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"Moolight Sky's music basically is a perfect blend of late 70's style Progresssive Rock and Hard Rock. Their music is very Progressive and Symphonic, somewhere in the middle between Hard Rock and Melodic, vibrant, amazing, heavenly sounding guitar solos and atmospheric keyboards sounds are always present, in the best European instrumental tradition. Moolight Sky is one of those rare young groups that have managed to reverently invoke the past as well as create the future with their powerful, emotional and most of all memorable music. In my opinion, Moonlight Sky has a good future ahead of itself and I believe they will be very popular beside bands as "Ayreon",  "Spock's Beard", "Riverside", "Porcupine Tree", "The Flower Kings", "Flamborough Head" and many others. "Moonlight Sky" is the first full length album by the band and, is perhaps one of the most important self release from 2007. You must definitely listen to this album many times, mainly the tracks such as: "Lunin Svit", "Angel", "Rigg's Family Shot", "Pluton",  "Devet – Osem" and ""How Much" (with vibrant guitar sounds), the symphonic  "Ocean", combined in the spirit of 70's German Prog Rock style and finishing with "The Groove" a strong Prog Hard sound. Brilliant, a fantastic band and album, highly recommendable...

The musicians on the band are:
Andraz Krzic – Vocals, Keyboars
Janez Moder – Electric Bass
Miha Petric – Guitars
Bor Zakonjšek - Drums
Guest musicians
Jan Tomšic - Flute, Vocals on The Groove 
Jaka Jarc - Backing Vocals on Rigg's Family Shot


Moonlight Sky, a Slovenia based group, has been enrapturing audiences for quite some time now. As far as genre goes their music could be depicted as Progressive Rock, although there is more to it than that. The music of  Moonlight Sky is a fusion of different tastes and styles, from rock, jazz, blues up to film score. All of this is presented with a great deal of respect for the music history.

The birth of the band reaches back to year 2000, but the instrumental cast has not changed since: vocals, keyboards, electric guitar, bass and drums. Moonlight Sky combine the music sensation from the late sixties with the mixing of genres that started with Miles Davis's fusion movement, as well as with modern musical currents. With that they prove that genuine music is not only a fashion whim, but is capable of transcending the time in which it began.

Through numerous concerts on Slovene as well as on foreign stages
and through many collaborations with prominent musicians Moonlight Sky have grown into a mature band distinguished for their quality concert performances. 

In 2005 they won the first price at the music festival Reverse Engineering, organised by KUD France Prešeren. 

In summer 2006 they released their first album with the name Moonlight Sky covering a selection of 9 of their authorial songs.  The album is the result of joint work of all the band members and proves that Moonlight Sky have created a recognisable music image of their own.

In April 2007 the music video for the song "Štirje Svetovi" (Four Worlds) came out with an animation by the Oink Studios. The shooting for the second video for the song Lunin svit (Moonlight Sky) has also been completed. The video can be expected in the following months.

New Release

"Moonlight Sky"

01) Lunin svit 
02) Angel 
03) Rigg's Family Shot
04) Pluton 
05) Devet – osem 
06) Ocean 
07) Štirje svetovi 
08) How Much 
09) The Groove

All songs arranged by Moonlight Sky
Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Recorded at Hymnos studio, sound engeneer: Jaka Jarc 
Tracks 2, 4 - Recorded at Resnevem studio, sound engeneer: Dejan Lapanja Tracks 2, 8- Mixed by Jaka Jarc 
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Mixed by Dejan Lapanja. CD cover by Klemen Kavcic and CD photography by DK.

Would you like any other information about the band? Please send e-Mail to Moonlight Sky.

Also visit the band´s MySpace site.

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit MOONLIGHT SKY HOME PAGEN
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