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We are at the end of 2004, after many revelations around the last months here is a very special Band. Wicked Mind can be considered as a real, brilliant and an original Hard Rock band with a qualitative Progressive Rock edge, based around many influences from the glorious sounds of the years 70. The Band´s music shows a powerful feelings, with strong arrangements where each song has a special ingredient, providing a vibrant and positive message, their compositions feature emotive vocals, with a dynamic instrumental, in special, the wonderful and intensive guitar sounds, but the main highlights are around the keyboards arrangements, using Hammond Organ, Electric & Grand Piano, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizers, Paolo Negri create a true atmosphere only found in the old and famous bands, the drums and bass complements a magnificent rhythm section. If you need some musical references, then let´s take the power of "Uriah Heep" and "Deep Purple" with the aural journey of the "Pink Floyd" them we will have Wicked Minds. Fantastic, brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable...

The musicians on Wicked Minds are:
Lucio Calegari - Alectric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Enrico Garilli - Bass
Andrea Concarotti - Drums
Paolo "Apollo" Negri - Hammond Organ, Electric & Grand Piano, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizers
J.C. - Lead Vocals

The band, formed in 1987 by Lucio Caligari (guitar), Enrico Grilli (bass) and Andrea Concarotti (drums), developed its sound during the years, beginning as a  thrash quartet, passing through the hard-psychedelic trio experience and approching its final lay out in 2003 as a hard-progressive combo. The coming, in 2000, of Paolo "Apollo" Negri (Hammond organ) and, in 2003, of J.C. (singer), led the band to discover new musical fields. Many influences are brought into the sound by the different musicians: the heaviness of Lucio's riffs fits perfectly with the more classical echoes of Paolo allowing J.C. to develope all of his talent and versatility; the rocky rhythm section give to this musical picture the final touch. 

During the years Wicked Minds produced four demo-tapes, till the publication, in the year 1998, of the first record, "Return to Uranus", produced by the Italian W-Records. The same label has produced, three years after this first chapter, a limited edition vynil that picture the band's evolution, "Crazy technicolor delirium garden". In 2004 the Black Widow Records came out with the astonisching "From The Purple Skies", the definitive point of landing. This album is the result of many years spended looking for the perfect sound, the point where all the influences are combined together to create something new.

Discography: "Return to Uranus", CD, 1998, W-Records, "Crazy technicolor delirium garden", LP, 2003, W-Records and "From the purple skies", CD & 2LP, 2004, Black Widow Records


.New Release

"From The Purple

01) From The Purple
02) The Elephant Stone 
03) Drifiting 
04) Across The Sunrise 
05) Forever My Queen 
06) Rising Above 
07) Queen Of Violet 
08) Space Child
09) Gypsy (*) 
10) Return To Uranus 

Recorded at Elfo recording Studio (Tavernago - PC Italy) Spring - Fall 2003 by Daniele Mandelli, Marco Gandolfi and Wicked Minds. Mixed at Elfo January 2004 by Alberto Callegari. Produced by Black Widow Records and Wicked Minds. All songs written and performed by Wicked Minds except "Forever My Queen" written by Bobby Liebling and "Gypsy" (*) written by Mick Box and Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep). Flute on "Space Child", "Drifting" and "Return To Uranus" by Patrizio Borlenghi, Lead Vocals on "Forever My Queen" by Lucio Calegari. 

To get in contact with the Band, send an e-mail to Wicked Minds

About other releases contact:
Black Widow Records - blackwidow@tin.it

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit WICKED MINDS HOME PAGEN
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