Karmamoi are one of the important revelations in the italian and worldwide progressive rock scene, from last eight years, that impressed me a lot. I had the pleasure to listen all their works, since their first album called "Karmamoi", released in 2011. In my opinion, since their first work, the name Karmamoi already have become a very impressive band within the Progressive Rock scene. The musical conception from the main muscians on the band, is highly sensitive, composed by a varied styles such as, Symphonic Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Prog Metal, Neo-Prog and subtle touches of Jazz Fusion everything well elaborate and well arranged, well mixed around an atmospheric arrangements and with a vibrant instrumental, including perfect lyrics. "Silence Between Sounds" show us a range of stunning musical moments, including many symphonic and melodic elements, with amazing arrangements. The album is divided into seven tracks, with total time almost 52 minutes, however, all songs are so perfect, that, I do not feel a need for more time or even more songs, sometimes, the musical passages are melodic and symphonic, with richly textured layers very well arranged, adorned by enjoyable keyboard and piano sounds. In other, a few times the musical passages are hard but without aggressiveness. The drums is, sometimes, composed with some accelerated passages, but in most cases presents a soft rhythm, in the symphonic rock line. Beautiful guitar solos are always present into the songs. The vocals are comprised in four ways, the voices are divided among Sara Rinaldi, Hellena, Serena Ciacci and Irene Morelli, all with a soft tone of voice, however, each one presents a different peculiarity in the vocal tones, in this way, enhancing the arrangements and giving a sometimes lyrical touch in the compositions, by the way, the lyrics are sung in English. All tracks have an excellent musical performance, but I have my favorites songs, and they are "Silence Between Sounds & Nashira" may be the masterpiece from the album. "Atma" and "Sirio" two top songs on the album, "Atma" starts melodic with nice female vocals with a soft piano, but in the pinnacle of the music we can hear amazing guitar solos. "Maters", "Plato's Cave" and "Lost Days" close my choices. Karmamoi and their fourth album "Silence Between Sounds" have a intense musical depth, with a focus and an assurance of more a strong name into the progressive rock around the world. In fact, you should sit down comfortably and listen and listen many times this wonderful album, you'll be amazed with the musical skills from these talented musicians. "Silence Between Sounds" is another one important acquisition for all the Progressive Rock's lovers around the worlds. Karmamoi follows in the same musical line and blendig styles from many bands such as "Earth And Fire", "Egdon Heath", "The Gathering", "Magenta", "Karnataka", "Ambeon", "Porcupine Tree", "Flamborough Head", "The Aurora Project",  "Golden Earring",  "Like Wendy", "Mangrove", "Odyssice", "Plackband", "Salmon", "Mars Hollow",  "Trion", "Galleon", "Ephemeral Sun", "Maze of Time", "Sean Filkins", "IQ", "Pendragon" and so on. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Karmamoi album are:
Daniele Giovannoni - Drum and Keyboards
Alessandro Cefalì - Bass
Alex Massari - Guitar

Guest Musicians:
Fabi o Tempesta - 2nd Guitar on all tacks . Guitar Solo on "Atma" and "Sirio"
Sara Rinaldi  - Vocals on "Nashira", "Caniis Maioris", "Martes" and "Plato's Cave"
Hellena - Vocals on "Atma"
Serena Ciacci - Vocals on "Lost Days"
Irene Morelli - Soprano on "Sirio" and "Martes"
Luca Uggias - Piano on "Atma" and "Silence Between Sounds"
Emilio Merone  - Piano on "Nashira", "Martes" and Keyboard solo on "Plato's Cave"
Lara Bagnati - Flute on "Lost Days" and "Caniis Maioris"
Maria Rodriguez Reina - Cello on "Nashira" and "Plato's Cave"


Karmamoi came into being in 2008, out of the needs of Daniele Giovannoni and Serena Ciacci to give life to a musical project that could express their personalities and their concept of music.

Where artistic endeavour, melody, electronic elements and rock distortions could cohabit and find a stable equilibrium, in an instantly recognizable sound made up of passion and aggression.

Clear ideas from the start, and from the start work by musicians able to be in total harmony with the project. The circle was closed with the arrival of Fabio Tempesta and Alex Massari on guitar and Alessandro Cefalì on bass.

In the next two years (2009-10) the band worked on their first disc and solidified a winning partnership that was to let them make headway among the various venues of the Italian musical underground.

