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Certainly this year we closed 2011 with a collection of great new bands and amazing projects. As some of the best bands chosen by me, The Anabasis, of course, for the month of December, close my preference. This epic project, known as The Anabasis, was conceived by USA multi- instrumentalist and composer, Barry Thompson, with lyrics by George Andrade, who is also the executive producer. Barry and George, with the union of several talented musicians, together they created another masterpiece into the rock scene, blending three traditional styles of music, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal and Heavy Metal, of course, the result was a rock opera with epic arrangements. The three musical styles developed in the arrangements, are strongly influenced by top musicians and some of the guests, the most important was to create a perfect combination of epic metal with progressive rock elements. The music on this album flows beautifully, it contains a collection of dynamically balanced songs, the main tracks are divided in parts, however, all having a very well defined sequence, meaning that the album is enjoyed best as a whole. The musicians use an endless range of sounds on the album, ranging from Progressive Metal to the traditional Heavy Metal, however, some arrangements, many vocals, keyboards and guitars remain completely in the progressive rock spheres. "Back From Being Gone", is divided into six tracks, with 74 min of a pure musical delight, from the beginning of the first track until the last one, we can hear epic compositions and many symphonic arrangements, powered by strong vocals, vibrant drums, incredible symphonic keyboards, everything well supported by a set of incredible guitar solos. Of the six tracks on this album, my favorite tracks are divided into three tracks, they are "Rome", "Vikings" and "Egypt", all them are developed in the style epic/symphonic, with touchs of heavy metal and progressive metal, finally, "Fly", "Carpe Diem" and "Epiphany" complement my preferences. This album is overflowing with memorable songs, featuring a high degree of musical talent, full of musicianship, perfect instrumental performance. Congratulations on this wonderful project, I'm sure all the musicians who have participated in this album, contributed with full knowledge of their musical abilities, where only professionals with high degree of talent are able to convey through their music and their instruments. The music written and played by all musicians on this project, is very similar, and highly influenced by bands such as "K2", "The Flower Kings", "Iron Maiden", "Dream Theater", "Hourglass", "Galahad", "Threshold", "Judas Priest", "Spock’s Beard", "Black Sabbath", "Kansas", "Cryptic Vision", "Knight Area", "Black Bonzo", "Shadow Gallery", "Images of Eden" and many others in the same line. Fans of Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal and Heavy Metal music, naturally, will find on this album a wonderful collection of amazing songs. Brilliant, fantastic, and an amazing album and project, highly recommendable...

The line-up on The Anabasis album are:
Barry Thompson - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
George Andrade - Lyrics, Arrangements
Ryo Okumoto - Keyboards, Arrangements 
Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly - Lead Vocals
Gerald "Mully" Mulligan - Drums
Gordon Tittsworth - Lead, Backing Vocals
Lee Abraham - Bass, Mixing, Producer
Featured Special Guest Musicians
Stefan Artwin - Lead Guitar
Christopher James Harrison - Lead Guitar
Jeroen Hendrix - Keyboards
Brian Hong - Violin
Plini - Lead Guitar
Josh Sager - Lead Guitar, Arrangements
Brick Williams - Lead Guitar


The Anabasis is a progressive rock collaboration project, conceived by Norton, MA USA multi-instrumentalist and composer, Barry Thompson with lyrics by noted professional author, George Andrade, who is also Executive Producer.

Barry recruited a group of extraordinarily talented musicians from all over the world to take part in the project. The premise was to provide a basic framework for the songs and then to allow the musicians to play their parts with their own style and sound.

No two musicians on the album ever stood in the same room playing with each other. Everything has been done over the Internet. As you can probably imagine, without careful planning and execution this kind of arrangement could easily turn into a disaster, but thanks to guidance from Lee Abraham, Josh Sager and several other musicians involved in the project, the results are a collection of 6 tracks -3 of which are epics- that we think will surprise many fans of the progressive rock genre.

Barry Thompson - (Guitars/ Bass/ Keyboards/ Producer) - Barry Thompson is a multi instrumentalist who focuses on guitar and bass these days, but has also been known to dabble in some keyboards, drums and saxaphone.  He began playing music at the age of 10 when he took clarinet lessons in grammar school to escape the horrors of glee club and discovered that like his father before him, he had an aptitude for music. Barry was a co-producer of the noted charity music project "The Tsunami Projekt" and whas also appeared on Lee Abraham's excellent second album, "View From The Bridge" which also featured such notable UK prog musicians such as Karl Groom (Threshold) and Martin Orford (ex IQ). Barry's musical insfluences range from bands such as "Dream Theater", "Spock's Beard", "The Flower Kings", and "Kansas" to "Iron Maiden", "Opeth", "Judas Priest" and "Black Sabbath". He lives in Norton, MA with his wife Sandie, his two dogs, Daisy and Dino and his pain in the ass Congo African Grey Parrot, Oscar.

