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I`m extremely happy, but it was very hard, to be able to announce the band from December 2005, its quite good surprising to find an outstanding band coming from a country with no tradition in Progressive Rock, this is the case of Solstice Coil, a Progressive Rock band that comming from Israel. The music on this disc comes from several different perspectives, the Guitars and Bass create a really interesting ambient, a perfect musical balance between traditional Progressive Rock, with the Dark Melodic Rock, where the vocals are really 'within' the songs, giving an intense light to the music and creating a real difference, but the main energy come from the symphonic Keyboards sounds, with an exceptional feel and intense atmospheric inspiration. There's also evidence of the main musical influences, seventies rock around "King Crimson", "Yes" and "Van der Graaf Generator" with the actual, modern and bombastic Progressive Rock from "Porcupine Tree", "Spocks Beard" and "Pain of Salvation". The band has a very original approach to intense Instrumental music, and they are clearly one of the best bands around many new revelations. Brilliant amazing and an indispensable work, highly recommendable for all Progressive Rock fans around the world...

The main Line Up musicians on the Solstice Coil are:
Shir Deutch - Lead Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Opher Vishnia - Lead Guitars, E-Bow and Various Effects
Shai Yallin - Synths, Keyboards and Acoustic Piano
Diego Olschansky - Bass Guitar
Uri Golberg - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Oran Ben-Avi - Baritone, Tenor and  Alto Saxophone
Netta Cohen-Shani - Cello
Inbal Beutch - Vocals
Hani "Honeybee" Barmanski - Vocals
Gil Natanzon, Dorin Giladi and Marian Shay - Spoken Parts

Part 1: From conception to the stage
Solstice Coil first emerged into the world in the opening of 2001, when founding members Shir Deutch (lead vocals & rhythm guitar) and Guy Matityahu (bass) first got together at Guy's apartment, after meeting on an internet chat room by chance. After getting to know each other and playing some random music, the duo decided to start working together seriously.
Shortly afterwards, Guy left for the United States, while Shir continued the search for new band members. Using his sharp wit and charm (and a few Israeli internet musician search engines and forums), he came upon some guitarists, one of them being the younger and yet much taller, Opher Vishnia. Upon Guy's return, Shir presented him with a choice to be made, resulting in the addition Opher to the lineup instead of some other guitarist whom was also paired up with a drummer. Everything was starting to flow in the right direction. More original material was written and developed, as well as some very well performed covers of songs Radiohead and Muse.
For the following three months, the renewed band struggled to find a drummer, going through over eight different ones without bearing any luck finding the right one. Eventually luck had smiled upon the growing band and in a strange turn of events. After being stood up by a potential drummer, they accidentally ran into a certain line up, which quite surprisingly included the guitarist\drummer duo mentioned before. The drummer, Uri Golberg, agreed to cover for the missing one. Songs were played, applauses were given, and phone numbers were exchanged.
From there on, the pieces really started to fit in. Uri turned out to be a valuable asset to the band, with his unconventional drumming techniques, and various combinations of knock-knock jokes. His addition completed the lineup of the band, which had made steady progress towards their debut performance. With the new name "Solstice", the band went on stage for the very first time on the 23rd of February 2002 at the "13th Night" club. 

Part 2: Regression
After their debut performance at the 13th night, Solstice was very enthusiastic to carry on and perform all over the country but instead sank into a period of regression.  It wasn't until four months later that another gig had been scheduled but unfortunately, the excitement for this opportunity was overshadowed by the untimely death of Shir's mother and Guy's advanced case of tendonitis. Following the concert, which took place at the "Music Factory", the band descended into yet another long period of inactivity, measuring a few months in length.
Guy's condition hasn't been getting any better and his annual month long trip to the USA left the band incomplete. Upon his return, Guy announced that he is leaving the band, as well as the country, to pursue his dreams at his father's estate in the United States. This was a great shock to all three remaining members, who found it very difficult to replace a founding band member. This marked the beginning of the first long search for a new bass player for the band. 

Part 3: The ever-changing bass position & The Radiohead tributes
The search for the position of bass player went on forever, with several players auditioning. Then, out of nowhere arose a shadow bigger than anyone could have imagined. His bearer's name was Dror Pe'er, also known the legendary Mr. Shoko. This very gifted musician was exactly what the band needed and filled in the void that guy left behind. Soon enough, the band's lineup was further augmented with the addition of the talented keyboard player, Shai Yallin. 

With this full-scale lineup, Solstice was finally able to execute an idea that has been floating around for some time - a tribute concert to Radiohead. For three months the band slaved over the selected list of Radiohead songs, with a humble attempt to achieve the unique sound created by their source of inspiration. Eventually, Solstice turned to the "Heineken Habima" club, and with the assistance of D.J Moshel and Oren Goldenfeld of 'Phaedra' production, the debut Radiohead concert tribute was set to the 13th of February 2003. The show carried a tremendous success and was followed by a semi-tour in Tel-Aviv and Haifa. 

Unfortunately, after the first concert Shoko announced his future departure from the band due to artistic differences and yet agreed to continue with the band's tribute concerts for an undetermined period of time. So began the band's second search for a bass player, rendering the band unable to advance with their original material, ending up dwelling in the tribute concerts. After six months of unsuccessful searches, signs of optimism were starting to show. The band learned that their former bassist and co-founder, Guy Matityahoo, was interested in returning to the country, as well as to the band. Incorporating some old and new original material, Solstice performed the ultimate Radiohead tribute concert on September of 2003, with both Shoko and Guy at hand. 

