I have a big pleasure when a brazilian band or a brazilian musician stands out among hundreds of musical options in my country and around the world, and one of this musical options is the violinist and keyboardist Sérgio Ferraz, I am impressed with the musical quality and talent of this Brazilian musician, which may be considered on the national musical scenery as one of the great musical references of the Brazilian Northeast. Sérgio Ferraz is a violinist and composer Pernambuco and Bachelor of Music from the Federal University of Pernambuco. Sérgio is an innovative and audacious musician, mixes various rhythms and styles in a highly personalized merger, following a line Classical, Experimental and Progressive jazz passages and adding elements of the northeastern regional music. The biggest driver of his musical inspiration is the violin, where it conveys a whole essence of his art including a lot of emotion. Sérgio Ferraz is a fantastic musician and composer, his music transcends to a high level of musicality, showing many different directions, combining some important styles such as Symphonic Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion, Electronic Music and interesting pinch of Krautrock adding subtle touchs of traditional music of the Brazilian Northeast, they play a kind of music that fits in exactly with the sensibilities around glorious German and French bands of the 70ís, as well as adding some modern musical elements and variations of classic music. With a excellent discography and since his first album, Sérgio Ferraz has received excellent and positive reviews about his music and his musical performance, with a few presentations at festivals and theaters in Europe and the United States, Sérgio has been writing his national and international legacy. "Flutuando Sobre As Ondas" ("Floating Over The Waves") is his last album, including two tracks, the first one is "Paisagens Sonoras Eletrônicas Imaginárias", being divided into two parts, and the second one is "Flutuando Sobre as Ondas", divided into seven parts, totaling 65 minutes of an amazing musical trip. "Flutuando Sobre as Ondas" could be described such as a futuristic Rock Opera, full of surrealist paintings, or something in the line as atmospheric and imaginary electronic soundscapes. If you want some excellents references about the Sérgio Ferraz's musical inspiration, you must appreciate the same line of bands and musicians such as "Tangerine Dream", "Magma", "Can", "Guru Guru", "Vangelis", "Michael Rother", "Neu", "Michael Hoenig", "Edgar Froese", "Adelbert von Deyen", "Embryo", "Harmonia", "Clearlight", "Pulsar", "Klaus Schulze", "Ashara", "Brian Eno", "Peter Frohmader" and so on. Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...

The line-up on Flutuando Sobre As Ondas album are:
Sergio Ferraz - Electric Violin, Synthesizers Moog Little Phatty Stage II, Roland Gaia SIIo1 and Roland Juno Di



Sérgio Ferraz is an Brazilian violinist and composer. Ferraz began at the age of 9 his music studies at that time very influenced by Rock bands of the 70s and the jazz fusion of the Mahavishnu Orchestra  as well as the jazz rock violinist Jean Luc Ponty , the Classical Indian music of Ravi Shankar and the flamenco of Paco de Lucia. Initially the electric and acoustic guitar were his instruments. At age 12 he was playing guitar in rock bands in Recife and began studying violin at the Pernambuco Conservatory of Music where he developed his interest in classical music.

During the late 80s and early 90s Ferraz formed the Alma Em Água Group. Alma Em Água took part  in major music festivals in Recife, like Project Seis E Meia, opening onto the Rio group Boca Livre in 1993, and the Garanhuns Winter Festival in 1995 and 96.

In 1997 Ferraz with his Alma Em Água group was hired by the US producer Rena Shagan Associates, being the only Brazilian group selected for a major tour playing in major US cities.

In mid-2001 he formed the instrumental group Sonoris Fábrica, which brought together elements of jazz and northeastern music. With Sonoris Fábrica he  played in several festivals in Recife, such as Recife Jazz Festival in 2003, 2004, 2008 and in Garanhuns Winter Festival in 2003 and 2009, at the Instrumental Stage. In 2010 Ferraz and his Sonoris Fábrica relised their CD namesake with a very huge concerto at the Teatro Santa Isabel - Recife. They also played in a famous TV show called Brasil Instrumental playing alive at the Teatro Anchieta SP and Broadcasting by SESC TV for every places in Brazil. They also played at MIMO Festival 2011 a very importante music festival dedicated for instrumental music, many great musiciand have played there like Chik Corea, Mcoy Tyner, Jordi Savall, Harbie Hancock, Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal among others.

In 2008 Sergio Ferraz was invited by the writer Ariano Suassuna to join his group of artists in the writer's  show classes. Also this year Ferraz became part of the Quartet Romançal.

