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When Day Descends started in 2001 as one-man project by Dave Caswell from Tasmania, Australia, where after five years finally become a group. At first, as a solo project, Dave Caswell started his career releasing a instrumental solo album, whre his music blending styles as Progressive Rock Metal and Progressive Rock with some atmospheric, dark and epic metal touchs. After nine years the group finally found their musical inspiration, creating its own music with a vintage sound, Influenced by many progressive rock acts and very well connected with styles and influences of many famous bands. To day, their music builds and drops between the Progressive Rock, Art Rock and Progressive Rock Metal, also adding some elements of seventies symphonic prog and power metal, mainly in terms of the drum sounds, sometimes a little bit very aggressive. Another sensation is the inspired guitar parts similar to "Paatos", "Frost*", "Red Star Revolt", "Porcupine Tree", "The Future Kings Of England", "Heavy Water Experiments", "Steven Wilson", "Riverside" and "Anekdoten", but the vocals tone tend to be soft, in some parts changing to very intense. "When Day Descends" album is a great and amazing release, contains only 5 songs, almost 56min, and offer a powerful collection of adventure and  cinematic compositions. The first track "New Bell" takes of as something like "Paatos" and "Frost*, where the guitars solos dominate all arrangements.  The second song "A Fragile Disguise" is more symphonic with a aggressevi drums, also the guitars dominate all time the music, in my opinion, one of the best song on the album. "Where Trees Die Alone" is a powerful song, totally instrumental, blending elements from various traces of Prog Metal, Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock and Art Rock. "White Feathers" is another great song, the music is almost dominated by a distorted electric guitars sound, but sometimes tende to be soft and melodic. Finally "Comrade", a balanced mix between melodic and aggressive. "When Day Descends'" album was released on the 30th of June 2010 and is available as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other major online stores. You can believe and you bet, there’s a lot of potential on this group, and a promise to become a great band. Brilliant, fantastic, an amazing band and album, highly recommendable...

The line-up on When Day Descends are:
Dave Caswell - Guitars
Liam Constable - Guitars, Vocals
Linton Tuleja - Drums


When Day Descends are a progressive atmospheric rock/metal band from Tasmania, Australia. The project began in 2001 as a solo project for guitarist Dave Caswell and has since developed into a full band with the addition of Linton Tuleja on drums since 2006 and Liam Constable on vocals and guitars since 2007.

The music is influenced by progressive rock, post rock and atmospheric progressive metal, with each release having its own signature sound. Future releases will continue to evolve by bringing varying styles into the mix, from folk to black metal and everything in between. The songs are detailed and creative, exploring the darker side of the human experience. 

When Day Descends have released three studio albums. The first of these, “Transcend”, was released as an instrumental solo project in 2005. This album is based around detailed acoustic driven progressive rock, which builds into progressive metal influenced climaxes. The second album, “Ascension”, is a single 40-minute film-score inspired piece. It was released for free download in 2006. 2010 saw the release of the first self-titled album as a full band, which explores long progressive songs again, this time based around the heavier side of music.

Work has already begun on a new EP, which represents the first album where writing is split more evenly between all band members. This EP is tentatively planned for release early in 2011, and will be another unique twist in the When Day Descends discography.

New Release

"When Day Descends"

01) New Bell
02) A Fragile Disguise
03) Where Trees
......Die Alone
04) White Feathers
05) Comrade

Produced  by When Day Descends. All music and lyrics by When Day Descends. Drums recorded by Stew Long at Red Planed Studios, Hobart. Guitars re-amped by Andrew Beck at Damien  Gerard Sound Studios, Sydney. Everything else recorded by When Day Descends at WDD Studio, Hogart. Mixed by Andrew Beck at Damien Gerard Sound Studios, Sydney, Mastered by Will Bowden at King Willy Sound, Sydney.

To get in contact or, If you would like any other information about the band, you must visit When Day Descends at MySpace.

For more information about the musicians and band, please visit WHEN DAY DESCENDS HOME PAGEN
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