Blind Ego is a glamorous project by RPWL guitarrist Kalle Wallner, that come from German. The first goal from Kalle Wallner was the cast of musicians assembled to play together him, Paul Wrightson (ex Arena, replacing John Mitchell who sang on the "Mirror" album), John Jowitt (ex IQ and also Arena), Michael Schwager (ex Dreamscape),  and Yogi Lang (another RPWL band member), also, including guest appearances by Sebastian Harnack (Sylvan) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura, Mix Hell). However, because of  many personal changes the band was for years an ever-changing organism. After listen their first album “Mirror“, I was very impressed with this musician and band's sound and the albums, despite the group was formed in the 21st century, in 2007, the musicians on this project not follow many influences from the masters of 70's, however, Blind Ego's references follows in the same direction of the best Progressive Rock from glorious age from years 70's. Meanwhile, Kalle Wallner's music is tightly more focused on the years 80, 90 and mainly 2000, with many references around modern musical style, Kalle Wallner and their musicians have a strong influence in various directions, with startling ability to introduce a variety of musical elements into their compositions, combining different components from many styles such as Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Hard  Rock, Crossover Prog, Heavy Rock and Neo-Prog, complementing all the musical arrangements with a high symphonic level from a musical structure, concluding, Blind Ego show us a impressive  modern progressive rock music, vibrant and powerful. Blind Ego has their own sound and their music reflects the musician's feelings and their emotions. They know  how to play a well balanced and exciting and a vibrant music, with excellent arrangements, exploring all the resources from all the instruments. In all musical passages, the guitar solos are constant, the bass and drums drives the rhythm in a pulsating accordance, complementing with a strong, powerfull and vibrant vocals by Scott Balaban, his voice reflects an extreme harmony, strong tones but not aggressive, in a perfect direction around all the arrangements, giving a strong musical feeling into the compositions. "Liquid Live" is his new album release in november 2017 by Gentle Art Of Music. Recorded live at Lorey, it contains ten tracks, almost 74 minutes of  recordings in a vibrant performance live, this album show of a pure musical emotion, no doubt, all tracks have an excellent musical performance, amazing dominant guitar's solos, powerfull vocals and a thrilling instrumental line. Blind Ego's music and "Liquid Live", runs totally around a vibrant masterpiece, while some arrangements are fast, in others, are very atmospherics. Do not think twice to listen to this wonderful album and know more about this amazing band, you can bet that you will not regret. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Blind Ego album are:
Kalle Wallner - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Scott Balaban - Vocals
Julian Kellner - Guitars
Sebastian Harnack - Bass
Michael Christoph - Drums

Special guest:
Arno Menses - Vocals On "Blackened" (Hamburg)


Kalle Wallner’s solo project returns with a new album entitled Liquid and displays a more versatile performance than ever. Seven years have run down the road since Liquid’s predecessor Numb, and guess what the exceptionally gifted guitarist of RPWL chose to do? He throws himself into the high waters of rock music! Powerfully the songs fall over the listeners’ heads, relentlessly they swirl the audience around – just to culminate in carrying them gently on a wave of fascination.

Liquid – that is the term that Kalle Wallner has chosen to put on his latest work as a name. And there is hardly a different take that is better suited to describe the different flows and streams that push these nine songs forward. One can feel the unforgiving force of mighty waves while, only moments later, the melodic intensity of the music evokes that comforting feeling that we have all felt before when floating in the delicate surf: hovering, elegant yet exciting and, yes, stirring.

Everybody knows: “Water is life”, and yet the rapid power of destruction is inherent in the wet element. That also makes a good analogy for the schizophrenic nature of Kalle Wallner’s new record. At times Liquid appears to be pitch black, aggressive and heavy, while in different moments the music exudes a sense of crystal clearness and cleansing freshness. Starting with the first second, Liquid pulses elegantly and radiates the powerful intensity of the purest form of life. At the same time, though, the record allows the listeners to feel the violent anger of the artist.

On Liquid, more than ever, Kalle Wallner steers towards a definitive goal in a most determined manner, without allowing conventionality to use up too much space. Just like the programmatic fluid, the mastermind makes his way in places where maybe there wasn’t even one in the beginning of the process.

That way Wallner does not only advance into unprecedented dimensions musically and combine the proven with the ambitious, but also succeeds in refining the musical framework with the roiling character of the thematic content that showcases the artist’s very personal and yet universally articulated world of emotions in the most varied facets.

New Release

"Liquid Live"

01) A Place In The Sun
02) Obsession
03) Not Going Away
04) Don’t Ask Me Why
05) Never Escape The
06) Death
07) Hear My Voice
......Out There
08) Speak The Truth
09) Blackened 
10) Tears And Laughter

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Blind Ego - Blackened

Blind Ego - Don't Ask Me Why

Blind Ego - Death


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