George Andrade - (Lyrics/ Arrangements/ Executive Producer) - George is a professional writer who is currently working on his latest novel "AIRS."  He is also writing lyrics to the album "AIRS" (based upon the novel ideas and concepts) with music by writer, producer and multi-instrumental musician Steve Brockmann of Germany. George's interests include his family and friends, reading and writing fiction, writing lyrics, writing screenplays and studying film structure and grammar. He also enjoys the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, the sculpture of Rodin, the poetry of Rilke and the paintings of Cezanne ... right now. And the only two sports that matter: hockey and football.  George's favorite music is Progressive Rock! George has researched and written the mojority of the lyrics for "Back From Being Gone" and he also assisted greatly with the arrangements of the monster epic "Egypt".

Ryo Okumoto - (Keyboards/Arrangements) - Ryo Okumoto was born in Osaka, Japan. He began playing classical music on the piano at the age of 3 and continued through 13. He became a professional musician at the age of 15 performing at the Live House in Osaka for a year. Because of his great desire to learn more about different styles of music and his strong independence, he moved to Tokyo at the age of16. Ryo performed in nightclubs and discos for the next 5 years. Ryo's first real break started in 1978 when he was 19. He toured with a well-known group called "Creation" and recorded on their album "Best of Creation". The next year Ryo toured with the legendary, "Kitaro" and recorded on Kitaro's album, "Live in Parco". In February 1980, Ryo's first solo album, "Solid Gold" with Canyon Records was released. He recorded this album at Air Studio in London with well-known musicians: Richard Baily (drummer for Jeff Beck), Kuma Takeda (bass), Katsutoshi Morizono (guitar) and Delandro Winston (guitarist for Elton John). Two month later in April, Ryo released his second solo album, "Makin' Rock" with Canyon Records. This record was recorded at Sound Labs Studios in Hollywood. He once again had the best musicians recording behind him: David Foster (keyboard), Jay Graydon (guitar), Steve Lukather (guitar), Jeff Porcaro (drums) and Neil Stubenhaus (bass). Ryo's third album was released in June that same year with Canyon Records. This was called "Synthesizer" and recorded at Sound Design Studio in Tokyo.The next year, Ryo decided to move to Los Angeles in March. Tokyo seemed stagnate to him now and he yearned to learn more about the different styles of music that LA had to offer. Ryo studied at Dick Grove School of Music for the next 4 years. Upon graduation his talent and creativity were welcomed by the American music scene, and he has been involved in a numerous projects worldwide ever since. The artists he has performed with include "Phil Collins", "Eric Clapton", "Aretha Franklin", "Barry White", "Eric Burdon", "Peabo Bryson", "Natalie Cole" and "Roberta Flack". He also has been part of countless world tours. His professional credits are listed below. It was 1987 when Ryo became part of progressive rock group "Spock's Beard". Their 10th album "X" was released last year, and their Europe tour was a great success. Ryo's talent is internationally recognized now and he is reaching audiences all over the world. He has been featured on many magazines worldwide. Dutch rock magazine "iOPages" is one of them. Ryo's talent has no limitations. Ryo's undying passion for music, will always keep him visible, whether it be rock, jazz, R&B or a broadway production. He will always be in the public's eye. Performed and/or Recorded with: "Phil Collins", "David Foster", "Debbie Gibson", "Al Green", "Eric Clapton", "Steve Lukather", "Lamont Dozier", "Nichele Nichol", "Natalie Cole", "Jeff Porcaro", "Richard Elliot", "Roslyn Kind", "Barry White", "Simon Phillips", "Jennifer Holliday", "Louis St. Louis", "Kitaro", "Jay Graydon", "Sue Raney", "James Ingram", "Peabo Bryson", "Original 5th Dimension", "Aretha Franklin", "Dionne Warwick", "Aaron Neville", "Marilyn McCoo", "Melissa Manchester", "Johnny Gill", "Eric Burdon of the Animals", "Roberta Flack", "Pointer Sisters", "Brenda Russell", "Glenn Hughes", "Patti Austin", "Smokey Robinson & the Miracles", "Bobby Kimball", "Sheena Easton", "Eric Carmen", "Teena Marie", "Robbie Robertson", "Chris Squire".

Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly - (Lead Vocals) - PelleK is a Norwegian metal vocalist. Having recorded for bands from Sweden, Norway, The U.K, Greece, Italy, France and more he makes his living singing for different metal bands and projects from all around the world. he has just recently returned from touring around the U.K with the british symphonic metal band "Damnation Angels", where he's the lead vocalist. With more than 8,500 subscribers on YouTube and over 1,000 members on his personal fan-forum, it's also safe to say that his solo-career is starting to take shape. PelleK has sung different metal songs on national television for millions of people and received great feedback from the creators of the songs he's covered, such as Luca Turilli's feedback on his TV performance of "The Ancient Forest of Elves". PelleK spends his free time making youtube videos, covering his favorite metal bands, or playing in his local progressive metal band "Reaching Horizons". He's influenced mostly by singers from his own country, like Roy Khan (Kamelot), Jørn Lande (Jorn, Masterplan), and Nils K. Rue (Pagans Mind) and some of his favorite bands are "Masterplan", "Vagabond", "Kamelot", "Helloween", "Blind Guardian", "Shaman", "Angra" and more. He has also just released an EP on iTunes, entitled "My Demons" that features guest vocals by Tommy Karevik (Seventh Wonder) among others.

