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We are in the end of 2003, around this year we have listened many interesting and new bands, but Syzygy has a special musical feeling, with an amazing Progressive Rock genre. They are an impressive three-piece Symphonic Progressive Rock band where bringing together a variety of musical styles in a very talented and professional way. They have a musical journey back to the writing styles of the late 70's, in the same time adventurous and melodic, inside already known musical territories, adding an energetic and modern progressive spirit, some thing very inspired around "Yes", with some variations between "King Crinson", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", "Jethro Tull" and "Genesis", nothing wrong, with a instrumetal combination where everything is perfect, a very strong and original musical attitude, only found in the pioneers of the Progressive Rock. Brilliant and fantastic a  indispensable work, highly recommendable...

Syzygy are:
Carl Baldassarre - Guitar, mandolin, and synthesizer Engineering & mixing in his home studio.
Paul Mihacevich - Tama drums and accessories, Zildjian and Paiste cymbals and gongs. Numerous percussion instruments and mallet instruments. Electronic percussion Roland V kit.
Sam Giunta - Piano, synthesizers Equipment: Roland XP80, Roland JP 8000, Yamaha DX7, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and Prophet 600, and Minimoog.

Carl and Sam began playing together in a club band called Abraxas during the early 1980's. Abraxas played across the Midwest headlining in many of the major clubs across the region. Abraxas was known for doing it "their way" and twisting the cover material they played with a distinctive heavy handedness. They also developed a following of working musicians who heard about their live shows. 

Eventually, however, Carl and Sam wanted to move in a more progressive vein and needed to retool the line up. After a short separation, which allowed them to focus on their musical studies and writing techniques, Carl and Sam reunited with the idea of Witsend-intense music that could entertain and challenge the performers and listeners. They were originally joined by two incredibly talented players, drummer Roman Zmudzinski and bass player Gary Prebie. The foursome worked together exploring some of the musical ideas Carl and Sam had been working on. Unfortunately, the regional "Supergroup" couldn't survive the tedious developmental stage of Witsend and shortly disbanded. 

After a brief respite in which Carl and Sam further developed their arrangement techniques to address the volume of permutations in their ideas, it became time to rebuild the group. Enter drummer, Paul Mihacevich. Paul was a neighbor of Sam's and a real prog fan. Paul used to hear Witsend rehearse two doors down. Although reluctant to begin the task of auditioning new drummers (not an easy job for an original prog band with epic pieces), Carl and Sam looked forward to playing with a drummer who had an excellent reputation. To their complete surprise and delight on the very first session, Paul literally sat down behind his kit and played Witsend's music from start to finish! He simply had memorized what he had heard coming from two doors down. It was truly a magical moment. 

Now practicing as a trio, the group found that it was able to fill out the textures of their music with Sam playing the bass parts in his left hand. It quickly became clear that this was a signature sound for Witsend rather then just a necessity stemming from not wanting to fit in another musician. Sam still picks up the lion share of the bass parts to this day, spelled occasionally by Carl's bass and synthesizers. 

Witsend released it's debut CD (Cosmos and Chaos) in May 1993. Since that time, the guys have been busy studying, writing, recording and most important raising families (9 kids between the three of them). But at long last, their second CD is complete. "The Allegory of Light" is a blend of old and new ideas all recently recorded and compiled for this epic release. At the same time "The Allegory of Light" was released, the band changed its name to Syzygy. Unfortunately, the group discovered it had never technically secured the rights to the name Witsend and someone nabbed it over the last few years. Rather than fight it, the group has adopted the name Syzygy (yes, they do own the rights to it), yet still remain at their musical Witsend.

New Release

"The Allegory of Light"

1) The Allegory of Light 
....-M.O.T.H. (11:20) 
.....(Master of the
....-Beggar's Tale (2:47)
....-Distant Light (5:35)
2) In the Age
....of Mankind 
....-Zinjanthropus (12:31)
....-Industryopolis (6:33)
3) Forbidden (3:22)
4) Light Speed (2:58)
5) Journey of 
....the Myrrdin (17:29)

Syzygy defined...

[syzygy] -- in astronomy, alignment of three bodies of the solar system along a straight or nearly straight line.
A planet is in syzygy with the earth and sun when it is in opposition or conjunction, i.e., when its elongation is 180° or 0°.
The moon is in syzygy with the earth and sun when it is new or full.

Contact and Info:
P.O. Box 5082 
Mentor, Ohio 44061-5082

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit SYZYGY HOME PAGEN
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