Part 3: Back to square one
With a full lineup, Solstice resumed work on their original material. Due to new influences brought to the band by Shai Yallin, as well as a general growing interest in progressive rock, Solstice's musical style began to evolve from the basic starting point of alternative rock, into a more mature and insightful hybrid of genres, with a general hunger for pushing the boundaries and exploring new sonic scopes. 

"Confined", the band's first professionally recorded song, was released on the 10th of January 2004 as a demo single. The song was recorded and mixed at the "Leibo Studios", the band's usual rehearsal studio. Since the band members were inexperienced with the intricates of such work, they had amassed over 30 studio hours, squandering most of the tribute concerts earnings. "Confined" was released in various Internet sites, such as the Israeli "New Stage" and the global "GarageBand". There they discovered a different band bearing the same name. Solstice's name was then changed to Solstice Coil

Almost a year after the band's first Radiohead tribute, and four months after the final one, Solstice Coil returned to the stage. In addition to their performance at the Rimon School of Music, the band turned to the "Heineken Habima" club, where their first Radiohead tribute show took place. The concert, which included Haifa based folk-rock band Rakasta, proved a bit alarming. The show yielded a smaller amount of audience than expected. The second concert, featuring electro-rock band Alphabet, scheduled to occur concurrently with some sporting event that was somehow supposed to matter to the general population, was a complete disaster in terms of crowd turn up. It had appeared as if the huge success the band had seen with the Radiohead tribute shows was never translated into the original material shows. 

Part 4: Careful construction of an empire
It was clear and imminent that Solstice Coil's next song to be recorded would be Deep Child. Uri recorded drum tracks at the personal studio of his drum teacher and close friend Oren Avisar. It was decided that Shai, whom was beginning to construct a humble home studio, would take a shot at producing the song. All instruments and vocals were recorded at Shai's, as well as the editing and mixing. The result was a successful and a much less costly release of the "Deep Child" demo single on the 18th of April 2004. The song received great recognition on the Internet, convincing the band to continue working with Shai as producer. 

As the band's repertoire continued to grow, the band decided to start working on a six song demo, containing two of the earlier songs recorded, along with Accidents, Selling Smoke, Even Poets Die and Anyone Can Be (A Porn Star). The plan was to send this demo to label and record companies, a move which would eventually lead to create a professionally recorded album. Drums were recorded at the new "Groove" studio in Hod Ha'sharon. The first two tracks were released online and received excellent reviews, making Solstice Coil a name to be recognized. Uri, dissatisfied with the results of the drum track for one of the songs, demanded it would be recorded again and so it was, at the "Savion" studios in Beit Hanan. That, along with Shai's growing expertise in the world of producing, convinced the band to make a full go and release an official self-effort studio album. 

In the middle of 2004 the band joined MISC, an organization that promotes Israeli bands creating music in the English language. The band started performing at the "Patiphone" club and in the "MISC Live" events at the "Jah-Pan" club. Those led to even more shows and it seemed that things were picking up pace. After a year of working on new material, performing and recording, Guy grew more into his studies and became unavailable for the band, and by the end of 2004, it was mutually decided that he would withdraw from the band. Solstice Coil was left in a predicament, having freshly recorded drum tracks for all the songs, but no bass player to continue the recording process. Fortunately, the third search for a bass player proved shorter than before and more fruitful than ever, incorporating experienced bass virtuoso, Diego Olshansky into the band. 

From that point on, things were starting to shine brightly as Diego's precise playing has given the band a new and sharp edge. All vocals were rerecorded, demonstrating amazing improvement, thanks to the help of Erez Dargatski, owner and technician of "Savion". Shai was working overtime, mixing and editing, until the album was ready to everyone's satisfaction. It was then mastered by Tali Cuts, a well-known figure in the Israel musical production field. Opher labored on the cover design, which included a booklet containing a graphic novel that relates to the theme of the album. Finally, after two years of hard work, "A Prescription for Paper Cuts" was born. A complete artistic achievement, portraying the band's uncompromising vision. With the official release date being the 21st of September (the equinox), it is surely destined for greatness.

.New Release

"A Prescription for ..Paper Cuts"

1) Photosensitivity
2) Caveat Emptor
3) Selling Smoke
4) Deep Child
5) Even Poets Die
6) Accidents
7) Enjoy the Ride
8) Anyone Can Be
...(A Porn Star)
9) Brilliance

'A Prescription for Paper Cuts' is Solstice Coil's debut album. It is the product of two years of extensive and intense work in and outside of the studio, during which the band has explored the boundaries of several genres within the realm of rock music. Everything was written, arranged, recorded and produced by the members of the band without any outside interference. The album was edited and mixed by keyboardist Shai Yallin, and mastered by Tali Cuts. Aside from containing Solstice Coil's reflective and ambiguous lyrics, the album's booklet also includes 16 pages of graphic art by Opher Vishnia, forming a graphic novel that relates to the main concept of the album, making this an out of the ordinary mixed media product. It is officially released on the 21st of September.

To get in contact with the the band, send an e-mail to Solstice Coil.

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