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We are returning in the glorious years 70, where there I´d like to invite, oldest and the newest, progressive rock friends to a journey in this fantastic travel. At first, we will be listening Campo Di Marte alive around the first performance 30 years later and never before listened, a fantastic presentation, disclosed now to all prog friends. Now, at the present day, for the first time together after 30 years, we will be able to listen them again, bringing the same energy from the first legendary performance, with more power in the instrumental, but in a different line-up. Campo di Marte blends elements from many sources such as progressive rock, jazz, folk music and classic music, using complex instrumental arrangements developed by talented musicians, which they have an extraordinary wide range of musical experimentation, creating a specific style only found around the Italian bands, where they show all references, which were exceptionally pure considering the musical standards from that wonderful age. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

More about Campo Di Marte read the interview with Enrico Rosa.

Campo di Marte line up today:
Mauro Sarti (Tarzan) - Drums and Vocal
Maurilio Rossi - Bass
Matin Alexander Sass - Piano/Keyboards
Eva Rosa  - Recorders: Alto, Renaissance Soprano, Bass and Wind Controller WX5
Enrico Rosa - Acoustic, Electric Guitar 
and Vocal

Campo di Marte - A band from Florence, Campo di Marte were another of those band that despite a good recording deal with a major company (that incidentally was the only effort by United Artists to produce an italian prog group), only released an album and disappeared. The group was formed in 1971 by guitarist Enrico Rosa and drummer/flutist Mauro Sarti, that had previously played with minor groups like Senso Unico and La Verde Stagione, along with american-born bass player Richard Ursillo (named Paul Richard in the LP cover notes as it "sounded less italian").

Keyboardist Alfredo "Carlo" Barducci was a trained french horn player, and the large number of instruments played gave the new group the chance to mix classical inspired rock music with various influences obtaining a rich and varied sound.

A fifth member was added with drummer Carlo Felice Marcovecchio, that had previously played with another very popular group from Florence, I Califfi, and the presence of a second drummer left Sarti the freedom to play the flute in many tracks. 

The band had a good live activity, playing under different names, and the final one, Campo di Marte (named after a quarter of Florence), was found during the LP recordings. The album lyrics referred to the foolishness of wars, and in contrast the cover contained a drawing of ancient Turkish mercenaries injuring themselves to demonstrate their strength and courage. The same design was contained in the band's posters. Text history was taken from the site by Augusto Croce.

Enrico Rosa - Born in Leghorn (Livorno- Italy) September the 18th 1951. He is an extremely versatile guitar virtuoso always exploring various musical fields. Session man, composer and arranger, in Italy and Denmark since 1971.

In 1973 composed and recorded a Symphonic Rock Album with his band at the time,"Campo di Marte", which is a milestone of the Italian progressive rock of the 70s, reissued on CD in 1994.

In Italy, from 1972 to 1978 guitarist for Gianni and Marcella Bella, as well as on several productions by CBS and UA working in studios and concerts with Ares Tavolazzi, Capiozzo (Area), Tullio De Piscopo etc. In Denmark has performed in the Jazz field solo or with Max Leth, Hugo Rasmussen, Jesper Lundgaard, Ole Kock Hansen, Niels Jørgen Steen, Willy Egmose, Hans Esbjerg etc.

At the end of the 70s Enrico Rosa moved to Denmark and started solo concerts by classical guitar playing fusion between classical music and Jazz developing new right-hand technique on the guitar using combination of plectrum and finger picking. Since 2001 Enrico has started a new project, ROSÆ ,where classical music for recorder have been presented with new guitar parts as well as compositions by Enrico (on CD in 2002) and a new ROSÆ production crossing over to jazz and rock is due for 2003 presenting on CD this other side of ROSÆ concerts by Eva and Enrico Rosa. 

In October 2002, in Boston (USA), Enrico Rosa and pianist Ferdinando Argenti have recorded a Jazz production with original compositions to be released in 2003 including Eva Rosa on recorder as a guest soloist on two tracks. In 2003 Enrico with "Campo di Marte" again in an historical concert at "On the Road" Pelago (Italy) where the band performed for the first time after 30 years recording a new Live CD, on July the 12th.

.New Release

"Concerto Zero"

Campo di Marte, for the first time together after 30 years, has performed a concert on July the 12th 2003 at the festival "On the road " Pelago (Val di Sieve - Firenze - Italy) A Live production has been recorded at La Terrazza (Ronta /Firenze), on July 13th 2003

Disc 1
Live 1972 at The Space Electronic - Firenze
1) Prologo parte 2
....(Settimo Tempo)
2) Alba 
....(Secondo Tempo)
3) Epilogo 
....(Quarto Tempo)
4) Prologo parte1(Quinto
....Tempo/Sesto Tempo) 

Disc 2
1) Primo tempo
..../ Settimo tempo
2) Back in Time
3) Bluesy Rocky
4) Italian Irish
5) Secondo Tempo
6) Terzo / Quarto Tempo
7) Rock Barock
8) Outro July the 12th 2003, from a private DVD recording by Valentino Flesca, is the ending of the concert of the day before the recording. The sound quality is bad due to recording done by video camera microphone, anyway it is interesting to feel the spirit at this concert of reunion 30 years after and the presentation of the band on a groove heading to the ending of the primo tempo, this is as well a unique document.

Contact and info:
Enrico Rosa
Alpetoppen 25
DK-6000 Kolding
Tel/fax (+45) 7554 1416
Cell. (+45) 22 540 440

For more information and every thing about the band, please visit CAMPO DI MARTE HOME PAGEN
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