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Deluge Grander is a tremendous new discovery with considerable promise. Their music sounds with references to the classics of the early 70's, with modern and sophisticated orchestration, constituted by renowned and talented musicians. Their main musical style is Symphonic Progressive Rock in top form, blended with some fuzion parts including some Art Rock elements. The music is extremely diverse and, the rich compositions are much more complex, with extended instrumental explorations. We have, all time, extraordinary guitar solos and cosmic keyboard lines alternating quickly or playing different lines simultaneously. The sound of Deluge Grander has influences of many progressive rock bands of all times, it´s possible hear a high  quality Progressive Rock that, even reflects a wide variety styles from bands such as "Genesis", "Yes", "Frogg Cafe", "Spocks Beard", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", "Porcupine Tree", "Moody Blues" and etc... What an amazing band, and what a perfect album. Brilliant and fantastic, an incredible debut album, highly recommendable...

The line up on Deluge Grander  are:
Dan Britton - Keyboards Mostly, occasional Guitars and Vocals
Dave Berggren - Guitars
Patrick Gaffney - Drums
Brett d"Anon - Bass

Guest Musicians:
Frank d' Anon - Xylophone, Trumpet, Flute & Keyboards (1, 5)
Jeff Suzdal - Saxophones (1)
Adnarim Dadelos - Vocal (5)

Deluge Grander is a Progressive Rock group from the Baltimore/DC area in the U.S.

The group sprung from the ashes of the Baltimore progressive fusion group "Cerebus Effect".  After the third "Cerebus Effect" album "Acts of Deception," Dan Britton, who had been working on some new material, suggested to drummer Patrick Gaffney that they try to form a new group to record and possibly perform the material.  Eventually, guitarist Dave Berggren joined in and made some valuable contributions of his own.  With the acquisition of Brett d'Anon on bass, the group was complete.  Brett's uncle Frank, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist in his own right, also sat in on some session and added a few parts of his own.

The first Deluge Grander album is "August in the Urals," which was released in September 2006. Below some information about the songs, track by track.

Inaugural Bash:
This is a 7-part collection of ideas that, in spite of their diversity, hold together well as an extended piece.  The first 4 sections were originally intended to be the bulk of the piece, but new sections were added on while those original 4 were being worked on. 

August in the Urals:
Another extended piece, this one is basically in four parts, though there are a lot of sections that get reprised in alternate forms throughout the piece.  The main theme, stated in the beginning on acoustic guitar, at around 3:00, and again at the end as a coda, is based equally around a simple melody and chord sequence, as well as Brett's distinctive bassline.  In fact, the bass is one of the most important elements of this track.

Abandoned Mansion Afternoon:
Although it's 12 minutes long, there aren't a whole lot of changes to this piece, which in some way incorporates both ambient and jazz sounds.  (The working title for it was "Hancock/Schulze").  Although the rhythms rarely deviate from a steady 5/4 rhythm, the track ebbs and recedes several times.  There are also a large number of snippets of some obscure albums thrown in for seconds at a time in many spots.  There were some problems encountered after this song was mixed that necessitated some tricky remixes at home- it was tough to tell for sure whether this would be a problem, but I think it turned out ok. 

A Squirrel:
This instrumental goes from baroque to jazz-funk and finally incorporates both approaches at the end.  Other than the analog synthesizer, there were no additional overdubs to this one.  This one and "Abandoned Mansion Afternoon" were the first two pieces Deluge Grander worked on.

The Solitude of Miranda:
Although this was the final track recorded for the album, it was actually composed on a cheap $90 acoustic guitar in 2001 by Britton in St. Petersburg, Russia.  The middle piano section was added in just before the group started working on it.

.New Release

"August in the Urals"

01) Inaugural
......Bash (26:57)
02) August in the
......Urals (15:52)
03) Abandoned Mansion
......Afternoon (12:14)
04) A Squirrel (8:45)
05) The Solitude
......of Miranda (7:18)

Recorded mostly in and around Baltimore, MD, 2005/2006. Produced by Deluge Grander.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information, please send a mail to Deluge Grander.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit DELUGE GRANDER HOME PAGEN
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