Despite his work with Sonoris Fábrica in 2010 Sergio Ferraz joyned to Antonio Madureira a great Classical gitar and composer to recorde their CD Romançário Second, a violin and guitar duo in partnership with Antonio Zoca Madureira, leader and founder of the legendary Quintet Armorial. In this work Sérgio Ferraz explores the sounds and styles of violin in northeastern music. With this violin and guitar duo alto taking part in the International Exhibition of Music in Olinda (MIMO 2010).

October 2011 Ferraz attended the WOMEX 2011 in Copenhagen Denmark.

In December 2011 he released his first solo CD "Dançando aos Pés de Shiva" (Dancing at The Feet Of Shiva), which achieved sales success with 1000 copies sold in just one month, leaving for his second run.

The CD with 12 tracks copyright was entirely produced, arranged and performed by Sérgio Ferraz, who plays the electric violin, piano and synthesizers. The álbum has the participation of percussionist Jerimum de Olinda in 6 songs on the CD. It is an instrumental work where the electric violin is the instrument soloist exploring different timbres, and dialoguing with the percussion. In his solo album, besides the Indian inspiration, also points up on Dançando aos Pés de Shiva, elements of minimalist music, atonal and electroacoustic. With Dançando aos Pés de Shiva, Sérgio Ferraz already made several concerts in Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

In 2012, he composed and premiered a concerto for violin and orchestra entitled "Armorial Concert", dedicated to the writer Ariano Suassuna, premiered at the Teatro de Santa Isabel by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Pernambuco Conservatory of Music, and Sergio Ferraz performeming himself as soloist.

Still in  2012 Sérgio Ferraz concluded recording the his second solo CD, "A Sublime Ciência e O Soberano Segredo" (The Sublime Science and The Souvering Secret). A work that was resulted of his studies of classical electronic music, minimalist music, Indian and also brings a strong influence of the progressive rock of the 70s.

On this album Sérgio Ferraz plays beyond the electric violin, Moog Little Phatty analog synthesizer Stage II, Roland Gaia SH-01. It also includes the participation of percussionist Jerimum of Olinda which has stood out as a player on the national scene.

Three of the four CDs of Sérgio Ferraz were winners of the Pernambuco Music Award in the category of Best Instrumental CD. Are they: Segundo Romançário (2010), Dançando aos Pés de Shiva (2012) and A Sublime Ciência e O Soberano Segredo (2014).

Sérgio Ferraz is also a member of Pernambuco Chamber Orchestra, and has also dedicated the composition of electroacoustic music, Concrete muisc and pieces for orchestra. His work Electronic Imaginary Soundscapes, published only virtually on SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/ferrazelectroacoustic is attracting great interest from the specialist audience.

In 2014 they released their fifth CD - "Armorial Concerto" with the participation of Pernambuco Chamber Orchestra, under the conduction of Maestro José Renato Aciolly.

In Octobere of 2015 will be released his newest CD called  "Flutuando Sobre As Ondas" ("Floating Over The Waves") . This album was totally recorded, composed, arranged and performed by Sergio Ferraz. In his new álbum Ferraz plays Electric violin and analogic Moog and Roland Synthesizers , also He used techniques of concrete music and Electricacoustic music and a huge influence of Prog and Kraut Rock.

New Release

"Flutuando Sobre As Ondas"

01) Paisagens Sonoras
.Parte I - Missão Jupter
.Parte II - Cartas de
02) Flutuando Sobre
......as Ondas
.Parte I - Vishnu e os
..Nove ..Avatares
..- O Senhor
....das Águas
.Parte II - Matsya
..- O Guardião
....do Universo
.Parte III - A Ira dos
.Parte IV - Na
.Parte V - A Sétima
..de Vishnu
.Parte VI - Entre
..e Demônios
.Parte VII - Nas Águas
..do Oceano

Produced, composed, arranged and performed by Sérgio Ferraz. Recorded at Caverna dos Violinos Studio - Recife - 2013 to 2015 by Sérgio Ferraz.

You may order the album at Sérgio Ferraz's Facebook Page

Also you can visit Sérgio Ferraz at:

Soundcloud Site

and Youtube

Sergio Ferraz Trio no Garanhuns Jazz Festival 2013(7.A Sublime Ciencia
e o Soberano Segredo)

Sérgio Ferraz - Chuva Cinza

Sergio Ferraz - A Sublime Ciência e o Soberano Segredo

Sérgio Ferraz - A ultima Batalha na Terra (The last battle on the Earth)

Sergio Ferraz - Dançando aos Pés de Shiva

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