endless Lunatic".

The band presented their music during few important events. 1st October After... played a gig as a support before "Fish" on the occasion of "Return to Childhood Tour". Later, 10th November the group participated in "ArtRock Festival" in Poznan, Poland. They appeared on stage together with "Sylvan" and "Believe". 

In April the band is going to play few concerts in Germany, Holand and Belgium. In that time After... works on the material for a new album.

In November After... started recording their second album entitled 'Hideout". It was released in June 2008 by Oskar label. In April 2008 group had a tour together with "Galahad" and played on III Art-Rock festival beside "Galahad", "Antimatter" and "Mangrove".

In June 2008 during German Art-Rock Festival in Reichenbach After... appeared on stage with "Pallas", "Spock's Beard", "Mostly Autumn" and "Blind Ego". In July 2008 "Hideout" was the best selling album in the biggest, independent German music distributor - Just For Kicks.

New Release

"Hide Out"

01) Hillside Of Dreams 
02) Fingers 
03) Senses Confuse
04) Waiting For 
05) Hide Out 
06) Healing Our Sorrows
07) Fly On 
08) Reflecting Me 
09) Looking For Each
10) The End

More information about the band, new album as well as upcoming concerts, or just contact the musicians please send a mail to After.

Also you can visit the band at Myspace.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit AFTER HOME PAGEN
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