In January 2011, they took part in the Eurosonic showcase festival in Groningen and officially launched their first album at Rising Love, one of the most popular stages of the Rome music scene. From here Karmamoi’s real rise began, with concerts (including, memorably, at the Rome Fnac), interviews and radio appearances.

In September 2011, the band had a busy schedule that took in the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham and Naples’ AWOP Festival. With 2012, a new EP arrived entitled “Entre Chien et Loup”, officially launched at the Teatro Elsa Morante in Rome on May 17th. “Entre Chien et Loup” is a link connecting the pop proclivities of the band’s debut album and the rock/prog direction that the band’s work is hinting at currently. The EP includes the new single “Stesa”, which epitomizes the musical changes underway.

In June 2013, Karmamoi played in London, and returned there in November to launch, on the 22nd, their second album, “Odd Trip”, heralded by the release of the single of the same name, which makes the band’s musical evolution clear; the song is a prog rock mix that wrongfoots and at the same time wins over the fans.

On December 4th 2013, “Odd Trip” disembarked in Rome at Contestaccio and the sonic impact, here too, generated enthusiasm and satisfaction, in the public and the band.

Karmamoi are only at the start of their journey, but the signs are great: positive reviews, interviews and concerts that are spreading the band’s original music around the world.

Karmamoi played on April 16th at The Borderline in London, as opening act for the historic British prog rock group Curved Air. Sadly, this was the last concert with Serena  and she has now left the band to work on her own music. With that, Karmamoi have welcomed their new vocalist Joline Forshaw to the fold. After a year of a good job with Joline, we decided to separate our roads. Two months later, Fabio our great friend left the band as well. Since then Karmamoi are a three pieces Prog-Rock Band. Nashira, the new single and his official video will be out at the end of April 2016 . The upcoming album ” Silence Between Sounds” will be released on 30th September 2016. Mark Tucker (Jethro Tull) is the co-producer and sound engineer of the album.

"Silence Between Sounds" is the third album from the Italian progressive rock band Karmamoi. Due to changes with band line-up, "Silence Between Sounds" took over two years to realise.

Karmamoi used this opportunity creating music in a different way than they have done previously, walking on a new musical path with their personal idea of progressive rock. This process allowed them to progress beyond all previous recorded material. They decided to keep the band without an official vocalist, and for this reason their new album "Silence Between Sounds" features singers. Whilst maintaining the essence of Karmamoi’s music, each singer brings their unique vocal characteristics to the music.

For the first time, Karmamoi have involved other musicians in the creative process of "Silence Between Sounds" featuring instruments such as the cello, piano, flute or clavinet. This provides a balance between the traditional and modern sound of progressive rock.

"Silence Between Sounds" explores, and attempts to understand the reasons behind human failure. It’s an interesting and challenging theme that Karmamoi have embraced and captured in the music of “Silence Between Sounds”.

Esteemed producer and engineer Mark Tucker (Jethro Tull) has been integral to the project working closely with Daniele as co-producer skills and mixing engineer.

Karmamoi has just launched a Pledge Music Project. If you want to know more have a look at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/karmamoi1

Daniele Giovannoni

Daniele Giovannoni was born in Rome August 20, 1966. After obtaining the Scientific high school degree (and passed some exams in the Faculty’ of Engineering), he belatedly decides to approach the drums and starts studying privately with Ettore Mancini. Later, he enrolled in the Faculty of Drums at the Universita’ della Musica in Rome where he received his diploma, studying with some of the best Italian professionals such as M. Of Lazzaretti, C. Mastracci, F. Sferra, P. Iodice, G.P. Ascolese. He lives in London now

Studies: Graduated from the University of Music in Rome, London Drumtech Winner of "the Best Student UM". He studied with Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti, Derek Wilson, Ettore Mancini, Fabrizio Sferra, Pietro Iodice, Agostino Marangolo, Enrico Lucchini, Claudio Mastracci. He also studied harmony with Andrea Avena and Piano with Emilio Merone. He is teaching at Batteria Drum School di Roma, Roma Rock School, Accademia Nova.