Gerald "Mully" Mulligan - Drums - Gerald, who is from Alresford which is near the historic city of Winchester in the county of Hampshire which is in the south of England, has been playing drums since he was a kid and is currently the full time drummer for "The Lee Abraham Band" as well as several other various side projects.  Mully plays a variety of music including progressive rock, progressive metal and just straight up rock and roll. After hearing his performances on Lee Abraham's albums, "View From The Bridge" and "Black & White" it became immediately apparent that he was "the drummer" for The Anabasis. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Gordon Tittsworth - (Lead and Backing Vocals) - Gordon is the founder of the Baltimore,MD/ York, PA-USA based Progressive Metal band, "Images of Eden" as well as the vocalist for the Guatemala-based Power Metal/Hardcore band, "Dread The Forsaken", and the Houston, TX-based Progressive Metal band, "All Too Human". Gordon has been into music all of his life...even before becoming a musician. By age 5, he was already listening to "Led Zeppelin", "Black Sabbath", "Kiss" and many other classic rock bands regularly. He picked up his first guitar at age 13 and practiced for no less than 3 hours a night. In college he decided to take formal vocal lessons because he didn't want to restrict himself to being just a guitarist. This diversity prompted him to learn how to play the other instruments that comprised a rock band (drums, bass guitar, keyboards). Little did he know that this would later come in handy! Gordon had been in and out of bands over the years but never really found anyone who was at the same level of experience or shared my same musical dream and direction. He always had his own distinct vision with plans on one day bringing it to life but he always seemed to run into obstacles along the way... He had dealt with non-motivated band members and/or "dictators", inexperienced musicians, and conflicts with the other writers in various bands. Finally, after negatively parting ways in 1998 with a band called "Out Of Nowhere", Gordon was at his limit with dealing with incompetence so he decided that it was time to bring his vision to life without having it diluted or compromised. In September 1999, he went into the studio with a session drummer to record the debut "Images of Eden" CD (Chapter I). His goal was to fully produce a CD with his own original material playing all of the instruments himself (except drums) as well as design the artwork. The final product would then be used to carefully select musicians to complete the full-time lineup. This was the birth of his band "Images of Eden" and only the beginning... Now "Images of Eden" are about to release their 3rd CD, "Rebuilding The Ruins". For more info, as well as clips from their 2nd CD "Sunlight of the Spirit" (available on Nightmare Records), check out their "Images of Eden" website. Also, check out this video of the track "Tribal Scars".

Lee Abraham - (Bass Guitar/Mixing & Producer) - Lee Abraham is a musician from the south of England. He is also the owner and operator of Dockside Studio, also in the south of England. He started playing guitar and bass guitar at the age of 15 after listening to "Iron Maiden", "Queensryche" and "Metallica" records and thinking “I can do that!”  Lee played in a succession of local pub/club band throughout his teenage years into his 20’s and always dabbled in writing his own songs. In the end frustration with the small local scene Lee turned his attention to just writing music and entered the world of music recording and production.  1997 was an “awakening” year for Lee as he listened to modern progressive bands such as "Dream Theater" and "Spock’s Beard" for the first time and dived headlong into writing his own complex and epic music. Now with his own recording studio Lee has lent his services to a small but select range of other musicians looking to record similar music in a creative atmosphere. He is always looking for projects to record and mix…

New Release

"Back From Being Gone"

01) Rome
......I  -  Prologue
......II -  Back To The
............Future (Part 1)
......III - The Sands of
............Time (Part 1)
......IV - The Final Word
......V  - Playing With
02) Fly
03) Carpe Diem
04) Vikings
......I - Lindisfarne
..........Abbey 793AD.
......II - Mercia 877AD
......III - Along The Fjords
......IV - A Price To Pray
05) Epiphany
06) Egypt
......I - The Sands
...........of Time
......II - The End and
...........The Beginning
......III - Along The Nile
......IV - Back To
............The Future
......V - The Sands
............of Time

The album is a fine production released by 10trecords in 2011. The amazing album was mixed and co-produced by Lee Abraham - Lee Abraham Band. It comes with a sixteen pages booklet with all lyrics and informations.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit The Anabasis at Facebook Page.

For more information and every thing about the musicians and band, please visit THE ANABASIS HOME PAGEN
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