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A kind of rock in
which adventurous structures are composed of contrasting atmospheres. 
Melodic themes alternate with carefully constructed rhythms. 
Therefore a song will consist most of the time of a succession of various sung themes and instrumental parts which are either dreamy or energetic.

Globalys are:
Domenico Renga -
Christophe Allard - Drums
Pascal Hanson - Guitar
Bertrand Vanvarembergh - Keyboards
Olivier van den
Borne - Vocals and Synthesizer

Globalys is a rock band based in Brussels, Belgiun. The various musical backgrounds of the band members converge at Globalys because of the common interest in their chosen style.
The musical background of the various band members go from funk and easy-listening to rock and progressive, including jazz-rock, bossa and reggae. Exploir the various influences and let them take their course by diverging from the traditional schemes of pop and rock music. In this way the band tries to develop its own musical timbre. Half covers and half own compositions. In the early days the gigs consisted of covers only, serving as the band’s apprenticeship and making it into a strong team. These days covers and own compositions are on an equal footing.
The original plan was to record a simple demo for a one off airing on the “Les classiques de Radio 21” (in English : “Radio 21’s Rock Classics”) programme that introduced the bands that had been invited for the convention-gig organised by the French discussion- site Pengla, the magazine Prog-résiste  and the Spirit of 66 venue during the weekend of February 24 and 25, 2001.

.New Release

The CD contain
4 songs:
Keep time
Eagle & Bacon
This mind is mine
Total time: 39.55

The unexpected enthusiasm for the four title demo made the band decide to release a CD. They preserved the
‘live on tape’-sound 
as this seemed to be 
the attraction to the project in the first place.

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