Master Classes: Gavin Harrison, Benny Greb, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Gary Chester, Kim Planfield, Paul Vertigo, Chuck Silverman, Lele Melotti, Keith Carlock e molti altri

He has played with: Daniele Silvestri, Noemi,Karmamoi,Patrick McKenzie, Roberto Ciotti, Schola Cantorum, Karl Potter, Valerio Billeri, Gianni Ferretti, Zona d’Ombra, Possessione, Emilio Merone, Luca Nostro, Mirella Lipari, Alessandro Tomei, Croma Nova, Classic Quartet, Alessandro Patti, Dino, Omnia Mundi, Graphico, Makay, Fabio d’Amore, Platters, Il Complesso di Andrea, DrumInside

Festivals: Premio De Andre’, Bologna Music Festival, Roll Day, Euro Showcase Festival ( NL ), Jimi ( FR ), Working Progress Clinic Drummers Festival, Batterika, Awop Festival, SuperSound Festival, Mei, Primo Maggio

TV: Domenica in, Buona Domenica, Primo Maggio, Rai Open, Telethon

Press: Fare Musica, Buscadero, Percussioni, Ritmi, Rock Shock, Batteria, Drumset Mag

Collaborates with: Drumset Mag, Drums Portal, Planet Drum

Endorser: RV Drums, Ufip, Roll, Acustica

Alessandro Cefalì

Born in Rome in 1978, plays bass guitar since 1992.

He attended the Università Della Musica in Rome (1997-2000), studying with some of the best italian bass players such as: Gianfranco Gullotto, Luca Pirozzi, Massimo Moriconi, Dario Deidda, Andrea Avena e Marco Siniscalco, approaching the study of jazz , harmony and reading.

He teaches in Rome at the schools: Villaggio Musica, MusiCity e Spinaceto Cultura. Collaborates with the italian web site MusicOff.com, publishing didactic articles and videos.

Discography – 2002 Valerio Billeri – Terra Del Padre, 2004 Concido – Ad Occhi Aperti, 2005 Valerio Billeri – Giorni Perfetti, 2007 Concido – Concido, 2007 Valerio Billeri – Alberi Secolari,2008 Concido – Sorridi, 2009 Màs Che Never – (track 1), 2010 Maurizio Rota – Col Vento Dentro L’Anima (track 1 e 6), 2011 Karmamoi – Karmamoi, 2011 Valerio Billeri – Vintage Radio, 2012 Karmamoi – Entre Chien Et Loup, 2013 Karmamoi – Odd Trip, 2013 Pierpaolo Borgia Quartet – Solara (track 4), 2013 – Valerio Billeri – Acque Alte.

Alex Massari

Born on August 28, 1965 in Rome. From an early age, he was interested in music, particularly guitar. He began his training by attending schools (e.g., Saint Louis Music School), working with teachers in Rome (e.g., Eddy Palermo) and playing in several local bands in a variety of musical genres. He continued his training in the U.S., where he moved to take lessons and participate in clinics with such guitarists as Mike Stern, Joe Diorio, Frank Gambale, and Steve Vai.

Upon his return to Italy, he began several live collaborations with the major recording companies Virgin and BMG and various artists of the Italian scene, including Daniele Silvestri, I Ragazzi Italiani, Marjorie Biondo, Gianni Ferretti. Albertp Mennini, Attilio Fontana, Way Out, Won, Vincenzo Spampinato ecc…and currently play with prog-rock band Karmamoi.

Massari's credits include recording backup and countless live performances.

For several years he has devoted himself to teaching and has been a member of the staff of guitar magazine "Chitarre".

New Release

"Silence Between Sounds"

01) Silence Between
......Sounds & Nashira
02) Atma
03) Sirio
04) Martes
05) Plato's Cave
06) Lost Days
07) Canis Majoris

Music  - Daniele Giovannoni Except "Silence Between Sounds" and "Atma" written by Karmamoi and Fabio Tempesta
Lyrics - "Nashira", "Martes" and "Canis Maioris" Written by Sara Rinaldi
"Atma" Written by Fabio Tempesta
"Plato's Cave" Written by Tim Devereaux
"Lost Days" written by Serena Ciacci

Performed by Karmamoi
Produced by Daniele Giovannoni and Mark Tucker
Arranged by Daniele Giovannoni and Karmamoi
Mixed by Mark Tucker @ "The Green Room Studios" - UK
Cover Photo - Michele Di Tonno
Artwork - Daniele Giovannoni

Released October 30, 2016

Also you can visit Karmamoi at:
Facebook Site



Karmamoi - Nashira

Karmamoi - If

Karmamoi - Odd Trip - Official Video

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